Thursday, January 12, 2017

Russian Roulette

First Happy New Year to World At Large/ Happy happy New Year/Garlands strewn with love wear/Herald music from ether sublime/Live in symphonic peace of time/ Second/ Act Two of full length play Russian Roulette/Excerpt Act Two Scene: The same as in Act One. As the curtain opens, Putin is seen standing in utter immobility, talking to himself. Putin These sons of piety, arrogance, debauchery will lick their own wounds from the blood bath of evil they are going to spill in fever of hate, racism and bigotry. It would be such a delight to see America brutally crushed. It will be their firsthand experience in empathy how USSR felt after being partitioned into hordes of warring hatemongers. No USA but US of Asinine Senility Underdog. [Trump straggles in haggard and distraught.] Trump What were you saying, my Friend? I thought I heard you speak. Putin I was saying how great America would be under your presidency. You would rule the world as it had not ever been ruled before. You would cut ISIS into thin slices of meat and feed them to the dogs. Oh, such a spectacle worth witnessing to watch the smelly swine devoured by dogs! Trump You have to help me in this, Putin. Crooked Hillary is gathering millions of followers. Everyone is against me, the slobbering media, the sycophantic republicans, the heathen priests in moldy frocks of self-righteous dignity. I want to choke them all with my bare hands. Putin Save your breath, Donald, believe you in me. I will make sure you are the next president of the United States. It’s easy for me. US underestimates the strength of Russia. Trump Russia, its limbs hacked off, can it save me. I am in deep trouble. Stinking Muslims at my heels, black apes snarling at me, dirty Latinos raising a dirt-storm and filthy Mexicans screaming horrible insults. Disgusting, I say, disgusting. Putin Don’t pay any attention to those slithering worms. Just concentrate on the scandal of Hillary’s emails. That’s your mantra to success. Keep repeating it, till it begins to resound with the frequency of hypnotic trance. Emails alone will become part of US psyche, nothing will matter and they will be blind to everything. Americans will become the living, breathing emails themselves, seeing, hearing, tasting emails, emails, emails. Trump Is that all you have to— [Trump’s despair is truncated as he notices the leisurely approach of Hillary and Michelle.] Putin (With a gallant sweep of his arm.) Welcome, Ladies. You both look radiant. Hillary We are in no mood of social encounter. Michelle Just snatching a few moments of quiet and sanity. Trump We could be civil to each other when away from the glaring lights of the cameras. Putin (Indicating the welcoming depths of the soft couch) It would be such a pleasant reprieve. Come, join us. Hillary (Lowering herself on the couch reluctantly) A challenge to discover what civility means? Michelle (Joining Hillary on the couch.) When humanity can graduate from being civil to becoming civilized society we all can be friends. Trump (Claiming a chair opposite the ladies.) I thought I had friends, but they have moved from being civil to hostile. Putin (Seating himself beside Trump in the matching gold chair.) Hostility has its own charm. It awakens its victims to the lure of vengeance. Hillary What dark analogy? Vengeance is God’s alone. The people who hurt us the most are the best of our teachers. Michelle Vengeful spirits are the dark ones with low self-esteem. Trump I can never forgive anyone who attacks me personally. Putin To err is human, forgiveness divine? So very difficult to practice though. Hillary (To Trump) What about the ones you attack, do you want them to forgive you? Trump I don’t intend to offend. I have done nothing to seek forgiveness. Michelle In your vocabulary, Mr. Trump, offending is not offensive. Low energy Jeb Bush, Lying Ted, Little Rubio. To naked ear, they don’t sound like endearments, or do they? Putin Now, now, let’s not get into dirty politics. Trump On the chessboard of life the king has to sweep away all the rooks lest they put the king in check. Hillary So that’s how you knock out your opponents with insults vile and appalling. Trump Only when it is necessary. Hillary Is it necessary to call women pigs, blobs, not to mention calling me crooked Hillary in you speeches and email letters to millions of Republicans who think your fiery rhetoric is neither rude nor hateful, only bombastic? Putin As I say to myself, Mr. Trump doesn’t mean what he says. Michelle Why say something which is outright lie, odious and hurtful. Mr. Trump screaming before his loud supporters: Muslims are terrorists, Latinos robbers, Mexicans rapists, alien criminals. Very presidential I must say. Trump That’s my way of removing dirty immigrants from our sacred soil, my kind of Clean Energy Bill. Hillary Even middle school kids know Climate Change is not a Chinese Hoax. Aside from that, we all are immigrants. The only true Americans are the Native Indian Americans who are