Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Funeral of Islam

How sad and tragic
That Muslims have killed Islam
Who kills who
Without even a hint of doubt
Muslims killing Muslims
Cruelty and bigotry
Muslims of course
All evil in the world
No one needs to guess
Evil Muslims once again
Suicide bombers
Needless to say
Muslims intoxicated by hatred
Come, brethren pious and raging
Let us mourn the death of Islam together
Praying most fervently
To the idols of zeal and lunacy
That rivers of blood may never run dry
Until the name of Islam is annihilated
From the ocean of this world
Prophet himself weeping over the
Demise of his Message
Of love, peace and harmony
Hugging the corpse of Islam
Sealing it within the vault of his compassion
With a kiss of heartrending sorrow
The cry of agony
From lips holy and sublime
Smoldering, ineffable