Sunday, July 14, 2019

American Queen Ora Ray Baker

True to its promise once again All Things That Matter Press has brought Ora Ray Baker on the stage of life in print form, ready to soar on screen of life in line of great American movies to be watched and cherished./The American Queen is the true life story of a young girl, Ora Ray Baker, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. /She fell in love with an Indian mystic by the name of Hazrat Inayat Khan. /He was not only a mystic from India, but a Sufi Master and a great Musician. /He came to US with the intention of uniting the East with the West in God Realization./ Against the wishes of her stepbrother who was Ora Ray Baker’s ward, she decided to elope to Europe to marry Hazrat Inayat Khan who was traveling there to give lectures and concerts./ She met him in Belgium and they were married in London. /They lived in London and France for a while, and then went to Russia where their first daughter was born in Kremlin. /Soon the First World War started, so they had to leave Russia and came to London. /During the war two more children were born, both boys, and one girl after a year later. /After the WW1 they moved to France and settled there in a suburb called Suresnes. /When the children were little, Hazrat Inayat Khan traveled alone all over Europe and even returned to America for a few months to spread his Sufi Message of love, unity and harmony./ Ora Ray Baker lost her Love of Life in India when Hazrat Inayat Khan went there on a tour to give lectures on Sufism, their eldest daughter was barely thirteen year old at the death of her father./ Then began the lone journey for Ora Ray Baker with all the agony of loss and grief./ She lived through the ravages of WW11, her eldest daughter, Spy Princess, was arrested and killed in German Concentration Camps./ Finally four years after WW11 of much grief and sorrow, Ora Ray Baker died in France. /Her love, courage and perseverance still live on in Fazal Manzil in France, her home and shrine of Love, now a Sufi Retreat. / Ora Ray Baker/ Prologue:/ O Beloved, is my love so weak/ That it bringeth me not to Thee/ Then let me weep more and more each day/ Till by weeping, it strengthened be/ But when its strength be still too less/ And the fountain of tears run dry/ Tears of blood, let me weep, yea until/ By weeping for Thee, I may die/ Pirani/ Ora Ray Baker fated to fall in love with an Indian Mystic, not only became the Queen of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s heart, but the Queen of fortitude, devotion and endurance./ If not a saint, suffering tragedies countless, and persevering. /Finally, succumbing to death a few years after WW11 when she discovered that her daughter was killed by the Nazis in the concentration camps. Disregarding the discrepancies in Ora Ray Baker’s birth year and birth place, she was presumably born May 8, 1892 in Kansas or in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the latter place most favored by the researchers./ She herself wrote that her mother’s maiden name was Wyatt./Later she named her mother Margaret Hiatt, nicknamed Aletta whose father was born in Indiana. /Her mother Aletta came from Maryland—home of many Kemp family members. /Aletta had a twin sister named Alice. /Ora Ray Baker started writing poetry as a young girl and continued that practice on and off whenever inspired to express her joy or grief./ Conflicting reports of researchers show that Kemp family came from Bavaria. /One report reveals that throughout several generations between Johann Conrad Kaempff (Kemp) and Mary May Kemp (Ora Ray’s maternal grandmother) came from Germany or Switzerland. So Ora Ray’s heritage may consist of Swiss or German./ Erastus Warren Baker, Ora Ray’s father’s records show him to have been born in 1850 in Kentucky and his wife in Iowa./On Ora Ray’s marriage certificate in Year 1913 she wrote her father was a lawyer. /Ora Ray had a step brother from her father’s first marriage and when her own mother left her father, she was raised by her stepbrother, Pierre Bernard, a yoga teacher and a great musician./ Against the wishes of her stepbrother she married Hazrat Inayat Khan. /Endowed with poetic spirit and always hungering for crumbs of spirituality she rejected the conventional style of marriage in America which her brother wanted—to be a part of elite and wealthy circle of friends. /Instead she chose the life of mystery and mysticism with her Mystic husband, traveling in Europe and experiencing profound joy of