Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Islam 2 4 Dummies

‘In whatever way may suicide be explained afterwards, it cannot be doubted that it is an act of folly resulting from weakness of mind.’ Mirza Ghulam Ahmad— —In this age and time we have a new God named GOOGLE and cyberspace is the sharia of all religions if we can explore its depths and disseminate its boundless treasures of knowledge. Seeking the gift of Reason from God’s glorious guidance. G— Gracious— O— Omnipresent— O— Omniscient— G— God— L— Loving— E— Eternally— —The title of this article is deceptive since it is written for young students of great intellect and inspiration who could master these few precepts of Islam on their fingertips to educate the would-be-suicide-bombers the true meaning of Islam which is peace and reconciliation.— These children of tragic times, either orphaned at early age or born into poor families are being recruited since decades by bigots and zealots as murderers, cutthroats and terrorists.— Once time-bombs are strapped to their bodies, they are left with no choice to save their lives, for if they tried to take it off they would be blown to pieces, so they in utter desperation of bravado and confusion hurl themselves into crowds for the satisfaction of countless others joining them in their sinful journey to death.— As for the pious ignoramuses who have nothing left in their hearts but the fire of hatred continue to burn with the need to pour hatred into the hearts of the young and innocent Muslims so they too could be consumed by this fire for the sheer ecstasy of witnessing and gloating over their masterpieces of cruelty, violence and bloodshed.— Such fanatics wielding the weapon of hatred know how to feed their fledgling prey with the pseudo-reward of paradise, while creating hell on earth, and watching their young wards bribing God for the gift of houris in heaven.— These nascent Violators of sanctity of life are the same puppets of demonic fanaticism who hijacked the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Year 1979 where thousands of worshippers were killed in the name of Islam.— Nothing is sacred to these bearded hatemongers.— They are the same camel-riding, hate intoxicated zealots who had laid siege on the The House of God in Mecca, denouncing electronics, radio, television and forbidding such tools of progress, and labelling them unIslamic.— Now these camel-riding demons, turned fanatic robots are making full use of the evil devices such as cell phones, and electronically timed bombs to let the evil flow in rivulets of blood without any feeling of shame, remorse or even a thought of doing penance.— For the sake of countering their streaks of evil, here are a few morsels of love, peace and harmony for the young generation of Muslims to offer to their less fortunate brethren whose pure minds are corrupted by the hatred of the few fanatics who fear neither God, nor care for the sanctity of any place or religion under the shadow of God’s Creation.— Announce O Muhammad, unto My slaves that verily I am Forgiving, the Merciful. (15:49 Quran)— And lo, there is a party of them who distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture.— And they say: it is from Allah, when it is not from Allah, and they speak a lie concerning Allah knowingly. (3:78 Quran)— Confound not truth with falsehood, nor knowingly conceal the truth. ( 2:42 Quran)— Beautified for mankind is love of the joys that come from women and offspring, and stored-up heaps of gold and silver, and horses and cattle and land.— That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah, with Him is a more excellent abode. ( 3:14 Quran)— It is not for believer to kill a believer unless it be by mistake. ( 4:92 Quran)— Whoso slayeth a believer of set purpose, his reward is hell forever.— Allah is wrath against him and He hath cursed him and prepared for him an awful doom. (4:93 Quran)— O ye who believe, squander not your wealth among yourselves in vanity, except it be a trade by mutual consent, and Kill Not one Another.— Lo, Allah is ever merciful unto you. (4:29 Quran)— Whoso doeth that through aggression and injustice, We shall cast him into Fire, and that is very easy for Allah. (4:30 Quran)— Say: O My slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt!— Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgiveth all sins.— Lo, He is the forgiving, the merciful. ( 39:53 Quran)— The good deed and the evil deed are not alike.— Repel the evil deed with one which is better, then lo, he, between whom and thee there was enmity will become as though he was a bosom friend. (41:34 Quran)— And when we made with you a covenant saying: shed not the blood of your people nor turn a party of your people out of your dwellings.