Monday, May 13, 2019

Israel Palestine

Palestine name first referred by ancient Greeks is an area in the Middle East between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea./ It was absorbed by the Ottoman Empire Year 1517 until the World War. /At the end of the war Turks were defeated by the British forces who began ruling the homeland of the Palestinians from 1920 to 1948, the land called Palestine./ Since Palestinians helped the British to defeat the Turks, a League of Nations Mandate was drawn out under McMahan Agreement that British would return their homeland to the rightful owners, Palestinians. /Though British latter denied that they ever made such a promise under any Agreement. /By British the same area of land was also promised to the Jews as the Jews claimed under the Belfour Declaration./ In Year 1920 many Jews migrated to that area and lived in the much populated area of the Arabs, both Jews and Arabs living together in friendly relationships. /In Year 1929 the relations between the Jews and the Arabs soured due to the focal point of discontent concerning Jerusalem which resulted in violence. /Yet, many more Jews kept migrating to Palestine between years 1931 to 1940. /Due to the rise of violence and increasing number of Jews in Palestine outnumbering Palestinians, British put a quota on number of Jews who could enter Palestine in any one year. /During the WW11, many Jews fought for allies against Nazi Germany and gained much military prowess. /When the war ended in Year 1945 they used their skills in acts of terrorism. /In the aftermath of Holocaust, the British gave Jews the hope that they would be given more rights in Palestine. /Of course at the expense of the Arabs in Palestine, the British knew beforehand./ As the terror acts of the Jews increased, destroying even the British Military Headquarters in Palestine the British decided they would eventually leave. /In Year 1947 United Nations accepted that idea-promise of the British to partition Palestine into Israel for Jews and Palestine for Arabs. /May 14, 1948 the British withdrew from the Palestine and the Palestinians began their own counter-terror attacks lasting from May 1948 to January 1949, not recognizing Israel as part of the Palestine. /To Palestinian Arabs the area the Jews call Israel, will always be Palestine. /To Jews it is Israel./ Thus began the conflict when the British policy of Divide and Rule ended in departure from Palestine, and it continues to this day. /Much like the partition of India and Pakistan 1947 as described in the book, Holocaust of the East. /The same Divide and Rule policy, leaving behind a thorn of Kashmir which belongs only to Kashmiris, neither to India, nor to Pakistan./ PS: History has been written and rewritten many times over in several books by different authors./ Facts contradicted by facts, discrepancies passed as factual./ As for the claim ‘Palestinians siding with Nazi Germany during WW11’ many scholars write otherwise and challenge this claim./ Arguing that Fascism was discussed by the Arabs alongside other political ideologies. /And the Arab Palestinians themselves were deprecated by Hitler as racially inferior to Germans. /However, the radical Jewish groups employed terrorism against the British forces in Palestine, accusing them of betraying their Zionist cause. /At the end of WW11 1945 United States took up Zionist Cause. A quote from Marcus Aurelius:/ ‘To look for the impossible is folly and it is impossible that bad men should not do bad deeds./ It is a shame to let ignorance and complacency be stronger than wisdom’

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world. /Mothers carry the gift of life for nine months in their bellies, tender and swollen./At the end of that term after suffering excruciating labor pains they deliver this Gift to the world. /What do we do with that Gift, 99% of us honor it in loving memories of our moms by living honorably. /Hard working men and women who spend their lives loving, caring and giving. /Ethically solid, morally grounded. /Generous and compassionate. /Respecting law of the land they choose to live in and promoting peace and harmony. /What do the 1% do with this Gift, they mutilate it with the knife of hate and ignorance./ Some turn out to be pious fools, some inveterate liars. /Some robbers of life and property and some brutal murderers./ Some bellicose bigots and some bilious misogynists. /Some maniacal racists and some seasoned rascals./ Some clowns insufferable and some chronic sycophants. / Some psychopaths and some hypocrites./ Some rapists and some oppressors of women. They come in different shapes, colors and ethnicity, but these 1% are the ones who rule the world with their odious will of tyranny and slander, shooting bullets of canards, loving distortions and conspiracy theories, not to mention the vile scoundrels and extremists./ This year let’s join our hands to honor and celebrate Mother Earth with vigil and candlelight. /Mother Earth who is choking under the negligence of her children condoning Climate Change. /Her bootless cries are reaching up to the skies seeking help for the sickness of pollution in her body, besides the corruption of bloodbath by the hands of mankind to defile her purity and sanctity./ Her eyes stinging from the fossil fuels in cars, factories and power plants. /Her senses choked by methane released from the landfills. /Her lungs filled by nitrous oxide from fertilizers./ Her heart mourning the loss of trees—her spiritual forest sanctuaries. /These are a few of the so-called necessary manmade evils killing the Mother Earth without acknowledging the need to pamper her with care, devotion and compassion. /Also this year let us turn our attention to the American mothers who have suffered the irretrievable losses of their beloved children through mindless, multiple school shootings. /We can’t cure their wounds but we can ease perhaps a fraction of their sufferings by wishing them peace within their spirits in beautiful memories of their loved ones this Mother’s Day. /Just to mention a few for extending our comforting thoughts to the aggrieved and grieving parents of school shootings, Parkland Fla; Santa Fe, Tex; and Benton, Ky. And the most recent one in Highland Ranch, Colorado./ May we keep the parents of Kendrick Castillo in our thoughts and prayers, their only son who sacrificed his life to save the lives of his classmates. /Especially, sending loving thoughts to the mother of Kendrick Castillo, her only son about to graduate soon is not in this world anymore to wish his mother Happy Mother’s Day. / Love of a mother for her kids is enshrined in the parable of Biblical King Solomon’s wisdom. /When two mothers came to him, each insisting that the child was hers and that each of them were telling the truth? /King Solomon was to judge who was the real mother. /After listening to their stories, he said: since you both claim this child to be yours, we need to cut up the infant and divide it into two and you both can have your baby. /The real mother cried, please don’t kill my child: give the baby to her and let my son live. / Aside from the parables when Emperor Akbar’s mother passed away and he was grieving much for a long period of time, his viziers said: O Emperor, you have suffered many deaths of your family and friends before, but you overcame that grief quickly, so why this profound grief now so persistent and prolonged. /Akbar the Great the third Moghul Emperor of India responded: Difficult for you to understand./ With all my power and riches everyone bows before me with reverence and gratitude, but my mother was the only one who could reprimand me and before whom I could humble myself, and it was the profoundest of joys and peace beyond expression./ With this loving note of love of a mother and the wisdom of King Solomon and humility of Emperor Akbar, may we wish Happy Mother’s Day to all US moms in particular who have lost their kids in school shootings by domestic murderers whose own mothers are grieving the loss of their children they reared as gift of life not as gong of death./ Special thanks to Chris Cuomo of CNN for keeping the memory of Kendrick Castillo alive on his show, especially, considering the short memory of our nation-generation where voices of grief and faces of teen heroes very often are muffled under the noise of lies from this White House, sucking oxygen out of the entire world./Hoping we would see the light of justice one of these days, meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day./ Allow us, O Mother Earth, to wish you healing this year/Much joy be yours in renewal and recovery from gold in light/May our hearts be benevolent and crystal clear/To reflect our sincerity in doing abundance of good, fair and bright/ Wish my mom was alive so that I could humble myself at her feet./ Heaven lies under the feet of the mother, Prophet Muhammed said