Thursday, November 14, 2019

Gun violence Santa Clarita California

Gun violence in America prevails while ‘High Drama’ in White House keeps pace with Trumpian lies./Jingling with coins of ‘hoaxes, witch hunts, fake news’ minted in the factory of fake news author Trump, mostly using his sharp tongue than sharpie to change the course of hurricanes./ Trump ‘too busy to watch hoax, witch hunt’ of his real-life impeachment, but not ‘too busy’ to unleash tweet storm or highlight slaughter of Kurds by inviting Erdogan to White House./ Leningrad Lindsey is always close by Trump’s side to wash away Syrian tragedy encrusted with the blood of thousands of Kurds and to defend his darling Trump./Blind to endemic disease of gun violence in America and doing nothing in terms of passing gun laws, Tom Reed for one is focused only on impeachment. / ‘I am looking for smoking gun of evidence of an impeachable, high crime, treasonous type of charge that would warrant impeachment and removal of a duly elected president’./Says sightless Tom Reed just like other blind, immature, unpatriotic Republicans who fail to notice Trump’s crimes./ Making mockery of American Justice, Democracy, Constitution./ As to ‘duly elected president’ he can’t acknowledge that Trump was fraudulently elected by Russian interference in 2016 US Elections./ Republicans pretend not to know but know fully well that they maligned Hillary and that Russia interfered in US Elections, and yet they are on a mission to disprove all facts by carping about Wikileaks emails ‘Trump loves Wikileaks’ and by instigating Barr to investigate the investigators./Barr has already succeeded in discrediting Mueller’s report, which he did so by presenting his distorted version of a ludicrous Summary he thought was so brilliant in exonerating Trump of Collusion./ Witless Nunes too, night errand boy of Trump, not concerned about gun laws, stuck deep in his ‘low-rent, Ukrainian sequel to Russia’ explodes in reference to impeachment./ Also blind to the fact that Russia in fact did interfere in 2016 US Elections which Barr is trying to disprove , minting lies since forced to investigate the investigators./ Another drama queen in this ‘High Drama’ besides Con-Way is Elise Stepfanik naming president’s call with Zelensky ‘parody’./ She herself is the emblem of parody in protecting the parasitic president who has robbed Americans of their health, wealth, peace, prestige./ Not last but least, another drama queen is Nikki Haley, saying Trump ‘truthful’/ It’s like smearing the very essence of ‘truth’ with the mud of lies so putrid that its reek is not only nauseating, but life-threatening to entire nation if not to the whole world./ Too numerous to name as blind renegades, star-crossed Jim Jordan stands on top of all Republican hypocrites./ He can’t even see under his nose the caterpillar of lies./ Emboldened by Barr’s distorted Summary of Mueller’s report, he deems all crimes of Trump as ‘hoaxes, witch hunts, fake news.’/ Fox & Friends too are corrupting America with the reek of their lies and distortions./ ‘Impeachment probe, all of this is garbage’ says Newt Gingrich on Fox News, spilling ‘garbage’ of lies, calling the fair proceedings of impeachment ‘garbage’, which is as real as betrayal, mendacity, chicanery of Trumpian Administration./Can Republicans also dub Justice in America as ‘High Drama’ Trumpian ‘good guys’, Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Roger stone, Giuliani, just to name a handful, some in jail and the rest still to be tried for high crimes?/ It seems like Republicans think Obama is still the president and Biden the vice president, since they keep bringing their names up in their lame excuses to defend their liar king./ To end this gun-violence politico with a short note, ‘Zelensky got paid after Trump got busted for withholding aid’./ A little poesy too:/ ‘This dewdrop world/A dewdrop world it is and still/Although it is’ Issa/ Let’s talk Latin:/ America is abuzz with quid pro quo/ Trumpians trying to defend Trump with armor of lies/ Raging conspiracy theories from all four poles blow/ To cover up truth of Trump’s betrayals in Lucifer guise/ Letting America suffer the indignity of chaos as it grows/ Making friends with Putin, turning all friends to foes /

