Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan

Imponderables to be disseminated

Who should one address in this world of whaling absurdities where suicide bombers lust for blood and devastation?
Dearly Beloved Children of Sorrow?
Dearly beloved, for your mothers love you and mourn for you in perpetual grief over your pain-filled life, suffered and causing suffering. Sorrow too, belongs to mothers whose joy of bringing life to this earth is turned into profoundest of sorrows.

Ponder upon these imponderables if you please?

When gift of life given by God is spurned by people, what remains sacred? Won't you say: nothing but the idol of terror and vengeance?
Isn't this idol carved out of the deep-rooted hatred from within, fashioning a personal idol-god in the image of one's insatiate need for horror and bloodshed?
Is religion the part of the warring spirits in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, or just an idolatrous rite of passage toward some fathomless retreat called 'paradise'?
Do your lives branded with the scars of murderers, cut-throats and suicide bombers even perceive who you really are, or why you are killing, or what for, of if anyone is benefiting from your acts of pious bewilderment?
Have you not forgotten the God of your ancestors, replacing Him with your self-made idol-god, neither Beneficient nor Merciful, neither Compassionate nor Forgiving?
Are you capable of looking into your idolatrous hearts to witness the tortures of the damned?
If you could only spare but a moment to look into the eyes of your acts of violence and brutality, would you not confront the demons of your own heresy, self-glorification and self-aggrandizement?
Finally, do you have the courage to smash your precious idols of hatred to smithereens, and to gather the dust of humility and understanding?
Could you befriend your will-power to honor and cherish the gift of life with gratitude and peace-offering?
'The Creation is God's family; for its sustenance is from Him: therefore the most beloved unto God is the person who does good to God's family.' Prophet Muhammad