Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rape Global

How callous, corrupt and incompetent are the governments of India and Pakistan that they can’t protect their girls and women from being raped, stoned, murdered and hanged? – This is the result of billions of years of man-beast evolution into so-called man and what we have in this Century Twenty-One Boko Haram, Taliban, honor killing, rape-galore and rapists roaming free with impunity, ambushed at different posts to attack more victims to satisfy their bestial needs for lust, cruelty and beastly hunger.— Recent gang rape of two young girls in India is a brutal reminder that if man-beast is not hunted down and dealt with harshest of punishments as a warning to would-be rapists and murderers, the moral fabric of society already crumbling down would be totally disintegrated. – At least in India rapists and murderers are being arrested with the hope of being punished in relation to the weight of their crimes.— While in Pakistan, murderers are roaming free shamelessly, dishonoring even the memory of the victims under the vile, man-made laws which favor the scoundrels of heinous crimes to go scot free, not even searched and apprehended and even when found guilty, forgiven by the absurdity of immoral laws made by hypocrites and sycophants. – According to the justice of honorable judges of Pakistani courts, raping of women, stoning and killing is only a ‘routine’ in honor killing and doesn’t deserve the time and effort of the just trials. Sadly and most regretfully, police—the protectors of people, in India and Pakistan fail to help, believe or rescue the innocent daughters of their lands, serving as accomplices of cruelty, injustice and cowardliness.— Wives, mothers, daughters are raising bootless cries for help in hopeless, helpless pain, anyone listening?