Monday, November 4, 2019


Rogue Republicans much like Don Bongino on Fox are sightless and conscienceless, accusing Democrats as liars./’Adam Schiff’ says droopy Don ‘has become a joke and a laughing stock, documented liar.’ Of course, he must be thinking about egomaniacal Liar Trump while accusing Schiff./ ‘No whistle to blow, there is no deal’ continues deceitful Don, not aware of Trump tantrum tweet ‘Nothing wrong if there was a Quid Pro Quo’ /Here we go again, Trump insulter on his tweeting binge ‘House Republicans must have nothing to do with shifty rendition of those interviews./Adam Schiff is a liar, leaker and freak who should be impeached’?/Talking of ‘freak’ expletive-mouth ‘pathetic’ president of Divided States calling Beto ‘poor, pathetic, Ba***rd, quitting race like a dog’/America stands in utter disgrace when its foul-mouthed leader corrupts the American air with stinking insults worthy of street hoodlums./ ‘Pathetic’ populist president speaks the language of his Base to win their applause and support, barking ‘like a dog’ insults is like adopting the characteristics of an animal./ Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of Divided States, barking ‘poor, pathetic, ba***rd, like a dog’ epithets at Beto who is not even in the race anymore./Republican rascals have become such whimpering fools by the very virtue of their hypocrisy and cowardice that they are dragging their country into the marshland of chaos, violence, lawlessness./Lindsey Graham is leader of those cowards who says he wouldn’t find evidence of Quid Pro Quo ‘disturbing’/ True, since his duty is to serve disastrous Trump, not America, such servitude is not only conscienceless, but shameless./ AG Barr is one of those shameless ones too, doing his dirty duty of defending Trump’s lies, yet he has no time to dig truth or save his Country from utter ignominy./ Another shameless one is braying, betraying Bannon pushing ‘weaponized tweets’, still barking conspiracy theories to defend expletive-laced Trump tainted all over with his own tincture of ‘perfecto’ lies./ Many more Republican rogues following tyrant Trump down the dark, narrow path paved with ‘perfecto’ lies./ They stay blind to truth and sightless to the mutilation of American values, and to the blatant ripping of US Constitution by Trump./ All president’s ‘good guys’ who were bullied into telling lies for him ended up in jail and craven Republicans who are still defending the Liar King should look forward to the same fate./ To top it all Paula White Evangelist, much like Trump, married three times and living in a mansion to advise Trump’s faith?/ Trump’s only faith is in his ‘fantastic’ belief in insults and obscenities./ And her faith is in her God of wealth and health who doesn’t care for poor and elderly, ailing, and dying miserably without medical help./Her God is angry, uncaring God if ‘you don’t support her Ministry/ Talk of bigotry and the mockery of the very sanctity of Christian love, charity and compassion?/ ‘Morning haze/As in a painting of a dream/Men go their ways’ Busson/ To be continued… /

Sunday, November 3, 2019


Nincompoop Nunes accusing Democrats as a cult and quoting child son of child Trump ‘Republicans, if it’s a cult, it’s like because what good my father is doing’/ Of course, white supremacists making America hateful, unjust and violent./ All renegade Republicans claiming ‘Trump is doing a good job’, not ever pointing out what good?/ With the exception of economy and jobs which were good and steady during Obama Administration, so Trump inherited good legacy./ Even Robert Little croaks ‘Democrats will not let Republicans do their job./ Trump has done a lot of good things for United States, but Democrats only agenda is to get rid of Trump’/ For sure, Democrats keep piling up bills for benefit of Americans and handing those over to Republicans for approval, but they end up in Republican Senate morgue where Democrats have no access to resurrect those to life Again and Again./ There is no United States, but Divided States created by Republicans ‘do nothing’, their only agenda is to defend Trump’s lies, crimes and insults and to let their country sink deeper into deficit without ever mentioning the damage derelict Trump is doing to America and American values./ Now Paula White with liaison of pious fools as Evangelists is hired by White House/ Allowing Trump puppet of Putin to make mockery of Christianity./ Making Christian Loving God a hateful tyrant, begging support for her ministry, ‘otherwise God would kill their dreams’ says the Evangelical Queen. /Trump is making sport of even all-time favorite sports of all Americans, denigrating Players and America./ Shameful rally at Mississippi,(Why does Trump need rallies when all his unpaid bills at rallies are piling high much like the mountainous deficit he was supposed to reduce) where Trump seems to be hallucinating ‘light, where, how?’ insulting CNN and seducing his supporters into believing more lies. /There is no bill to protect Medicare, Trump of course knows that after killing Obamacare, and there is no plan for supporting pre-existing medical conditions. /When will America get out of this deluge of lies and when will Republican goondas stop defending King Liar, and when will Trump’s base awaken to realization that they are being betrayed over and over again by his trade wars, health scare, betrayal of his country? /They might realize soon since Trump Tsunami is on a mission to destroy America and Americans and they will be trampled under his ego-maniacal need for greed and self-preservation./ If Americans have not heard the groans of the immigrants and the caged kids torn apart from their families, then they might brace themselves against the bootless cries of the American farmers hurting tragically, and old and ailing dying in America miserably without medical care./ ‘They blossom and then/We gaze, and then the blooms/Scatter and then—‘ Onitsura/ To be continued… /

