Friday, July 2, 2010

Hooligans of Islam

Desecrating the shrines in hearts
Is a crime much more heinous
Than committing the sacrilege of
Torturing to smithereens
The shrine of Data Durbar
And whipping the children of God
Into puddles of blood and gore
This name itself, heartless hooligans
Have degraded
Into the lowest pit of bestial connotation
By acts vile and deplorable
Amidst the fever of ignorance
Wounding countless hearts
That mourn and lament
The loss of love and their loved ones
Love by any name, by any color
Is a flower of veneration
Not a thorn of destruction
Please accept one moment of peace
From the gift of this life
All young and piously besotted
Inhale the fragrance of this flower
Which is a beautiful rose
Inside the rose garden of the Sufis
Learn from their love
Pure and boundless
Which speaks from heart to heart
Singing everlastingly
'Fill your heart with so much love
That there is no room left in it
For anything else.'