Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Insanity Versus Piety

The book, The Moghul Saint of Insanity, is about the sixth Moghul emperor of India to be published this year by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing UK.—But before the fever of insanity afflicting Aurangzeb, a little note about The Moghul Exile published by Editions Dedicaces US/Canada.—Guy Boulianne the editor of Editions Dedicaces first published Poet Emperor of the Last of the Moghul, Bahadur Shah Zafar.— The Moghul Exile—Humayun is the second Moghul emperor of India.— He is a mystic and a lover of poetry, literature, astronomy and astrology.—The intrigues of his brothers and Afghani lords compel him to seek exile in Persia, while his brother Karmran rules Kabul, keeping Humayun’s young son Akbar hostage.—Humayun is welcomed by the Persian king and in gratitude Humayun presents his precious diamond Koh-i-Noor to the Persian Monarch.—With the help of the Persian troops, Humayun conquers Kabul, loses it twice, but finally succeeds in freeing it from the yolk of his brother, returning to India to reclaim his lost empire.—Within a couple of years the Venus of his fortunes fades as he falls from the steps of his balcony while watching Venus in the sky.— The Moghul Saint of Insanity— This historical, biographical account of Aurangzeb’s life is the last in the sequels of the Moghuls, depicting the Fall of the Moghul Empire.— Aurangzeb stands out as the Master of Distortion, defacing the Face of Islam in conformity with his own sense of Perception and Interpretation.— Blind to his own sins and acts of violence, he plunges deep into the ocean of ruin and devastation.— His ancestors—the architects of beauty and tolerance, are forgotten by him in his mad zeal to conquer and subjugate all who don’t fit the Vision of his Islam.— The victim of his own spiritual leprosy, he fails to see his acts of cruelty and injustice as stark contradictions to the precepts of Islam.— More faces emerge in this war of ambition and hypocrisy, those of the foreign traders, lurking in ambush to posses the jewels of the emperors and the empire at the first golden opportunity.— And Aurangzeb becomes the first one from the progeny of the Moghuls to throw open the gates of this Golden Cage for plunder and invasion.— Leaving behind one legacy of a golden rule that tolerance leads to peace and prosperity, and intolerance, to doom and destruction.— The Fall of the Moghul Empire attests to the validity of this legacy.— Story Line:— Soul of my soul! Now I am going alone.— I grieve for your helplessness.— But what is the use?— Every torment I have inflicted, every sin I have committed, every wrong I have done, I carry the consequence with me.— Strange that I came with nothing into this world, and now am going away with this stupendous caravan of sins.— Wherever I look I see only God.— I have greatly sinned and I know not what torment awaits me? – Aurangzeb’s letter to his son before dying. – With fundamentalism on the rise, this book would serve as a gong of warning for the would-be-suicide-bombers that zeal and violence would be the annihilation of their own factions if they continued the practice of hate, brutality and intolerance.— It would also be a learning tool for the young victims—educated by hateful mullahs, and hypocrites, to glean truth out of lies and to dispel ignorance. – Hoping that this book would set the tone of contemplation, touching the hearts of the clerics, religious leaders and leaders of the Islamic nations to raise their voices in unison against the ones involved in crimes of torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children!— May this book promote and nurture the gifts of compassion, learning and understanding. –Peace to the World.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sharia De Fabricated

‘Sympathy is the root of religion, and so long as the spirit of sympathy is living in your heart, you have the light of religion.’—Hazrat Inayat Khan:— Recent reprint in the series of the Moghuls is The Moghul Exile published by Editions Dedicaces.—Next book to be published is Sharia De Fabricated.—Below is a snippet of this upcoming book,but before that a little note about the tragedy of the victors and the vanquished.—Victory over Takrit, all victors, Sunnis or Shias have established themselves as ignorant, hatemongering barbarians, stabbing, slitting throats, hanging decapitated men, looting, burning.—Destroying properties, carving rivers of blood, in the name of what, vengeance? If sectarian violence is to continue with no peace/compassion/forgiveness in sight, then it matters not who wins.—Murderers, hypocrites All!—No one is worthy to claim victory until one learns how to forgive and start working toward love, peace and harmony.— A Few Quotes of Marcus Aurelius.— ‘The best way of avenging yourself is not to become like the wrongdoer.—The soul of man does violence to itself, first of all it becomes an abscess and, as it were, a tumor in the universe, as far as it can.—If you will return to your principles and the worship of Reason, within ten days you will seem a god to those to whom you are now an ape and a beast.’— Thus we put you on the right way of religion. So follow it and follow not the whimsical desire of those who have no knowledge. (Quran 45:18)— Though Sharia as a legal code didn’t exist during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad, many scholars believe that this verse above is the only sharia verse in the Quran.— Sharia literally means the straight path, or right way of religion.— Against countless definitions of Sharia, the simplest one in the literal sense of the word is, a way to the watering place and path to seek felicity and salvation.— This book deals with basic Sharia, the Quranic verses which have become the tools of tyranny in the hands of the zealots.— These tools are rough-hewn, ingrained with the rust of distortions. In order to take that rust off, one needs to polish them with reason, interpreting what is misinterpreted.— Then lending them the sheen of purity from the Quranic verses which need no interpretation since they are the embodiment of love, peace and harmony by the very essence of their candid rhythm in poetry and simplicity.— In this book, first and foremost, Sharia would gather the most neglected of gems from the Quran and the Hadiths which radiate love, peace and compassion before ripping open the fabrication of the verses which have become the weapons of war, hate and intolerance.— Sharia is much like the present day GPS of path-finding through byways and highways to reach a certain destination, depending upon the goals of each individual.— Sharia as Islamic Law defined by the traditions of the Prophet recorded in Hadiths as Sunnah and through the Quranic revelations is in sore need of being scrubbed clean of distortions to avoid the road blocks, where the ancient streets of redundant knowledge are overgrown with weeds and the construction of new streets have nothing new to offer, exposed to the need to demolish and reconstruct.— The revelations were sacred tools of problem solving during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad dealing with specific situations which needed immediate attention.— Islamic GPS of Sharia/Sunnah in twenty-first century is groping its way out of the labyrinth of time to shed its weight of human understanding of man-made judgments and recollections, resulting in volumes upon volumes of traditions.— More than three fourths of which have nothing to do with the life of the Prophet or his sayings, but with the need to control, subjugate and manipulate each and every aspect of life under the pretense of religion as viewed by the so-called Islamic caliphs, jurists, scholars, historians and theologians.— First of all Sharia as in the Quran and Hadith is to be taken into account and its layers of distortion, interpretation and fabrication to be peeled off slowly and gradually to reveal the purity of Islam which lies ensconced under the man-made laws of tyranny, those laws still vague and indecipherable.— To explain, discuss and disseminate in simple terms the Law of Islam without the weight of Arabic, unfamiliar terms is the aim of this book to reach young Muslims in this modern world, so that they can explore and understand Islam in all its aspects of morality and universality.— One of the most commonly used term by the Muslim scholars, Fiqh, is also avoided in this book for the benefit of easy-read and clear understanding.— Fabrication of Sharia by Fiqh—human understanding of Sharia and its interpretation is the theme of this book, aiming toward exploring the past and the present for a better future.— ‘The first sign of realization of truth is tolerance.—Verily, he is victorious who has conquered himself.’—Hazrat Inayat Khan