Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bin Laden's Baggage of Lies

So heavy is this baggage that one needs eons to reveal its contents. But for the sake of brevity it is suffice to say that in the entire history of human race Afghani women have not been so brutally oppressed as by the dictates of Bin Laden and his pious horde. They have been raped, beaten, tortured, beheaded and publicly flogged in the name of Islamic laws and Islamic justice. Still the tongue of hypocrisy is not silent as Bin Laden dares assert that hijab and veiling is Islamic, talking about virtue and vengeance over the vainglorious mounds of his brutality, violence and misogyny.

Hijab and veiling is not Islamic, though many believe it to be so, including Muslim men and Muslim women who question not the veracity of such customs imposed by so-called men of learning since centuries. Such customs have become solid beliefs, repeated so often by so many with such passion and persistency that they have assumed the aura of truth. Yet it is possible to shatter this false aura of truth by chiseling away layers upon layers of lies where the purity of expression still breathes love and radiance within the pages of Quran and Hadith. There is not a single verse in the Quran with any injunction of veil or hijab. Below are two verses from the Quran prone to misinterpretation by the arbiters of Islam.

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display their adornments only that which is apparent, and to draw their scarves over their bosoms... Quran 24:31

O ye who believe! Enter not the dwellings of the Prophet for a meal without waiting for the proper time, unless permission is granted you. But if you are invited, enter, and when your meal is ended, then disperse. Lingering not for conversation. Lo, that would cause annoyance to the Prophet and he would be shy of asking you to go, but Allah is not shy of the truth. And when ye ask of the wives of the Prophet anything, ask it from them from behind a curtain... Quran 33:53

Pagan women as well as women from Judeo-Christian background wore veil and hijab as a mark of wealth, status and distinction. To instill the virtue of equality amongst Muslims Prophet Muhammad forbade Muslim women to wear veils. The pearls of Hadith below attest to this fact.

Abu Dawud 11:29
The veil was worn in Arabia as a mark of rank: and it was therefore disallowed, as pilgrimage required obliteration of all differences of rank. Forbidding a veil in a pilgrimage is a further conclusive proof that Holy Quran did not enjoin the wearing of veil, as in that case the prohibition here stated would be a contradiction of the Holy Quran. Gloves are not allowed because like the veil they are a mark of rank. Ornaments are allowed because they are not a mark of rank, and are worn by even ordinary people and laboring classes.

As for fighting--only in self-defense...

Hadith 16
Non-combatants were not killed in the battle, there being a prohibition against the killing of women and children. Fighting was to cease if the enemy offered peace, even though his intention might be to deceive.

Praying for peace in the world.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Judaic Law?
Hands of the Muslims

Cutting off hands for theft has nothing to do with Islamic Law with the exception that any punishment mentioned in the Quran is followed by For know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Anything ancient resembling such laws/injunctions are mentioned in Jewish Scriptures, though Jews--rarely if ever, have not practiced those laws since centuries, now being adopted by Iran in this time and age of so-called civilized world.

And We prescribed for them therein: The life for the life, and the eye for the eye, and the nose for the nose, and the ear for the ear, and the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds retaliation. But whoso forgoeth it in the way of charity, it shall be expiation for him. Whoso judgeth not by which Allah hath revealed, such are wrongdoers. Quran 5:45

Hatred, violence and hypocrisy are becoming the laws of the Muslims, who are not willing to understand the message of the holy Quran, save alone reading the other four holy books of Islam, Torah, Bible, Psalms, Suhuf--scrolls of Abraham. They are the ones blackening the name of Islam and soiling the character of the Prophet by going against what he taught by the example of his life of loving kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

Law of any religion is love and love is God. When one ceases to love God's creatures, that person rejects the love of God and of the Prophet, guided by one's own will of false piety and a sense of self-righteousness. A great tragedy when Islam is usurped by the will of man guided by man-made laws, and his will kindling the bonfire of cruelty, oppression and corruption. Tragic indeed when young Muslims are exposed to the evil of violence and espousing it as the virtue of Islamic Law and Islamic Justice. Thus banished forever from the Grace and Guidance of God, joining the ones who malign the very name of Islam by nurturing violence.

In the name of the loving, merciful, forgiving God, and for the sake of the loving, forgiving, compassionate Prophet, upon whom you pronounce peace be upon him, Please Pious Muslims, desist from violence and teach your children the virtues of love, peace and harmony, not the vices of violence and virulence. If you can only heed the first verse of the first sura in the Quran, PLEASE--A Plea and a Prayer:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
The Beneficent, the Merciful
Owner of the Day of Judgment
Thee alone we worship, Thee alone we ask for help
Show us the straight path
The path of those whom thou hast favored
Not the path of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray. Quran 1:1-7

May everyone in the whole wide world feel the breeze of God's grace and guidance through the gates of Love.