Sunday, December 19, 2010

Commanded to Kill

Exiled from the Grace of God
Not ever knowing
The bliss of Illumination
Suicide Bombers
Think and act
As if they are separate
From the ones they kill
Most brutally and savagely
Alas, not willing to discover
That we are all one
Inside the ocean of oneness
Under the waters of
Unity in multiplicity
Lacerating our own souls
When hurting others
Offending God
By shattering the gift of life
Which Almighty has bestowed
Upon us all with divine love
Yet killers grand and lustful
Blaspheming most ignorantly
That Allah the Merciful
Is commanding
To kill, maim and disfigure
Humanity holy and precious
From the bounties of
All gracious, all loving, all compassionate