love in marriage along with the profundity of music and Sufi teaching of her mystic husband./ It was the power of this love which made her withstand hosts of tragedies after the untimely death of Hazrat Inayat Khan./ Ora Ray Baker was titled Amina Begum after her marriage./ She was Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Sharda meaning goddess./ He also bestowed upon her the title of Pirani-PiRani meaning queen of Pir—spiritual guide and teacher./ The way of illumination/ Is the path that leads to God/ May ye seek that revelation/ Forever this pathway trod/ And behold the light eternal/ When the end is drawing nigh/ Its rays spread forth upon ye all/ As a crown to glorify/ Pirani

Monday, May 13, 2019

Israel Palestine

Palestine name first referred by ancient Greeks is an area in the Middle East between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea./ It was absorbed by the Ottoman Empire Year 1517 until the World War. /At the end of the war Turks were defeated by the British forces who began ruling the homeland of the Palestinians from 1920 to 1948, the land called Palestine./ Since Palestinians helped the British to defeat the Turks, a League of Nations Mandate was drawn out under McMahan Agreement that British would return their homeland to the rightful owners, Palestinians. /Though British latter denied that they ever made such a promise under any Agreement. /By British the same area of land was also promised to the Jews as the Jews claimed under the Belfour Declaration./ In Year 1920 many Jews migrated to that area and lived in the much populated area of the Arabs, both Jews and Arabs living together in friendly relationships. /In Year 1929 the relations between the Jews and the Arabs soured due to the focal point of discontent concerning Jerusalem which resulted in violence. /Yet, many more Jews kept migrating to Palestine between years 1931 to 1940. /Due to the rise of violence and increasing number of Jews in Palestine outnumbering Palestinians, British put a quota on number of Jews who could enter Palestine in any one year. /During the WW11, many Jews fought for allies against Nazi Germany and gained much military prowess. /When the war ended in Year 1945 they used their skills in acts of terrorism. /In the aftermath of Holocaust, the British gave Jews the hope that they would be given more rights in Palestine. /Of course at the expense of the Arabs in Palestine, the British knew beforehand./ As the terror acts of the Jews increased, destroying even the British Military Headquarters in Palestine the British decided they would eventually leave. /In Year 1947 United Nations accepted that idea-promise of the British to partition Palestine into Israel for Jews and Palestine for Arabs. /May 14, 1948 the British withdrew from the Palestine and the Palestinians began their own counter-terror attacks lasting from May 1948 to January 1949, not recognizing Israel as part of the Palestine. /To Palestinian Arabs the area the Jews call Israel, will always be Palestine. /To Jews it is Israel./ Thus began the conflict when the British policy of Divide and Rule ended in departure from Palestine, and it continues to this day. /Much like the partition of India and Pakistan 1947 as described in the book, Holocaust of the East. /The same Divide and Rule policy, leaving behind a thorn of Kashmir which belongs only to Kashmiris, neither to India, nor to Pakistan./ PS: History has been written and rewritten many times over in several books by different authors./ Facts contradicted by facts, discrepancies passed as factual./ As for the claim ‘Palestinians siding with Nazi Germany during WW11’ many scholars write otherwise and challenge this claim./ Arguing that Fascism was discussed by the Arabs alongside other political ideologies. /And the Arab Palestinians themselves were deprecated by Hitler as racially inferior to Germans. /However, the radical Jewish groups employed terrorism against the British forces in Palestine, accusing them of betraying their Zionist cause. /At the end of WW11 1945 United States took up Zionist Cause. A quote from Marcus Aurelius:/ ‘To look for the impossible is folly and it is impossible that bad men should not do bad deeds./ It is a shame to let ignorance and complacency be stronger than wisdom’

