Sunday, April 3, 2011

Desecration of Life When would you condemn The desecration of life O pious Muslims So that the Living Quran Could be revered By killing the Quran With your brutal actions You forfeit the privilege To resurrect it From under the ashes of Millions slaughtered Killed in the name of Islam In truth, murdered most mercilessly By the bombshells of hatred and bigotry Check the clock of your zeal O God-intoxicated protesters You are running out of time To save Islam From death most tragic Holy breath of peace On the verge of extinction Cries out to you From the blessed lips of the Prophet Imploring for the gold of love Much like sunshine Which illumines the whole world Distinguishing not between Actions evil or good, between faiths Diverse or intolerant The sun itself lowering Ribbons of prayers My Lord! Forgive and have Mercy For Thou art best of all who show mercy Quran 23:118