Sunday, May 14, 2017

Russia Play4Putin Act4

Act Four Scene: The same as in Act One. When the curtain opens, Hillary and Michelle are seen seated on the right side of the stage, facing the mantelpiece with TV screen on mute, yet displaying commercials and programs. Hillary Can’t believe Russia unleashed another time bomb of Wiki Leaks to literally hit me on the head. My supporters vacillating between shock and disbelief. This is the final blow they had intended since the beginning of elections, I am sure. And now both Russia and Republicans are gloating. Michelle And to think that elite members of the GOP had distanced themselves from Trump, now they are flocking around him like bees from the hornet’s nest. It’s tragic but true, Republicans are corrupt inside out, always flying high on the wings of arrogance. For eight years they have tried to undermine the presidency of my husband blocking every bill that he proposed. But that’s insignificant now, I hope America is not swayed by Russia’s deceit and evil meddling in US elections. Hillary I hope so too, there is so much at stake. Hate and violence are on the rise. Racism is awakening afresh to pitch whites against blacks. So much religious intolerance. White supremacists lurking somewhere to pounce on minorities. Michelle This is not the America I know. Every time I turn on the TV and watch the raging, insulting tirade of Trump, it makes me sick to my stomach. It has increased since Russia’s double-edged sword of Wiki Leaks which have no substance. Hillary America is wading through the waters of unrest and anarchy. Hateful, violent, belligerent, enveloped in fear, clouded by confusion. Michelle So much has happened in this past week, fake news, betrayal of trust, rise and fall of confidence. No one knows who to believe, media uncertain and frustrated. Hillary All we can do is to wait and hope for the best. My heart goes out to the kids, the ailing and the underprivileged. Michelle I wonder why we sound so depressed. We are winning, we got to win, for the sake of our great USA. Let’s be cheerful, think of bright, healthy America. Hillary That’s right! The first thing I am going to do as President is to purge America of all soot of hate, prejudice, hypocrisy and— [Putin enters, his look bright and gleaming.] Putin Good evening, Ladies. A night of great surprises and victory whoever can claim this prize. Michelle Of course, Hillary will claim that prize of victory! Everyone knows that, despite the scandalous attempts of culprits trying their best to malign the character of our First Woman President of USA. Putin (Lowering himself thoughtfully on a chair on the left side of the stage.) No need to reach to such hasty conclusion. Americans have not decided until the votes are counted. Hillary And they will be counted fairly, not rigged as Mr. Trump suggests. Putin He might be right no matter who wins or loses. Michelle He will claim to be right when he loses. [Enters Trump hugging a large package to his chest.] Trump Good evening. I am glad all the hoopla of election season is over. Now I can relax and gloat over my winnings. Michelle I admire your optimism, though you stand on the verge of losing. Trump (Lowering his package reverently on the glass table and claiming a chair beside Putin.) I have never for once lost in my life as long as I can keep my will power alight with the fire of ambition. Putin Make sure that fire doesn’t singe you, Mr. Trump. What do you have in that package? Trump A gift from me to me I am going to unwrap it after I win. Michelle Pity that you won’t be able to. Have you looked at the polls lately? Media is all abuzz showing Hillary in the lead in all Key States. Trump Media is useless. When I am president I will shut them off. They are bad, terrible. They will eat their own words, suffering the worst of gripes. Hillary Gripes of lies are the worst, and I am talking about the brains, not of the bowels, Nathaniel Hawthorne would say that if he were alive. Putin A charlatan by any name. Hawthorne was no Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. Michelle A great American author even Russians admire. We are proud of our authors and heritage, yet we don’t look down upon the talent of other nations with contempt. Putin I didn’t mean to offend, I am not particularly fond of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Trump I am not fond of reading, yet I can read the fates miles ahead of me. Right now they are smiling at me, I can see me winning. Hillary Can you see Russia drowning in a puddle of shame and guilt? Michelle History would brand Russia as the great enemy of great America. Putin Why do I feel I am invisible? Now, now, let’s not be harsh and judgmental. Hillary Yes, Wiki Leaks so benign and innocent. Russia of course would never admit that it is meddling in our elections boldly and shamelessly to disrupt the very fabric of our great values. Trump If Russia made you win, you would say it is the greatest nation on earth. Hillary Such a preposterous thought I leave that intact in your head. As it stands you are in awe of great Russia. Michelle And you love their Wiki Leaks. Especially this last volcanic release since you kept goading them to find more and more. Putin It seems like I am not only invisible but I am not even here the way you ladies keep talking about Russia. Well, well. Election Day is here, let the voters decide. Hillary If voters ever get a chance to use their own minds. [TV starts flashing results of polling in different states.] Trump (Leaping to his feet.) Five Key States, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, mine, mine. I am the winner. Michelle What do I see? Shock and despair in the eyes of the reporters. Hillary Why is the world so dark all of a sudden, Dante’s hell. Putin I expected this much, right on the mark. Trump (Lost in his own world of elation.) Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Wyoming, West Virginia, Oklahoma. That’s it, what else do I want. I am the president of USA, it is obvious now. Michelle This is a nightmare, it will pass. Hillary I see ruin and devastation everywhere. Putin Now Pennsylvania is yours, Mr. Trump. Election is over. You are the president. [TV is flashing news, Donald Trump the projected winner.] Hillary (Swaying to her feet.) God help us for the safety and health of all Americans. I pray that for once Trump doesn’t mean what he says. Michelle (Lumbering to her feet.) God help America. I have heard when God wants to punish a nation, he sends rogues and rascals and ignorant rulers to rule its people. Hillary Please, O God, no. Michelle America is resilient. It has been beaten several times before. It had always brushed off the dust of deceit and had sought glory. But never before it was betrayed by a Russian Dog. Prayerfully US would learn a precious lesson. Never again, never again! [Exit both Hillary and Michelle hand in hand.] Trump (Capering on his toes.) I alone did it! I alone did it! Putin No, you didn’t, Donald. You got secret help from Russia. Don’t ever deceive yourself that you can do anything, anything at all, alone. Trump Well I got help from my Hindu friends too. They worship me like a god you have seen already. Now you see before you the god incarnate. You want to see my gift to me. [Canters over to the glass table, tearing open the package. His picture in gold frame is revealed with red tilak on his forehead and a yellow garland around his neck, much like the depiction of Hindu gods in the temples. He takes the picture to the mantelpiece and places it in front of the American flag. [Then swirling back he joins Putin who has risen to his feet.] Putin You are no god, be assured. Trump Shall we dance? [Both Putin and Trump start dancing while rapping together.] Chorus:/ Trump child Trump wild/ Make America white again/ Skate board water board/ Replace gun with naked sword/ Cut Muslim’s jugular vein/ Make America white again/ Honor thy wall of hate/ Punch insult prate/ Erase name of faith profane/ Make America white again/ Latinos Muslims Mexicans/ Terrorist trashy neighbors/ All our enemies in great domain/ Make America white again/ Sing dance and proclaim/ Trump the emperor in gold frame/ Fortunes of world we will gain/ Make America white again/ Life Matters in parchment white/ Soar aloft, in ether glide/ We know world has gone insane/ Make America Great Again/ I have a secret plan/ Don’t you get it, Man/ We are here to entertain/ Make America white again/ The End ‘Beliefs and opinions can answer the questions. But only Truth can solve the mystery.’ Zen saying