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world. /Mothers carry the gift of life for nine months in their bellies, tender and swollen./At the end of that term after suffering excruciating labor pains they deliver this Gift to the world. /What do we do with that Gift, 99% of us honor it in loving memories of our moms by living honorably. /Hard working men and women who spend their lives loving, caring and giving. /Ethically solid, morally grounded. /Generous and compassionate. /Respecting law of the land they choose to live in and promoting peace and harmony. /What do the 1% do with this Gift, they mutilate it with the knife of hate and ignorance./ Some turn out to be pious fools, some inveterate liars. /Some robbers of life and property and some brutal murderers./ Some bellicose bigots and some bilious misogynists. /Some maniacal racists and some seasoned rascals./ Some clowns insufferable and some chronic sycophants. / Some psychopaths and some hypocrites./ Some rapists and some oppressors of women. They come in different shapes, colors and ethnicity, but these 1% are the ones who rule the world with their odious will of tyranny and slander, shooting bullets of canards, loving distortions and conspiracy theories, not to mention the vile scoundrels and extremists./ This year let’s join our hands to honor and celebrate Mother Earth with vigil and candlelight. /Mother Earth who is choking under the negligence of her children condoning Climate Change. /Her bootless cries are reaching up to the skies seeking help for the sickness of pollution in her body, besides the corruption of bloodbath by the hands of mankind to defile her purity and sanctity./ Her eyes stinging from the fossil fuels in cars, factories and power plants. /Her senses choked by methane released from the landfills. /Her lungs filled by nitrous oxide from fertilizers./ Her heart mourning the loss of trees—her spiritual forest sanctuaries. /These are a few of the so-called necessary manmade evils killing the Mother Earth without acknowledging the need to pamper her with care, devotion and compassion. /Also this year let us turn our attention to the American mothers who have suffered the irretrievable losses of their beloved children through mindless, multiple school shootings. /We can’t cure their wounds but we can ease perhaps a fraction of their sufferings by wishing them peace within their spirits in beautiful memories of their loved ones this Mother’s Day. /Just to mention a few for extending our comforting thoughts to the aggrieved and grieving parents of school shootings, Parkland Fla; Santa Fe, Tex; and Benton, Ky. And the most recent one in Highland Ranch, Colorado./ May we keep the parents of Kendrick Castillo in our thoughts and prayers, their only son who sacrificed his life to save the lives of his classmates. /Especially, sending loving thoughts to the mother of Kendrick Castillo, her only son about to graduate soon is not in this world anymore to wish his mother Happy Mother’s Day. / Love of a mother for her kids is enshrined in the parable of Biblical King Solomon’s wisdom. /When two mothers came to him, each insisting that the child was hers and that each of them were telling the truth? /King Solomon was to judge who was the real mother. /After listening to their stories, he said: since you both claim this child to be yours, we need to cut up the infant and divide it into two and you both can have your baby. /The real mother cried, please don’t kill my child: give the baby to her and let my son live. / Aside from the parables when Emperor Akbar’s mother passed away and he was grieving much for a long period of time, his viziers said: O Emperor, you have suffered many deaths of your family and friends before, but you overcame that grief quickly, so why this profound grief now so persistent and prolonged. /Akbar the Great the third Moghul Emperor of India responded: Difficult for you to understand./ With all my power and riches everyone bows before me with reverence and gratitude, but my mother was the only one who could reprimand me and before whom I could humble myself, and it was the profoundest of joys and peace beyond expression./ With this loving note of love of a mother and the wisdom of King Solomon and humility of Emperor Akbar, may we wish Happy Mother’s Day to all US moms in particular who have lost their kids in school shootings by domestic murderers whose own mothers are grieving the loss of their children they reared as gift of life not as gong of death./ Special thanks to Chris Cuomo of CNN for keeping the memory of Kendrick Castillo alive on his show, especially, considering the short memory of our nation-generation where voices of grief and faces of teen heroes very often are muffled under the noise of lies from this White House, sucking oxygen out of the entire world./Hoping we would see the light of justice one of these days, meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day./ Allow us, O Mother Earth, to wish you healing this year/Much joy be yours in renewal and recovery from gold in light/May our hearts be benevolent and crystal clear/To reflect our sincerity in doing abundance of good, fair and bright/ Wish my mom was alive so that I could humble myself at her feet./ Heaven lies under the feet of the mother, Prophet Muhammed said