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Purple Heart

White House is throbbing like a purple wound, its heart pierced by countless lies from tantrum Trump and renegade Republicans./ Lily-livered Republicans don’t have the courage to face the truth or to expose Trump’s lies, concerned only about votes./ Not caring how America is wading through the slime of Trumpian insults, betrayals and brutalities, on the brink of collapsing against Russian interference once again./ Putin has already made America chaotic, unjust, hateful, immoral and violent, partitioned into chunks of Divided States./ Republicans are so afraid of totem Trump that they dare not cast a vote for his impeachment, lest they lose their jobs, regardless of the tragic state how their country is suffering the blight of American values./ This farcical show of Trump defense must go on as long as Trumpians have even a sliver of hope that they might win./ They are sadly mistaken in this hope, for the purple wound of lies and betrayals is ripe with abscess, soon to break open to spill the reek of crimes, deceit, deception, all ugly and nauseating./ Not a single Republican has the courage to save America’s prestige by doing their job for which they were elected./ To safeguard Democracy, Constitution and to realize that making America safe should be their number one priority, which Trump has neglected, and by holding him accountable for that they could have voted in favor of impeachment for the benefit America’s safety and security./ Angry Republicans are capable only of showing volcanic anger, exploding with ire over impeachment proceedings./ They need to calm down, confront truth face-to-face, try to efface the history of all their lies and stop defending the autocrat Trump who is making America weep and grieve Again and Again./ 'On a journey ill/And our fields all withered dreams/Go wandering still' Basho/ To be continued...

Friday, November 1, 2019

Quid Pro Quo

Why should anyone be talking about Quid Pro Quo since Trump released his own memo, professing his call to Ukrainian president 'perfect' meaning, begging for dirt on Biden, going as far as asking China to do the same./ He did that same thing with Hillary emails too befriending Putin as lifelong Friend, and it turned out to be beautiful, meaning he won 2016 election by Russia's overt and covert interference, surprise!!!/ Gangster-style Republicans with 0 credibility voted 0 for impeachment, Again no surprise!!!/ Is America so weak that it can't fight its own corruption inside America and must seek help of foreign leaders to fight pseudo-corruption, while real corruption in White House continues to swell with the helium of lies on land, in air, into cyberspace./Renegade Republicans grown deaf, dumb and blind to truth, are also afflicted with fear of big bully Trump who would trample over their lives with the power of a bulldozer./ Tragedy of tragedies is greed, hypocrisy, ignorance of Trumpian goondas in White House, making America weak and vulnerable./ All wrong that Trump does is 'perfect', all his 'good guys' in jail and others on the road to incarceration./ Giuliani, Pompeo, even Pence, just to name a few?/ In Trump's little dictionary of words 'perfect' means terribly tragic./ 'Beautiful' means ugliness of lies, his tool of self-preservation./ Honest, truthful, patriotic Americans who love their country, are trying their best not to be ruled by Putin and by all the Republican sycophants poised to destroy the very foundations of American Democracy and Constitution./ 'Before the phantom of false morning died/Methought a voice within the tavern cried/When all the temple is prepared within/Why nods the drowsy worshipper outside' Omar Khayyam/ To be continued... /