neglected in their poor Reservations. Michelle We can’t even leave their little patches of sacred land alone, pushing hard to dig under their sacred river for our own selfish reasons. Putin Selfishness is man’s legacy from Biblical rivalry between Cain and Abel to Quranic jihad between Infidel and Believer. Trump Theology makes me dull, only fear of God can keep one alive. Hillary Love for God makes one live, truly live. Michelle Strange how faith binds us together and also pulls us apart. Putin Wonder why women put so much weight on faith. Hillary Great wonder still preachers are mostly men with the exception of a handful of women. Men decide what women should do or not do. Even in this century twenty-one women are struggling in some parts of the world for the basic rights of freedom, education, working conditions. Trump Women are their own worst enemies, they don’t know what they want. Michelle Women want to be healthy and independent. Free to choose their lifestyle in health, education, workforce, Family-planning. Trump Yes, your husband’s disastrous plan, Obamacare! I am going to throw it out of the window of the Oval Office the first day of my presidency. It is bad, bad, very bad. Hillary How presumptuous of you, talking as if you already are the president. Americans would really love you if you dissolve Obamacare! Poor patients with terminal ailments without insurance, not being able to be admitted to hospitals, left alone to die in their homes if not on the streets. Putin Now that’s what I call pretty picture of America, but Mr. Trump is going to fix it I am sure. Michelle He loves breaking—laws, leaving fixing to others who are duped into believing in claiming a chunk of his wealth. Trump That’s a harsh judgment from the lips of the First Lady whom I have always held in great respect. I have nothing against President Obama either. Michelle For sure, still maintaining this grand lie, my husband was not born in America? Putin Mr. Trump told me the other day, that claim was just a teaser. He was just having fun with it, now that it has blown out of proportion, he is going to clear this misconception. Hillary Misconception! Defaming the character of the incumbent President, challenging his status with grand lies, demanding birth certificate? A teaser, you say? Trump Today, in front of all Americans I am going to confess, President Obama was born in USA Michelle Many thanks for breaking this great wall of hate with your abrupt confession, how gracious! Trump Talking of walls. I am going to build a great wall across the Mexican border to keep the thieves and robbers out of our great country USA. Hillary Wisdom has no walls, only ignorance creates barriers with walls which crumble before the noble hands of humanity who have compassion in their hearts. Putin Wisdom has nothing to do with politics. Politics is garbage and one has to dig out precious wares out of this stinking filth with enough courage to display them, hoping for admiration, not revulsion. Michelle What a revolting thought. When wall of ignorance rises to the heights of absurdity, volcano of wisdom from somewhere erupts forth to crumble it to volcanic ashes. Hillary True. There are two kinds of walls. Wall of self-defense built on the foundations of wisdom and wall of ignorance on sand-dunes of false fear. Trump Fear of Americans is very genuine as we see the rise of ISIS. I have a solution for that. Not only I am going to destroy those ugly Muslim raccoons, but if we capture some alive I will make them scream under waterboarding until I devise more horrible method of torture. Putin Now, now. We don’t have to adopt such extreme measures as long as they humble themselves with penance and servitude. Michelle And we think we live in a civilized world? If we keep walking in the footsteps of the savages and barbarians of old times, we would fail in our moral obligation to evolve as human beings. Trump Those Radical Muslims are not human but beasts. They can’t live with human beings unless tamed. Hillary Aside from ISIS, Radical Muslims, alien criminals like Latinos and Mexicans, what is your real plan to make America stronger and more prosperous? Trump Total ban on Muslims to enter the United States is first step to make our country safe. I am going to deport all illegal aliens to make jobs available for real Americans. It’s disgusting how Americans live in inner cities, very, very bad. Michelle How would you know, you have never been to the inner cities? Always accustomed to the comforts of your palaces in gold and glitter. Unemployment rate is the lowest in history right now, can’t imagine how you can create more jobs without any real plan? Putin With the wand of gold and glitter which made him a successful businessman Hillary No one sees gold and glitter these days, but dark smudges of scandal and hateful rhetoric on the rungs of violence. Hate, anger and volley of insults. Fake news and false accusations. Michelle Not to mention, odious WikiLeaks and the rise of fear, slander and