Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine American Queen

Hazrat Inayat Khan’s love for his beloved wife Ora Ray Baker is still alive in poems they both shared while he traveled extensively giving music concerts and Sufi lectures./These poems are quoted from books by Omega Publications and from writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan by the courtesy of his grandson Pir Zia Khan./ Ora Ray Baker became the queen of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s heart even before they got married./After their marriage, Ora Ray Baker was titled as Amina Begum, then given highest honor in Sufi terminology, Pirani, meaning the queen of Pir, in this case queen of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the spiritual guide and teacher./In his correspondence wherever he went he addressed her as Sharda, meaning goddess, and she addressed him as Daya, meaning perfect love in all essence./Below are a few of the poems by Hazrat Inayat Khan followed by Ora Ray Baker’s to catch the spirit of their true love./ Hazrat Inayat Khan:/1—p/ The reward of my good deeds/My soul and my life/The forgiveness of my sins/My Sharda, my wife./2—p /A heart full of love/A soul full of life/I dedicate to my Sharda/My soul and my wife./3—p / Be not anxious my Sharda/On His service I must go/Though parting is hard to bear/But it’s God who meant it so/I will carry you in my heart/Wherever in the world I roam/His protection is over us/Rest in peace, soon I shall come./4—P/To my Sharda/As pure as the water/Of a gentle stream/As near and as dear/As milk and cream/As sweet as the honeycomb/As sacred as the church of Rome/As pretty as the flower/Of Lover’s dream./5—P /In all my busy hours in life/Everything I do/You are my only consolation/And I think of you/My work keeps me away from home/But I leave my heart/At home, to be ever with you/Our souls can never part/Happiness be with our little ones/Right guidance from above/I wish good luck in this house/And my deepest love/Prosperity and success/Long life and good health/May be yours always, Sharda/My treasure, my wealth/With a world of love./ 6—p /A most loving mother/And a wife so true/Most dearly Beloved/My Sharda are you/It’s only your pleasure I try to do/If I have a treasure/My Sharda it’s you/All my success in life/To who is the credit due/Who is my inspirer/My Sharda, it’s you/Many friends I have known/But faithful are few/And my only best friend/My Sharda are you/And when life is blue/Who is always near me/My Sharda, it’s you/Health, wealth and happiness/To my Sharda give/God always protect her/And may she long live./ 7—p /On your Birthday/You will cherish my love/And long you will live/My many shortcomings, you will always forgive/Have we not much suffered/And did we not play/Let us then continue/Being happy and gay/Stand with strength and courage/With me in my strife/Be forever my Sharda/My pretty little wife/Our little children/Always we shall love/Raising our hands we will ask/Blessings from above./ Ora Ray Baker, Amina Begum, Pirani./These poems down below are quoted from the book, Rosary of a Hundred Beads by Sharda to Daya, published by Petama Project./1—p /I pray all errors in this book/You will forgive and overlook/For I most humbly do confess/I was not born a poetess/But since this heart was crucified/My hand doth my Beloved guide/That on his children is bedewed/Teardrops of thoughts in solitude/2—p /O Beloved, is my love so weak/That it bringeth me not to thee/Then let me weep more and more each day/Till by weeping it strengthened be/3—p /What care I for these things/These gardens and palaces for kings/’Tis true it was a rare and pleasant dream/For thou to share with me a life supreme./4—p /The honor of my virtues/My heart and my soul/The tolerance of my faults/My Daya, my God/5—p /Day by day and night by night/Everything I see/I feel thy presence in it/And I think of thee/In everything I may do/Thy love guideth me/When thy gentle voice I hear/I am in ecstasy/While the holy deity/Watcheth over all/Eagerly I wait to hear/Thy whispering call/6—p /The highest inspiration/Beloved so true/The only consolation/My Daya, are you/If ever there is a pleasure/Searched the world through/If ever there is a treasure/My Daya, ‘tis you/And now that life be over/No care I to do/But fly from earthly cover/My Daya, to you./7—p /As brilliant as the sun/With its rays of gold/As kind as thy name/Buddha hath foretold/As sacred as the mosque/With incense divine/As beautiful as stars/In the heavens shine/As holy as the shrine/Given thou in pride/Pure as the chosen one/Rasul prophesied./8—p /O love human and divine/Thou, inspirer of my soul/Thy tales of love unite me/With the object of my goal./9—p /And whenever is reached the eternal goal/Closed are the lips from explaining/The pure upliftment of the heart and soul/Merged into love all pervading./10—p /O Bowl of Saki, blest thou art/A treasure from the divine/Each day thou bringest to my heart/A token of love’s pure wine./ American Queen is scheduled to be released this year by All Things That Matter Press.