Thursday, June 10, 2010

Privileged Children of God

Israel and Palestine
Gaza Strip and blockade
American and Taliban
From Pakistan to Afghanistan
Such murder and brutality
Savages and madmen
No one worthy of the name human
Daring to challenge Israel
Or stop the madness of war and greed
Such pity and shame
That drones which kill
Wicked and innocent alike
Are much like the human-bombs
Blowing themselves to smithereens
Madmen over the borders holy and parched
Slaughtering with the sanctimonious
Sword of sanctity
While sanctity of life
Bleeds on the streets
Ah, the civilized West
And the enlightened Europa
Talking of peace and warring indiscriminately
Americana and Britannia
Lawless Israelites
And hooligans of the east
Privileged children of God
Inheritors of the holy land
To murder, gloat and oppress
Where, O, where the prophets of peace
If any
Condemn the false jihadists
Or embrace the suffered and the suffering
Blood and bloody acts
Crimson and congealed
Hope still flutters somewhere
Pandora of the prophetess
Wailing and lamenting
Her tears hot and scalding
Flooding the gates of ignorance
Sparkling like myriad of stars
Searching the sands of wisdom
Alas, hearts turned cold
Polished as the mirrors of vengeance
Stare back aghast
Hopelessness all, death and desolation
Cross of peace is fallen
Crescent of love is no more
And yet, that pale, mournful light
Escapes the shroud of darkness
A cry of agony ripping through the sky
From the lips of the orphans and the widows
The bereft and the bereaving
Send down the rain of sanity, Lord
Thy grace of blessing
To purge clean the rivers
Of hatred, malice, cruelty
Hush, listen
A song of love
Remote and ineffable
Can anyone hear