Thursday, November 14, 2019

Gun violence Santa Clarita California

Gun violence in America prevails while ‘High Drama’ in White House keeps pace with Trumpian lies./Jingling with coins of ‘hoaxes, witch hunts, fake news’ minted in the factory of fake news author Trump, mostly using his sharp tongue than sharpie to change the course of hurricanes./ Trump ‘too busy to watch hoax, witch hunt’ of his real-life impeachment, but not ‘too busy’ to unleash tweet storm or highlight slaughter of Kurds by inviting Erdogan to White House./ Leningrad Lindsey is always close by Trump’s side to wash away Syrian tragedy encrusted with the blood of thousands of Kurds and to defend his darling Trump./Blind to endemic disease of gun violence in America and doing nothing in terms of passing gun laws, Tom Reed for one is focused only on impeachment. / ‘I am looking for smoking gun of evidence of an impeachable, high crime, treasonous type of charge that would warrant impeachment and removal of a duly elected president’./Says sightless Tom Reed just like other blind, immature, unpatriotic Republicans who fail to notice Trump’s crimes./ Making mockery of American Justice, Democracy, Constitution./ As to ‘duly elected president’ he can’t acknowledge that Trump was fraudulently elected by Russian interference in 2016 US Elections./ Republicans pretend not to know but know fully well that they maligned Hillary and that Russia interfered in US Elections, and yet they are on a mission to disprove all facts by carping about Wikileaks emails ‘Trump loves Wikileaks’ and by instigating Barr to investigate the investigators./Barr has already succeeded in discrediting Mueller’s report, which he did so by presenting his distorted version of a ludicrous Summary he thought was so brilliant in exonerating Trump of Collusion./ Witless Nunes too, night errand boy of Trump, not concerned about gun laws, stuck deep in his ‘low-rent, Ukrainian sequel to Russia’ explodes in reference to impeachment./ Also blind to the fact that Russia in fact did interfere in 2016 US Elections which Barr is trying to disprove , minting lies since forced to investigate the investigators./ Another drama queen in this ‘High Drama’ besides Con-Way is Elise Stepfanik naming president’s call with Zelensky ‘parody’./ She herself is the emblem of parody in protecting the parasitic president who has robbed Americans of their health, wealth, peace, prestige./ Not last but least, another drama queen is Nikki Haley, saying Trump ‘truthful’/ It’s like smearing the very essence of ‘truth’ with the mud of lies so putrid that its reek is not only nauseating, but life-threatening to entire nation if not to the whole world./ Too numerous to name as blind renegades, star-crossed Jim Jordan stands on top of all Republican hypocrites./ He can’t even see under his nose the caterpillar of lies./ Emboldened by Barr’s distorted Summary of Mueller’s report, he deems all crimes of Trump as ‘hoaxes, witch hunts, fake news.’/ Fox & Friends too are corrupting America with the reek of their lies and distortions./ ‘Impeachment probe, all of this is garbage’ says Newt Gingrich on Fox News, spilling ‘garbage’ of lies, calling the fair proceedings of impeachment ‘garbage’, which is as real as betrayal, mendacity, chicanery of Trumpian Administration./Can Republicans also dub Justice in America as ‘High Drama’ Trumpian ‘good guys’, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Roger stone, Giuliani, just to name a handful, some in jail and the rest still to be tried for high crimes?/ It seems like Republicans think Obama is still the president and Biden the vice president, since they keep bringing their names up in their lame excuses to defend their liar king./ To end this gun-violence politico with a short note, ‘Zelensky got paid after Trump got busted for withholding aid’./ A little poesy too:/ ‘This dewdrop world/A dewdrop world it is and still/Although it is’ Issa/ Let’s talk Latin:/ America is abuzz with quid pro quo/ Trumpians trying to defend Trump with armor of lies/ Raging conspiracy theories from all four poles blow/ To cover up truth of Trump’s betrayals in Lucifer guise/ Letting America suffer the indignity of chaos as it grows/ Making friends with Putin, turning all friends to foes /

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