Thursday, August 4, 2016

Osama on Stage

This play is available for production/ Osama The Demented/ Logline: Exploring the heart of Afghanistan and exposing the distorted version of Islam as envisioned by the Taliban./ Synopsis:/ This Nine Eleven play depicts the years of madness and concealment of Osama./ A medley of comedy/parody this play shifts characters from the cave in northwest of Pakistan to the luxurious compound in Abbottabad./ The first three Acts are inside a cave ringed by clustering range of Pamir Mountains./ In the first act Osama tries to defend himself against the accusations for his wife, cook and mulla while busy knotting the rug of the Twin Towers./ His wife Sameera is busy concocting herbal potions for healing./ Amani the cook is brewing tea and tossing snide comments over her shoulders./ Niazi the mulla is most critical of Osama. /All the characters are suffering different maladies in the second act with the exception of Sameera. /She successfully cures their illnesses with herbal potions. /In the third act the characters are weakened mentally and physically, plotting to escape to Pakistan. / Osama, his wife, a Mulla and a beautician after five years of concealment in the cave find home in the city of Abbottabad in Pakistan./ The next five years are in a compound in Abbottabad, which is the fourth Act. /Osama’s wife turned herbalist is half wise, half crazy. / The beautician has become a cook, bitter and belligerent. / Mulla becomes the conscience of Osama, accusing him of zeal and bigotry. /Finally their hideout is discovered by US. /With impeccable secrecy of SEAL Osama is killed by the bullet wounds. /Performance time is ninety minutes approximately./ Staged play reading of Osama the Demented in Stockholm./ /farzana’s interview Osama the Demented/ /Omar Khayyam’s quatrain at beginning of 1st act/ Osama/ Tis all a chequerboard of Nights and Days/ Where destiny with man for pieces plays/ Hither and thither moves, and mates and slays/ And one by one back in the closet lays/

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Politico 2016 update

Trump for America/ Trump child Trump wild/ Make America white again/ Skate board water board/ Replace gun with naked sword/ Cut Muslim’s jugular vein/ Make America white again/ Honor thy wall of hate/ Punch insult prate/ Erase name of faith profane/ Make America white again/ Latinos Muslims Mexicans/ Terrorist trashy neighbors/ All our enemies in great domain/ Make America white again/ Sing dance and proclaim/ Trump the emperor in gold frame/ Fortunes of world we will gain/ Make America white again/ Life Matters in parchment white/ Soar aloft in ether and glide/ We know world has gone insane/ Make America Great Again/ I have a secret plan Don't you get it, Man We are here to entertain Make America white again/ Skit / Democracy in Peril/ Characters:/ Tim Kaine/ Teen Sit-out/ TSO/ Do you like all sheiks groups, like the ones, men’s beards knotted to their cheeks and their heads in folds of towels?/ TK/ Do you mean the Sikhs? They are the most peace-loving people on earth. Also very generous, serving free food to poor people every Sunday regardless of their race faith or gender./ TSO/ Churches do that too! Soup kitchens every day of the week, but we don’t dress odd, some who do have some sort of identity problem. I just want to sleep through this election and not talk about anything./ TK/ Didn’t you say you don’t want to vote for Hillary because she is for TPP?/ TSO/ Yes, she is for everything which Bernie doesn’t like./ TK/ Truth is, Hillary is against TPP. Get your facts right before you judge./ TSO/ Anyways, you cannot convince young people. We are not going to vote for Hillary./ TK/ Speak for yourself before you make a sweeping statement. Do your duty. Take the responsibility of doing right, try to understand./ TSO/ I understand alright. Hillary doesn’t have to convince us that she is the right candidate./ TK/ What do you propose she do to convince you to vote for her?/ TSO/ I don’t know. Something?/ TK/ If you are not voting for Hillary, are you voting for Trump?/ TSO/ I don’t know./ TK/ Do you know what Trump stands for?/ TSO/ To make America great again!/ TK/ In fact Trump is going to make US less by racism bigotry and violence you have already seen at his rallies./ TSO/ Then I will not vote for anyone./ TK/ Didn’t you hear First Lady say that we need to keep America great since it is the greatest country on earth?/ TSO/ What has she done for us? Black lives don’t matter. Police killing us./ TK/ White Police being killed too. Violence has increased this election year since Trump started preaching hate. Do you think my life is safe if Trump gets elected?/ TSO/ You are white. You have nothing to fear./ TK/ I fear for both black and white if Trump gets elected. He attacks all Color whoever stands in his way. But there is hope./ TSO/ Hope for what?/ TK/ To right the wrong done to us both black and white if we can educate young girls like you not to fall into the trap of Trump./ TSO/ What do you mean?/ TK/ What I mean is that Trump’s vision of great America is white America./ TSO/ What does it matter? You are white, Hillary is white. What’s the difference?/ TK/ Bernie is white, why do you support him?/ TSO/ For one thing he is raising minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour./ TK/ Now you are talking. And Trump is lowering minimum wage to lowest than ever./ TSO/ Who says that?/ TK/ Trump does, if you can go past his chant of Make America Great, you will hear what he says./ TSO/ Now you are making some sense. I think I am beginning to understand. But why should I vote for Hillary?/ TK/ For she stands for the same values as Bernie does./ TSO/ If I can only believe. We are all hurt because Bernie didn’t win. It’s all the fault of the Democrats wanting Hillary to win. All these WikiLeaks as if you don’t know./ TK/ I know, other countries trying to play big role in our politics to divide us. Those emails have nothing to do with Bernie losing. Hillary has support of more voters than he does./ TSO/ So why do you need my support?/ TK/ We need everyone’s support so that big countries trying to destroy us by dividing us can never boast that they are big winners. They will be happy if Trump succeeds to play his Trump of hate, racism, bigotry./ TSO/ You are beginning to make sense again./ TK/ I am hoping I can show you hope as a better future if you vote for Hillary!/ TSO/ How is that?/ TK/ You will have the opportunity to free college education. But don’t go to the Trump University, they will take all your money and you will learn nothing./ TSO/ Now you are making fun of me./ TK/ I am making fun of myself for talking bad about my fellow American whose madness has made us ashamed of US in front of the whole world./ TSO/ Is that true?/ TK/ Go online, read comments of different countries. They all are laughing at us. Even Republicans are saying Trump is an embarrassment to their Party./ TSO/ It’s all so confusing./ TK/ Yet there is hope./ TSO/ Where is that?/ TK/ Inside the hearts of all the young and the restless. Go dancing with the stars and make Hillary the First Woman President of America. We will stand proud and prosperous./ Laughter