Saturday, November 2, 2019

Purple Heart

White House is throbbing like a purple wound, its heart pierced by countless lies from tantrum Trump and renegade Republicans./ Lily-livered Republicans don’t have the courage to face the truth or to expose Trump’s lies, concerned only about votes./ Not caring how America is wading through the slime of Trumpian insults, betrayals and brutalities, on the brink of collapsing against Russian interference once again./ Putin has already made America chaotic, unjust, hateful, immoral and violent, partitioned into chunks of Divided States./ Republicans are so afraid of totem Trump that they dare not cast a vote for his impeachment, lest they lose their jobs, regardless of the tragic state how their country is suffering the blight of American values./ This farcical show of Trump defense must go on as long as Trumpians have even a sliver of hope that they might win./ They are sadly mistaken in this hope, for the purple wound of lies and betrayals is ripe with abscess, soon to break open to spill the reek of crimes, deceit, deception, all ugly and nauseating./ Not a single Republican has the courage to save America’s prestige by doing their job for which they were elected./ To safeguard Democracy, Constitution and to realize that making America safe should be their number one priority, which Trump has neglected, and by holding him accountable for that they could have voted in favor of impeachment for the benefit America’s safety and security./ Angry Republicans are capable only of showing volcanic anger, exploding with ire over impeachment proceedings./ They need to calm down, confront truth face-to-face, try to efface the history of all their lies and stop defending the autocrat Trump who is making America weep and grieve Again and Again./ 'On a journey ill/And our fields all withered dreams/Go wandering still' Basho/ To be continued...

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