bitterness. Trump Fear is genuine. Bad, corrupt government. Rise of ISIS. Terrible, terrible. America is in real danger, Muslim extremists waiting in ambush to attack and destroy. Putin US must be vigilant I agree. Foreign forces are covertly planning the ruin of America. Hillary No doubt, Russia foremost in this race for ruin. Day by day it looks more like Russian election than US. Openly meddling in US elections, and we all seem to be blind. Michelle The greatest tragedy for US if we can’t stop this vicious wave of meddling. Trump Great tragedy that US refuses to admit the real threat, which is ISIS. We let them breed in Iraq, and now they are all over Europe. Disgusting, disgusting. Hillary Pounding fear into the minds and hearts of Americans is not only tragic, but utterly unfortunate. ISIS is on decline. No one can go unpunished if they attack America. We got Bin Laden, didn’t we? Extremism by any name, form and ideology is bound to perish. Without fail, it is bound to be consumed by its own fires of hate, zeal, brutality. History stands witness to such facts. Michelle Yes, even if it takes the whole world to stand against bigotry, injustice, hatred and fever of dementia. Tragedies of WW11 are not too far to be forgotten. May God protect us from the fires of evil and from dark forces beyond our powers to fathom? Putin History repeats itself, not that I am a great believer of this adage. And I don’t see any shadow of vast tragedies lurking somewhere in the future. Trump This whole country is a great tragedy as I see it. A great disaster, no jobs, poverty, healthcare stinks. Education is terrible. Terrible, terrible! US is falling apart, sinking in the black hole of disaster upon disaster. I am the only one who is going to fix it. Michelle (Getting to her feet.) Mr. Trump, what my husband has done for US, no other president has even come close to it. Securing our borders, getting us out of the worst recession. More Americans can afford health care under Obamacare. Unemployment rate is down. More Americans are seeking higher education. These are just a few benefits amongst many countless ones, for which my husband doesn’t get any credit, because he doesn’t like to boast. I am getting sick and tired of all these lies and insults. [Stops in an act of leaving as Hillary gets to her feet too.] Hillary Hoping, Donald, you will be able to glean a glimmer of truth out of the puddles of your lies before this night is over. Good night. [Hillary and Michelle exit.] Putin Well, well, Donald! You must remain true to yourself. Angry, insulting, outlandish, outrageous. That’s your nature and your ticket to success. People love it, media can’t have enough of it. You get prime time coverage twenty-four hours a day, seven hours a week without spending a penny. So very gratifying to know that. Just keep tossing juicy insults as meat to the dogs and media will come flocking around it, fighting for even the least scrap. Trump You take me for my worth of who I am, a demon, should I be flattered? Putin Only demons win, a few exceptions of course, but the angels don’t succeed after all even if they win. Like President Obama, he won, but GOP didn’t let him succeed in most of his good proposals. You might—win, I mean, if you get GOP majority in House and Senate, then you can make America white again, and become the king of the demons. Trump How well you know me. Only a demon can know a demon. Yet I am not sure of myself. I have always won by the power of my will and by the brute power of my wealth, but this is different. I have no plan. I don’t know what the hell I am doing, or where I am going. All I know is that those brutes out there love me, chanting, lock Hillary up. Whipping my own passion of vengeance to frenzy with their own frenzied need for white supremacy. Putin And white supremacy it would be, believe you in me. I have a trail of WikiLeaks planted as time-bombs at the right place at the right time. Hillary will be crushed in ignominious defeat while still basking in the glorious dream of her sweeping victory. Trump Such a hell-of-a fantastic feeling to see a woman grovel in the mud of her defeat! A beauty, real beauty, that’s what I call happiness. With this bright note, let me wish you goodbye. I need rest, my head is spinning to have more rallies in as many states as possible. [Exit Trump] Putin And my head is shining like a crystal ball. What do I see? Alt-right, white supremacists, KKK, pious Evangelists rising out of the shadows of yesteryears. America torn into bloody chunks of rivalry, racism, bigotry, hypocrisy! Pitiful spectacle of awful doom and destruction. A mighty nation knee-deep in its own rivers of blood and carnage. Now, that’s what I call real beauty! Yet, God is mysterious, in his great mercy, he would place America next to another great nation in place and history, Fall of Rome. The curtain/ 'Morning haze/ As in a painting of a dream/ Men go their ways'/Buson/ “When we remember we are all mad, the mystery disappears and life stands explained.”/Mark Twain