Friday, August 19, 2011


Unholy warriors
And holy month of Ramadan
Muslims in name alone
Drunk by the soma of hatred
Fasting most probably
And praying five time a day
Praying to the devil
Inside their corrupt hearts
Fasting most pugnaciously
To whet their appetite
For blood, cruelty, hypocrisy
Liars, lunatics, murderers all
Driven by the oars of whaling absurdity
To kill and maim
Innocent men, women and children
Muslims and non-Muslims
Behind these scenes of horror
Sit pious Taliban--the child molesters
Yes, the child-molesters
Molesting and forcing young Muslims
To blow themselves up
Aiming straight for the heavens
Where houris dwell
Those young victims
Dying in ignorance
Swirling headlong into
The waters of damnation
Ignorant of the fact
That suicide is forbidden in Islam
While Taliban sit and pray
Feasting on wickedness
Intoxicated by their own litany of
Holy, holy, holy
Teaching hatred
Preaching hatred
Igonring the holy edict
Fighting is not permitted
In the holy month of Ramadan

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Osama's Wahhabi Legacy

Killing in the name of Islam

Wahhabi cult and Wahhabi teaching

Tyranny of the tyrannous

Oppressors of women and children

Hatemongering hypocrites

From lands alien and God-forsaken

Breeding in Pakistan

Like locusts bitter and poisonous

Brainwashing young and ignorant

Recruiting poor and uneducated

Training them to be murderers and cutthroats

To kill innocent Pakistanis

In the name of what

Zeal, vengeance, prejudice

All forbidden by Islam

Shunned and abhorred such vices

Yet welcomed by Wahhabis

Most piously, proudly, sanctimoniously

Plead and protest, O Pakistanis

Against Wahhabi teaching and preaching

Expel the suicide-bombers

From your land pure and hospitable

Hunt down Taliban from door to door

Send them back to where they came from

And embrace the message of Islam

In love, peace and harmony

He is not strong and powerful who throws people down, but he is strong who witholds himself from anger. Prophet Muhammad

No person has drunk a better draught than that of anger which he has swallowed for God's sake. Prophet Muhammad

Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Desecration of Life When would you condemn The desecration of life O pious Muslims So that the Living Quran Could be revered By killing the Quran With your brutal actions You forfeit the privilege To resurrect it From under the ashes of Millions slaughtered Killed in the name of Islam In truth, murdered most mercilessly By the bombshells of hatred and bigotry Check the clock of your zeal O God-intoxicated protesters You are running out of time To save Islam From death most tragic Holy breath of peace On the verge of extinction Cries out to you From the blessed lips of the Prophet Imploring for the gold of love Much like sunshine Which illumines the whole world Distinguishing not between Actions evil or good, between faiths Diverse or intolerant The sun itself lowering Ribbons of prayers My Lord! Forgive and have Mercy For Thou art best of all who show mercy Quran 23:118

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Funeral of Islam

How sad and tragic
That Muslims have killed Islam
Who kills who
Without even a hint of doubt
Muslims killing Muslims
Cruelty and bigotry
Muslims of course
All evil in the world
No one needs to guess
Evil Muslims once again
Suicide bombers
Needless to say
Muslims intoxicated by hatred
Come, brethren pious and raging
Let us mourn the death of Islam together
Praying most fervently
To the idols of zeal and lunacy
That rivers of blood may never run dry
Until the name of Islam is annihilated
From the ocean of this world
Prophet himself weeping over the
Demise of his Message
Of love, peace and harmony
Hugging the corpse of Islam
Sealing it within the vault of his compassion
With a kiss of heartrending sorrow
The cry of agony
From lips holy and sublime
Smoldering, ineffable

Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Baghdad To Russia
Pakistan to Afghanistan...

Jihadic Propaganda
On global scale
Sweeping over continents
From shore to shore
Suicide Bombers
Brainwashed into believing
That they are on a mission
Of holy war
Sucked into the furnace
Of fantastic lies
Defiling the divine breath
Of each life
By the flints of hate and ignorance
Maligning the name of Islam
Against the character of
Their own beloved Prophet
Polluting the air with the
Litany of their madness
Allah, Allah, Allah
Spinning the rosary of profanity
While desecrating the altar
Of life with the blood
Of the innocent victims
Mass murder, mass hatred
When would you stop
O, so-called Muslims
From poisoning the minds
Of the young, male and female
Perhaps, when hell-fire has consumed
Them all in the volcano of death
No one left to mourn
The dead and the dying
No more mothers left
To breed the sacrificial lambs
To be blown up
Into the smoke of
Terror and tyranny
Ponder and relent
Please, you plungers of life
For the sake of Allah
And the Prophet
If you knew Allah's ocean of love
Repenting with all humility
Even you would not despair
of His love and forgiveness

When a member of the congregation asked Aisha to describe the character of the Prophet. She said: he laughed a lot and never held a grudge against anyone. Hadith

And we have not sent thee but as a mercy to the nations. 21: 107 Quran

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pakistan Paralysed by Hatred

No more the land of the pure
But the land of the oppressed
Where murderers are lauded as heroes
And mullahs
Wield the weapons of bigotry
Man-made laws
The tools of tyranny
Into the hands of the zealots
Clerics and lawyers too
Thousands of them
Blaspheming against Quran
And the Prophet
Forgetting that the Prophet
Forgave all
During his entire life
And after the conquest of Mecca
Not only the blasphemers
But the hate-mongering cut-throats
Who had injured him and his family
Physically and verbally
Prophet of Islam
Teaching love
By the example of his life
Love is wisdom, Ali
Love your fellow beings first
Before you can say
That you love Allah

A humble appeal to the piously motivated. Please for the love of your beloved Prophet whom you hold in reverence, reciting peace be upon him every time you invoke his name, practice the virtues of love, peace and harmony as dictated by the precepts of Islam.

O Mighty, O All Forgiving, O Lord of all creatures, O God! Thou art peace, and to Thee returneth peace. O God, open the doors of Thy mercy and forgiveness, and let us enter through the portals of Thy Paradise. Prophet Muhammad

Another appeal, yes, O Pillars of Piety, please, kill not in the name of Islam, for killing is forbidden in Islam with the exception of self-defense, and oppress not women.

Seek refuge from the curses of the oppressed for whatever community they belong, for portals of God are always open for the oppressed. Prophet Muhammad.