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Namaste Islam

‘And speak not concerning that which your own tongues qualify as clean or unclean, the falsehood: this is lawful and this is forbidden. So that ye may invent a lie against Allah. Lo, those who invent a lie against Allah will not succeed.’ Quran (16: 116) ‘God said: The person I hold as a beloved, I am his hearing by which he hears, and I am his sight by which he sees, and I am his hands by which he holds, and I am his feet by which he walks.’ Prophet Muhammad ‘Neither My earth nor My heavens can contain Me, while the heart of my believing servant does contain Me’ Hadith Qudsi/ The quotes above are a testament to Islamic belief that God dwells in the hearts of each one of us, regardless of race, creed, faith or gender proclivities. /Yet some Muslims have made mockery of Islam by claiming that certain peace-loving greetings are forbidden to Muslims even to express./To single one out in particular is Namaste, but before delving into the essence of English speaking world greetings, it’s beneficial to look at their meaning./ Namaste:/ Divine in me bows to the divine in you./ Shalom:/ Peace, harmony, wholeness./ Sat Sri Akal:/ I respect the God within you./ Asalaam Alaykum:/ Peace be unto you./ It is obvious that all these greetings offer love, peace, respect to the divine breath which sustains us and nourishes us to the divine presence within if we can understand true meaning our own belief system. /‘By saying Namaste is forbidden to Muslims’ some Muslims say ‘since they bow only to God and are not allowed to bow before anyone.’/ That means denying the presence of divine breath within oneself./ Which is not just inhaling oxygen or exhaling carbon dioxide, but something subtle and profound, inherent divinity which few fortunate ones perceive in their gross bodies. /Becoming conscious of purity of Oneness in each and every soul./ Respect is one of Islamic tenant of Adab, etiquette./Prophet Muhammad’s followers bowed before the Prophet, and he was a man, not God. /Prophet Muhammad himself bowed before Shamyma after the conquest of Mecca when she said: remember, Prophet, I am your foster-sister, the daughter of Halima, your childhood nurse./To honor the daughter of his childhood nurse who had suckled him as a baby, he even took his cloak off and spread it at her feet for her to be seated as a mark of respect and gratitude to her deceased mother./ Back to the mockery of Islam, so many lies have been told since centuries by so many, so often, so repeatedly that they sound like truth and if someone tries to tell truth in this era of lies and ignorance, it would still sound like a lie./ Why it is that Muslims are stuck in the marshland of zeal, violence, oppression? /Rather, presenting Islam as a religion of hate, injustice, intolerance, than of love, peace and harmony?/ The answer is, it’s sheer ignorance. /Killing is forbidden in Islam and now Muslims are killing Muslims all over the world, especially in Syria. /Saudi Arabian ‘Muslims’ killing Muslims in Yemen, starving them to death./ Suicide is forbidden in Islam, yet suicide bombers are killing Muslims and no-Muslims in the name of Islam./Why is that if one may ask again?/ Because the so-called Muslims immersed deep in the mud of bigotry and schooled by impious clerics are doubling down on lies and hatred./Prophet Muhammad granted equal rights to women, yet Muslim women in Saudi Arabia are brutally oppressed, covered from head to toe, more like wearing death shrouds while living, and controlled by men in every walk of their life./Muslim girls choosing to be the brides of terrorists, and most recently young girls from Saudi Arabia fleeing form the homes of their zealous parents./Where are the human rights activists, not in the Muslim world, that’s for sure?/Crown Prince after murdering Khashoggi whose body was dismembered, is still the darling of Trump Family and Royal Family, no rebuke or punishment coming his way./ Is that just or Islamic?