Friday, January 9, 2015

Taliban The Terrible

Trained Tormentors torturing_3T: ‘The smallest coffins are the heaviest to bear.’ Dr. Raza said in the editorial of Lahore Tribune after the brutal murder of one hundred and forty-eight children December 16, 2014 in the Army Public School of Peshawar by Taliban in Pakistan.—Only a bestial, cowardly, Godless man would even think of murdering children, not worthy of the name man.—Not even close to maturity between beast and man and surely eons behind to claim the title, Human.— Thirsting for blood, the extremists have forgotten that Prophet Muhammad forbade killing of children and women even during the war in self-defense.—Prophet Muhammad lived Islam by the example of his life by loving, forgiving and serving the poor, the orphans and the widows. Not ever avenging for any personal injury to himself.—Forgiving in the face of persecutions and when the Arab poets lampooned and wrote derogatory verses against him, pinning those verses to the walls of Kaaba, he turned his back on them, saying, Peace.—No vengeance was wreaked even for the wrongs done to his family.—The man who had toppled the carriage of his daughter and she suffered miscarriage, was readily forgiven.—After the conquest of Mecca, his persecutors were forgiven unconditionally as well as the woman who had chewed on the liver of his slain uncle at the battle of Badr.—As to learning, Prophet Muhammad made knowledge incumbent to all Muslims, male and female.—Taliban, again and forever. January 7, 2015, killing twelve employees of the French Satirical Newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, and wounding eleven while shouting Allahu Akbar.— Allahu Akbar meaning God is Great, Great God has given them permission to rape and molest defenseless children/women, to behead innocent men, to despoil and mutilate God’s own creatures and His creation, is that it?— Humble appeal to Taliban for learning and knowledge if they would deign to explore their heritage, for God’s peace on earth, for the love of Prophet, in whose name they are carrying caravans of sins on their own shoulders?— Quoting James and Marti Hefley:— The Jews, Muslims and the Christians in the Middle East lived in harmony to their common Judaistic heritage.— They agreed that the world was one, that the material universe was the visible Cloak of God.— That the universe was not static, but dynamic and expanding.— Creation was continuing and there could be no conflict between theology and astronomy or between theology and mathematics.— Science was an affirmation of faith, not the enemy of true belief.— And Islam said that above all else the physical world must be brought into submission to God and the service of His people.— Islam was not a religion of Chosen People, but a mixture of converts from several clans and tribes.— They had developed strong loyalties together.— They knew the rudiments of trading, farming and shepherding, but had not developed a great culture as had the Greeks, Persians, Hebrews and the Babylonians.— So the Muslim Arabs began mining the knowledge of past civilizations, especially the Greek.— The Greeks had left their wisdom in manuscripts, which lay hidden in the dust of the monasteries.— Some Nestorian monks realized their value, gathered the Greek writings and fled to Persia.— The Arab scholars helped them translate the ancient wisdom of the Greece into Arabic.— Much of the translation was done at the great Baghdad House of Wisdom, founded by the Caliph Mamoun in Year 803.— For approximately three centuries this was the world’s greatest center of learning.— The whole schools of linguist-translators and other scholars flocked to this center.— Mamoun appointed Nestorian Christian scholar Hynanyn ibn Ishaq at the head of this academy.— Hynanyn in return employed the Jewish, Muslim and the Christian scholars to translate wisdom of the worlds.— The Arab researchers used their Arabic language and worked within Arab culture at Baghdad, their first priority was to study the Greek philosophers in order to develop rationale for religious truths.— The Sunnite Muslims in power at Baghdad made much of the Islamic doctrine of consensus.— Agreement constituted truth, even if the Quran had to be questioned.— The Baghdad brain trust wanted to know: Had God created universe out of nothing, or had the universe existed from eternity in potentiality?— Had God created it directly, or through intermediaries such as hierarchies of the angels?— Was each human soul part of a universal soul or was each soul created individually from nothing?— The Arab scholars translated and commented on the logic and opinions of Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Pythagoras and Hippocrates, as well as the sacred books of the Jews, the Christians and of other peoples.— The Arab scholars while growing proficient in physics, medicine, chemistry, astronomy and other areas of knowledge, excelled in mathematics.— Khwarizmi, an Arab professor in mathematics at the Baghdad school, collected and augmented concepts of algebra developed by previous Arab, Hindu and Greek scholars.— Please, Taliban, heed the words of your beloved Prophet:— ‘If you can keep your heart from morning till night and from night till morning free from malice toward anyone, you are following my path and he who loveth my path verily loveth me.’— Jihad:— The word Jihad does not mean holy war, it means struggle against evil.— The Quran permits only defensive warfare.— The Prophet Muhammad condemned war as one of the many evils and forbade the Muslims to initiate warfare.— Telling them that when war is inevitable in case of self-defense, civilian deaths must be avoided, women and children must not be killed, no trees are to be cut down and no buildings to be burnt down.—PEACE