— Then you ratified our covenant and you were witnesses thereto. (2:84 Quran)— Wrong not mankind in their goods, and do not evil, making mischief in the earth. (26:183 Quran)— And each one hath a goal toward which he turneth; so vie with one another in good works.— Wheresoever you may be, Allah will bring you all together.— Lo, Allah is able to do all things. (2:148 Quran)— Keep to forgiveness, O Muhammad, and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant. (7:199 Quran)— And when it is said unto them: make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. ( 2:11 Quran)— Those who spend of which Allah hath given them in ease and in adversity, those who control their wrath and are forgiving toward mankind.— Allah loveth the good. (3:134 Quran)— O mankind, call upon your Lord humbly and in secret.— Lo, he loveth not aggressors. (7:55 Quran)— And if they incline to peace, incline thou also to it, and trust in Allah.— Lo, He is the Hearer, the Knower. (8:61 Quran)— Whoso doeth right, whether male or female, and is a believer, all such will enter the Garden, where they will be nourished without stint. (40:40 Quran)— There is no compulsion in religion. (Quran 2:257)— Permission to fight is given to those who fight against you, but be not aggressive. (Quran 22:39)— Those who have been driven from their homes unjustly only because they said: our Lord is Allah.— For had it not been for Allah’s repelling some men by means of others, cloisters and churches and oratories and mosques, wherein the name of Allah is oft mentioned, would assuredly have been pulled down.— Verily Allah helpeth one who helpeth Him.— Lo! Allah is Strong, Almighty. (Quran 22:40)— And they have broken their religion (into fragments) among them, (yet) all are returning to Us. (Quran 21:93)— Before long, Allah will bring friendly relations between you and those whom you regard as your enemies.— And Allah is Powerful, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (Quran 60:7)— And for every nation have We appointed a ritual, that they may mention the name of Allah on the beast of cattle; and your God is one God, therefore surrender unto Him.— And give good tidings (O Muhammad) to the humble. (Quran 22:34)— Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance.— Thus unto every nation have We made their deed seem fair.— Then unto their Lord is their return, and He will tell them what they used to do! (Quran 6:109)— And whoso doeth good works, whether male or female, and he or she is a believer, such will enter Paradise and they will not be wronged the dint in a date-stone. (Quran 4:124)— Create not disorder on earth. (Quran 1:12)— They ask thee concerning wine and the game of hazard. Say: In both there is great sin and also some advantages for men, but their sin is greater than their advantage.— And they ask thee what they should spend.— Say: What you can spare. Thus does Allah make His commandments clear to you that you may reflect— (2:220 Quran)— Say unto the people of the Scripture: dispute ye with us concerning Allah when He is our Lord and your Lord?— Ours are our works and yours your works. We look to Him alone— (2:139 Quran)— And if anyone of the idolaters seeketh thy protection O Muhammad, then protect him so that he may hear the word of Allah, and afterward convey him to his place of safety.— That is because they are a folk who know not— (9:6 Quran)— And speak not, concerning that which your own tongues qualify as clean or unclean, the falsehood: ‘This is lawful and this is forbidden.’— So that ye invent a lie against Allah.— Lo, those who invent a lie against Allah will not succeed— (16:116 Quran)— O ye who believe!— Let not a folk deride a folk who may be better than they are, nor let women deride who may be better than they are; neither defame one another, nor insult one another by nicknames.— Bad is the name of lewdness after faith.— And whoso turneth not in repentance, such are evil-doers— (49:9 Quran)— Salman Pak Farsi referring to a Hadith: The Prophet said that on the day of resurrection, God will manifest Himself to the creatures in the forms that they themselves refuted, announcing ‘I am your Lord’.— In the face of this unfamiliar apparition, they will seek refuge in their own representation of God.— Then God will appear in that representation, and then they will believe that indeed it is Him.— Bilal: if a Muslim forces a conversion, he doesn’t risk hell, he is certain of hell.— If you love God, sanctify your love by loving God’s creatures first. Prophet Muhammad— God sent to the world since its creation two hundred thousand prophets, twenty-five of them are referred in the Quran.— The greatest of those are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.— Prophets are to be regarded as free from sin, the most sinless of all being Jesus.— Muhammad speaks of him as the Word of God, the Spirit of God, born of the Virgin Mary, and Worker of Miracles— May Mullahs break their silence by denouncing the holy warriors at Beirut.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wahhabi Islam

