Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Malala Revisited

The all merciful, the all loving, infinitely compassionate God has sent a team of angels in the guise of doctors, lawyers, students, activists, clerics, media, and army, police and government helpers to bandage the gift of life to healing, so brutally ripped apart by the bullets of Taliban and they demanding unbiased coverage? It is like devil asking his victims to pray for him so that he can go to heaven, pretending that he is not to be blamed for his evil actions since he is already condemned to eternal damnation. ____Precisely and paradoxically one century and thirty-two years ago an Afghani woman by the name of Malala working alongside men to tend the wounded during the Anglo-Afghan war carried the flag of victory when an Afghani flag-bearer was killed by the British. Now after decades of invasions, tyrannies and oppression Malala has returned as Malala Yousufzai who would raise the flag of peace over the globe of this universe, restoring the rights of women usurped by Taliban. The same rights in education and equality in work and marriage granted to them thirteen centuries ago by Prophet Muhammad. ____'Women shall have same rights over men as men have over them.' 2: 228 Quran ____'And they the women have rights similar to those of men in equity. I God will not allow the work of any worker from among you, whether male or female to be lost.' 3: 196 Quran ____And Taliban still want to silence the media and to kill Malala? By striking an innocent girl who even at this young age understands the worth of love and peace, while Taliban young and old and still immature, steeped deep in ignorance; neither knowing what Islam means, nor trying to understand its beautiful precepts, guided by the ocean of their hatred and bigotry know only to kill and tyrannize. Only a handful of hooligans, they are trying their utmost to blacken the face of Islam, succeeding only in killing innocent men, women and children and failing shamelessly in defaming Islam since millions of Muslims know better and continue to practice the virtues of love and peace. And yet our prayers reach out to Taliban for Guidance. ____'Lord grant guidance to my people, for surely they know not.' 7: 199 Quran ____'Create not disorder on earth.' 1: 12 Quran Peace to the world. We are eternally grateful to all who are helping Malala on the rungs to recovery.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Malala--Daughter of Peace

Little Malala has invited Prophet Muhammad to Pakistan and he has accepted the inviataion. We can feel the spirit of the Prophet of Peace in Pakistan, speaking through the lips of thousands of activists, students and peace organizations. Prophet is here to stay, working toward love and peace through clerics who issued fatwas against Taliban. Through the generosity of the true Muslims offering rewards for the arrest of the hatemongers called Taliban. Through the tireless efforts of compassionate men from army, police and government. Through lawyers who boycotted and most of all through young students who have joined hands against violence and ignorance. We are eternally grateful to each and every Angel of Peace for hope in Malala's quick recovery, for the arrest of suspects for the sake of peace and justice in the future. Hoping and praying that these young Taliban criminals guided by their hateful mentors would start a new journey, learning true precepts of Islam from the example of Prophet's life, while rejecting the vile, man-made edicts concocted by men who are brutal and vicious, heartless and soulless. They are living--in this life, in the hellfire of their own hatred, bigotry, hypocrisy, ignorance and darkness. And yet our prayers are for them also that they might escape this fire of eternal damnation through the mercy and grace of God. Prophet's sayings from the pearls of Hadith: God says: Verily my compassion overcomes my wrath. O My servants who have oppressed your own souls by sinning, if you knew the extent of My mercy, you would not despair of My forgivness if you repented. The acquisition of knowledge is a duty incumbent on every Muslim, male and female. That person who shall pursue the path of knowledge, God will direct him to the path of Paradise, and verily the superiority of a learned man over an ignorant worshiper is like that of a full moon over all the stars. Shall I inform you of a better act than alms, prayers and fasting? Making Peace between one another. Enmity and malice tear up heavenly rewards by the roots. Prayer is the annihilation of ego and union with the Divine, which lifts one's soul higher and higher in its journey toward the Beloved. God has not created anything better than Reason, or anything perfect, or more beautiful than Reason. The benefits which God gives are on its account; and understanding is by it, and God's wrath is caused by disregard of it. The rights of women are sacred, see that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them. 'And whos doeth good works, whether of male or female, such will enter Paradise and they will not be wronged a dint in a date-stone.' 4: 124 Quran Life a gift from God, and no one has the power to take it, but God. Love, peace and harmony for the world. Our prayers are for the health of little Malala, and our heartfelt gratitude to all the Pakistanis working diligently to attain the treasures of peace, justice and knowledge without the rust of lies and distortion. Many Thanks!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Malala Yousufzai--Victim of Violence

Malala Yousufzai is the victim of the most beastly and cowardly act of violence by Taliban who do not even fit the category of 'human', save alone being called Muslims. Isn't it time for Muslims NOW, for mullahs and scholars of Islam to raise their voices against Taliban, issue fatwas, apply the laws of Shariah upon these hoodlums for brutally hurting little girls with an attempt at killing? 'It is not for a believer to kill a believer unless it is by mistake...' 4:92 Quran. 'Whoso slayeth a believer of set purpose, his reward is hell forever. Allah is wroth against him and He hath cursed him and prepared for him an awful doom.' 4:93 Quran. Peace is neither of the West, nor of the East, nor of the North or of the South. Peace is a universal gift from the Creator for all to claim and nurture for the sake of leaving the legacy of peace for our children, and bewtowing upon them the treasures of love, peace and harmony. Anyone working toward peace should be respected and applauded, and anyone working against it needs to be schooled in learning the art of peace for the sake of peace at home, in schools, in families, in the world. Prophet of Peace--Prophet Muhammad, and Taliban i am sure, say, Peace Be Upon Him, whenever talking about Prophet Muhammad, should know that their 'beloved Prophet' is turning in his grave with grief, mourning and lamenting this shameless act of violence against a little girl, simply because she believes in peace. 'O People of Scripture! Now has the Messenger come unto you much of that you used to hide in the Scripture and forgiving much. Now hath come unto you light from Allah and a plain Scripture.' 5:15 Quran. 'Whereby Allah guideth him who seeketh His good pleasure unto paths of PEACE. He bringeth them out of darkness unto light by His decree and guideth them unto a straight path.' 5:16 Quran. Where are the 'apostles of peace' who a few weeks ago protested from country to country, burning, killing, destroying against the video defaming their Prophet of Peace? Would they dare come out NOW defending their Prophet of Peace who would not have ever sanctioned killing young girls...protesting peacefully i hope. This is the most vile and atrocious of crimes committed by Taliban amongst many more committed before, and i am appealing, nay, begging the whole world for the crumbs of compassion for the little girl and her family, to find and arrest those assassins/murdererss of innocent children and subject them under the rod of justice. Prayers for peace of the world, even for Taliban. May Allah drain the flood of ignorance and darkness from their hearts, replacing their seeds of hatred with the kernels of love. Our hearts are weeping in shame and sorrow for the victims of violence in this world and especially for Malala Yousufzai TODAY 'With knowledge man riseth to the heights of goodness and to a noble position, associated with sovereigns in this world and attaineth the perfection of happiness in the next.' Prophet Muhammad