Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Death of God by Syrians

The armed Syrians by slaughtering the innocent children have caused the death of God--brutally wounded and bled to death as repeatedly as each defenseless child being violated, murdered and mutilated. No one to guide the savages and barbarians drunk by the power of their own hatred and corruption. Who would, if any, plead with the Syrian madmen to practice the art of love and harmony while their God sits dazed and bleeding. Profound prayers from the hearts of the mothers might lend the balm of healing to the suffering God, giving It the strength to strike these lunatics with the rod of all-encompassing love, baptizing mankind with the understanding that life is created to be revered, not to be defiled or deformed. Since such power-hungry, rage-intoxicated men are guided by the shafts of vice, cruelty and ignorance, should we turn to the purity and innocnece of world children to join hands with us, praying that the wounds of God be healed quickly and that It may never suffer the agony of another death, so that It might bless the torches of tyranny as men with divine wisdom and eternal guidance to cherish and safeguard life as some sacred treasure, not ever to be violated by the gluttony of hatred, tyranny, vengeance. Please Precious All, fill our hearts with love for the world, for children. May this prayer flutter over Syria from cyberspace, pouring ether of peace, harmony and healing. With love from ocean to ocean, from continent to continent.