An excerpt from my next book.—First, one of Prophet Muhammad’s saying from his Last Sermon on the Mount of Mercy.—‘Know that we are equal in the sight of Allah and journey together in this world as a family of sisterhood and brotherhood.’—A snippet about Wahhabism.—Saudi Arabia is the only country even in this millennium which has created such an aura of power with its wealth that no power on earth dare challenge its oppression of women.—Muslims and non-Muslims turn a blind eye to the Wahhabi edicts where women have to don death shrouds of black while still living.— Paradoxically the color of mourning in Saudi Arabia is white.— Islam is no more in the land of the Prophet where his injunctions of justice and equality for women are tortured inside the graves of man-made laws. Women can’t walk on the streets without a male chaperon.—The face of freedom in Islam is mutilated by Wahhabi ideology.—Even the powerful nations who claim to fight for human rights and rights of women fail to acknowledge the blatant oppression of Saudi women who are literally stripped naked of all Islamic rights which Prophet Muhammad granted them while living— in equality, education, freedom to voice their ideas and grievances.—Money the God of Power in Saudi Arabia has purchased silence from the entire world.— No one dares question their distorted version of Islam, while the holy cities of Mecca and Medina have become prisons and Prophet Muhammad’s message of reason, justice and equality amongst male and female is forgotten.—Wahhabi Patrimony.— — Fourteenth century Islam saw the emergence of a Sunni leader out of the Hanabali tradition by the name of Ibn Taymiyyah.— During the Mongol invasion he fled from Persia to Damascus and began redefining the law of Islam, declaring that he was qualified to interpret the teachings of Quran and Hadith.— His most orthodox innovation of Islamic precepts was the misuse of the word jihad, which he succeeded in transforming from inner moral struggle to that of outward war until the whole world must fall under the sway of the Islamic authority.— Jihad in his thought interpretation of violence and hate-mongering was the finest act any Muslim could perform.— He challenged the authority of the caliphate, proclaiming that a true caliphate had ceased to exist after the death of four rightly guided caliphs.—Boldly and histrionically he argued that imam—the religious leader should guide the emir—the temporal leader in all matters of jurisprudence with the support of the mullahs and ulemas.— For his unIslamic, incendiary preaching of jihad he was persecuted by the rulers of Syria and Egypt.— —Four hundred years later, around eighteenth century another leader gained popularity out of Hanabali legal tradition by the name of Abd al-Wahhab born in Nejd in Central Arabia.— He was from the impoverished tribe of Beni Temin and had very shallow knowledge of Islam.— For Arabs Nejd had negative connotation based on a popular saying that nothing ever good came out of Nejd.— Hadith also favored their opinion of Nejd where it is related that Prophet Muhammad asked God to bless Nejd three times, but was refused, followed by an injunction:— Dissentions and earthquakes are there, and there shall arise the horns of Satan.— Abd al-Wahhab gained the support of local power-brokers such as Saudi and Rashidi emirs of Central Arabia.— Politically and religiously ambitious his orthodox teachings were crushed by the military power of the new Egyptian kingdom of Muhammad Ali whose son Ibrahim Pasha conquered Mecca and Medina in year eighteen hundred and thirteen.— —One hundred years later Wahhabi voice was heard again when a Saudi emir conquered Mecca and Medina.— Simultaneously a Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt by a school teacher by the name of Hasan al-Banna in year nineteen hundred and twenty-eight.— He was an active critic of all Arabs, proclaiming that he was striving toward leading Muslims on a straight path as commanded by God in a revelation at the beginning of the Quran.— ‘Show us the straight path— The path of those whom Thou hast favored— Not the path of those who earn Thine anger— Nor of those who go astray.’ (Quran 1:1)— Contrary to this revelation and neglecting the message of peace and reconciliation in Islam, he promoted rifts and violence.