Friday, March 16, 2012

Rapist roams free in Morocco

A loony-land of world it is where rapists are blame-free and innocent victims of rape are forced to marry the rapists. A world of horrors where so-called honor is held dearer than God's truth of love and justice. Many replicas of Moroccan world exist in this potpourri of a world where women are raped, oppressed and tyrannized without any chinks of justice reaching their bereaved existence. Where man-made laws hold women inside the pincers of shame and blame while the men themselves wallow into the mire of their sins, lusts and crimes, shamelessly and guilt-lessly. A man rapes a young girl. The young girl is forced to marry the rapist. The rapist beats his wife--the victim of his rape. The young girl takes her life to escape the horror in living. Her own parents advise her to endure the brutality of the rapist-husband. Insanity of insanities! Is there no spark of sanity left in this world which can scald the Moroccan government for even the existence of such vile laws (offering impunity to the rapist if he marries his victim) rendered into effect most probably by rapists, murderers and madmen themselves. This world is not worthy of being called civilized as long as men perpetrate such heinous crimes against women and roam free. Uncivilized world indeed where justice takes a back seat while men go on killing, raping and tyrannizing at the dictates of their own whim or caprice. Honorable men all, the father who blames the judge for advising him to marry his daughter to the rapist? The venerable judge obeying the laws of the just government? Nameless, faceless men, burdened by the weight of false pride, false honor, hurling their daughters into the brothel of vice? The daughters whom they could neither protect from being raped, nor expose to the virtue of love, justice, healing. Man blaming man and the innocent teenager Amina Filali becoming the victim of horror and death without any fault of her own.
An appeal to the men and women of the world to get such laws abolished, rather erased from the map of this world.
A special appeal to the Moroccan Government to punish the rapist and to protect the victims of rape if men can't be restrained inside the cages of their own beastly instincts.
A prayer in remembrance of Amina Filali:
May we all discover the path to love, wisdom and understanding, becoming worthy of the name, human. May the parents of the victimized daughters find love and courage in their hearts to bring to justice the rapists who have harmed with the hope of healing the wounds of suffering for their daughters and for themselves.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A question and a request to the President of the United States Barack Obama

Sixteen innocent civilians in Kandahar, Afghanistan, including children, men and women killed by an American soldier and this is not the first time.
How would the world react if Afghani soldiers stationed in America went on a shooting spree into the houses of the civilians?
Dear President,
Why are civilians still being killed in Afghanistan and why few of the American soldiers are turning into cold-blooded murderers, defaming the name of US Army?

An appeal and request to you, Mr. President, to personally command your soldiers to behave nobly and ethically when stationed abroad.

May the seeds of love, peace and harmony be cultivated and nurtured in this world.