Thursday, August 4, 2016

Osama on Stage

This play is available for production/ Osama The Demented/ Logline: Exploring the heart of Afghanistan and exposing the distorted version of Islam as envisioned by the Taliban./ Synopsis:/ This Nine Eleven play depicts the years of madness and concealment of Osama./ A medley of comedy/parody this play shifts characters from the cave in northwest of Pakistan to the luxurious compound in Abbottabad./ The first three Acts are inside a cave ringed by clustering range of Pamir Mountains./ In the first act Osama tries to defend himself against the accusations for his wife, cook and mulla while busy knotting the rug of the Twin Towers./ His wife Sameera is busy concocting herbal potions for healing./ Amani the cook is brewing tea and tossing snide comments over her shoulders./ Niazi the mulla is most critical of Osama. /All the characters are suffering different maladies in the second act with the exception of Sameera. /She successfully cures their illnesses with herbal potions. /In the third act the characters are weakened mentally and physically, plotting to escape to Pakistan. / Osama, his wife, a Mulla and a beautician after five years of concealment in the cave find home in the city of Abbottabad in Pakistan./ The next five years are in a compound in Abbottabad, which is the fourth Act. /Osama’s wife turned herbalist is half wise, half crazy. / The beautician has become a cook, bitter and belligerent. / Mulla becomes the conscience of Osama, accusing him of zeal and bigotry. /Finally their hideout is discovered by US. /With impeccable secrecy of SEAL Osama is killed by the bullet wounds. /Performance time is ninety minutes approximately./ Staged play reading of Osama the Demented in Stockholm./ /farzana’s interview Osama the Demented/ /Omar Khayyam’s quatrain at beginning of 1st act/ Osama/ Tis all a chequerboard of Nights and Days/ Where destiny with man for pieces plays/ Hither and thither moves, and mates and slays/ And one by one back in the closet lays/

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