— A passionate critic of the west, Hasan al-Banna, didn’t shy away from adopting the successful techniques of the Fascist and Communist parties to establish his own Brotherhood in year nineteen hundred and thirty in self-contained cells called Usar—families.— He developed his own form of Islamic Boy Scouts Hitler youth-style to inculcate hatred in their young minds for anything unIslamic in his estimation.— Hasan al-Banna was assassinated in year nineteen forty, allegedly by King Farouq’s secret police.— His devoted disciple Sayyid Qutub began preaching the distorted version of Jihad by saying that those who deny Jihad’s active and aggressive character diminish the greatness of Islam.— His great lies and distortion of the Islamic precepts landed him in jail and in year nineteen hundred sixty-six he was hanged by the orders of Abdul Nasser of Egypt.— —Starting with the reign of pro-Soviet President Abdul Nasser, Saudi government had begun giving refuge to the Muslim Brotherhood—the underground soldiers of Allah.— It was a matter of policy, part of King Faisal’s strategy of combating so-called godlessness at home and abroad.— The exiled members of the Muslim Brotherhood entered the kingdom to train teachers, who in turn would inculcate strict doctrines of their own making into the heads of the young Muslim students.— Many female members of the Muslim Brotherhood recruited from Syria were successful in training teenage girls to wear full veil and niqab.— Saudi universities were geared toward imbibing the canon of received knowledge without question.— The students were not to learn how to think, critically or otherwise, or how to change the world.— The most radical of ideas were promoted amongst staff and students.— Many sects of Brotherhood with their man-made, rigid orthodoxy were crushed time and time again in Syria, Egypt and Algeria, but they stayed resilient and to this day in century twenty-one remain active, violently and belligerently.— 'Women shall have the same rights over men as men have over them.' (Quran 2:228)— 'And the women have rights similar to those of men in equity. I God will allow not the work of any worker from among you, male or female, to be lost.' (Quran 3:196)— 'And whoso doeth good works, whether male or female, and he or she is a believer, such will enter Paradise and they will not be wronged the dint in a date-stone.' (Quran 4:124)— ‘Whoso doeth right, whether male or female, and is a believer, all such will enter the Garden, where they will be nourished without stint.’ (Quran 40:40)— ‘God enjoins you to treat women well, for they are your aunts, wives, mothers and daughters— The rights of the women are sacred, see that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them.’ Prophet Muhammad— Prophet Muhammad on Women’s Behalf— Only a man of noble character can honor women and only a man of base intention will dishonor women.— The most perfect man of religion who excels in character is the one who gives best treatment to his womenfolk.— Women are the other half of men.— Fear God in respect of women.— Paradise lies under the feet of mother.— One who brings up three daughters, provides them with good education and arranges their marriages and treats them with fairness, deserves to be ushered into Paradise.— Men and women are members of one another and must live on a footing of equity and kindness and practice equality.— Women Scholars and Healers.— Many Muslim women during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad learned to read and write and to study and practice medicine.— One of them was a woman by the name of Rufaidah.— She was proficient in reading and writing and had studied the science of healing.— She became the tutor of Prophet Muhammad’s wife Hafsa to teach her reading and writing.— One day Prophet Muhammad requested her to teach Hafsah the science of healing, especially, the cure for skin rash which was becoming common in Medina.— Rufaidah also served as a nurse to the Medinese community and when Prophet Muhammad pitched a tent for her in the courtyard of the mosque, it became her private hospital to treat all sorts of ailments.— Besides being healers and scholars, Muslim women accompanied men on the battlefield, some serving in defense and others nursing the wounded.— There were fourteen women in the battle of Uhud, bringing food, water and medicine to the soldiers.— Amongst them was Prophet Muhammad’s own daughter, Fatima.— Prophet Muhammad made women integral to his plan for Muslim education and learning when he proclaimed: Acquisition of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim, male and female.