Thursday, October 31, 2019

Moscow Mitch

Moscow Mitch dares accuse Democrats 'Look, I think it's pretty clear our Democratic colleagues do not have a great affinity for Trump, but country can't afford for Democrats in Congress to take a One-Year Vacation from productive legislation just because they'd rather obsess over impeachment'/Rowdy Republicans since day-one of Trump's disastrous presidency are on a Four-Year Cruise Vacation, making White House a morgue of unpassed bills which Democrats passed and presented to Republicans to be honored./ No gun laws, no healthcare benefits, nothing to check Climate Crisis (hoax) as Trump calls it./ Craven Republican hypocrites much like Mitch would rather defend Trump's lies and mutilate American values and American Heroes with bullets of insults than save America from utter chaos of conflicts, conspiracy theories and Trumpian demolition of US Constitution./ Dysfunctional White House has stayed static since Trump's tyrannical presidency, this King of Lies bullying high Officials, insulting everyone who has the courage to tell truth, and threatening those honest, truthful, patriotic Americans who love their country, trying their best not to be ruled by Putin and all the Republican sycophants poised to destroy the very foundations of American Democracy and Constitution./ Heel-spurs go a long way with Republicans than Purple Heart... to be continued / 'Where there is no love, there is no sense either' Dostoevsky

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Politico Forum 2019

Ugliness of Trump and Republican lies are painting US skies with the soot of anger, zeal, hate and hypocrisy/So every American needs to speak out against this injustice, brutality and violence which is not only corrupting the White House, but Divided States knifed by Trump's insults against FBI CIA, Press, Military and Patriotic Officials who want to save America from falling further into pit of ignominy and degradation/ Unpatriotic Duffy much like Trump and so-called friends are greedy, selfish hypocrites, insulting patriotic, truthful Vindman with vindictiveness akin to murder, butchering the integrity of American War Heroes while destroying American values and prestige/ Barr bigot defending deceitful Durham, his twin dunce, both minting lies to discredit Mueller's probe, which factually proves, Russia interfered in 2016 US elections/ Trump robbing Military to build his Base Wall does not deserve credit for killing Baghdadi, releasing a thousand more Baghdadis by gifting Syria to Putin/Brave Military is worthy of claiming this victory/ Barr bastion of injustice along with Trump's missiles of lies is on a mission to destroy American values of truth, empathy, compassion/ 'Lock her up' president getting a dose of his own venom spewed at Hillary at his rallies, the only president going to rallies after being elected, yuge bills still unpaid for services rendered for such rallies, his hooligans still chanting insults/ Telling Johnson 'not doing his job' yet Trump his doing His job of insulting, bullying, threatening/Nothing gets done in dysfunctional White House, Trump's campaign promise 'I alone can fix it'?/ Darling of Fox & Friends, as mendacious as Trump, Barr is carving dark tunnels of lies, waging a war of defense to defend deceitful Trump/ Mulvaney missile of distortion should stop giving conflicting statements dictated by Tragic Trump whose only job is to bully, insult and destroy America/ Renegade Republicans might as well dismantle their Party of Hypocrisy if they can't help defending Tragic Trump tearing America into bleeding chunks of hate, zeal, violence/ Telling Eddie 'to change his values and to change them fast' Trump says who has destroyed American values of love, peace, justice, empathy, compassion, making US Divided States, chaotic, violent, lawless, Gangster House of Republicans/ 'We have learned to live with joy and to die with a better hope' Cicero/ To be continued.../