/ The Prophet forbade robbery and mutilation of the bodies. Al Bukhari [3:654-O.B]— Do not become infidels after me by killing each other. Prophet Muhammad/ Al-Bukhari [1:22-OB]— There are three things of which God disapproves, cunning plans, waste of goods and excessive requests. /And three are the enemies of my religion. /The fundamentalists, the fundamentalists, the fundamentalists. Prophet Muhammad Al Bukhari XX1V:53(2)— What weakens the foundations of Islam: the errors of the learned destroy it, the disputations of the hypocrites, and the orders of the kings who have lost the road. Hadith Qudsi/ Aside from Islamic state of hate, bigotry, intolerance./Below is Prophet Muhammad’s Sermon on the Mount of Mercy./If Muslims were to read and heed just those words, they might get a sense of what Islam is all about./ Prophet Muhammad's Last Sermon on Mount of Mercy / “My beloved friends, listen to my words, because I don’t know if I will ever be with you here again after this year. /Therefore listen to what I am saying, carefully, and take these words to those who could not be here today. /My friends and family, your lives, property and honor are sacred for you until you appear before your Lord, just as you consider this month, this day and this city sacred./ Return the things that are entrusted to you to their rightful owners. /You will meet your Lord, and He will hold you answerable for your actions. /You have rights over your wives, and your wives have rights over you. /Treat your wives with love and kindness. /Verily, you have taken them on the security of God, and their persons are made lawful unto you by the words of God. /Free your slaves, following my example, and tell others to do the same. /But if they wish to stay with you, see that you feed them with such food as you eat yourselves, and clothe them with the stuff you wear. /And if they commit a fault which you are not inclined to forgive, then part from them, for they are the servants of God as you and me, and are not to be treated harshly. /Know that we are all equal in the sight of Allah, and journey together in this world as a family of brotherhood and sisterhood. /All of us belong to the line of Adam, and Adam was created from dust. /This is a gift of knowledge for all who cultivate wisdom and humility./ An Arab is no better than a non-Arab, nor is a white better than a black, or a black better than a white, except in piety./ Nothing is allowed to a Muslim if it belongs to another, unless it is given freely and willingly, so do not oppress each other./ I am leaving behind me two things, the Book of God and my example, if you follow these two, you will never go astray. /Spend freely of what is given to you, whether in prosperity or in adversity. /Restrain you anger and pardon all, for Allah loves those who do good, as it has been revealed./ This Hajj is acceptable to Allah, only if we have love in our hearts for each and every one of God’s creatures. /Kill not your children, for fear of want./ We shall provide sustenance for them. /As well as for you./ Verily, the killing of them is a great sin. Quran 17: 31. /This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favor unto you, and have chosen for you as religion Al-Islam./ Whoso is forced by hunger, not by will, to sin; for him, lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Quran 5: 3. /Know you that what month is this?/ What territory this is? /What day?/ The sacred month! The sacred territory! /The great day of pilgrimage— Several voices spluttered forth, filling the Mount of Mercy with the music of joy. /Even thus sacred and inviolable God made His life and the property of each of you unto the other, until you meet your Lord. /Prophet Muhammad’s voice rippled above all, his arms held out./ O Lord! I have delivered my message and accomplished my work!/ Yes, you have, Prophet. Yes, you have— The pilgrims cheered. /O God, I beseech Thee, bear Thou witness unto it. Prophet Muhammad prayed./ This is the day of true brotherhood and sisterhood, of devotion and repentance. /This is the day when Allah is revealed to His servants, extending His Hands with generosity and immense blessing! /We are promised that during these hours by Arafat, Allah will send down His mercy and forgiveness to those, who are deserving and they will feel His presence!/ The heart of the believer is between two fingers of the Infinitely Merciful.”/ Words divine and literal:/ Allah--The God of all nations and of all peoples/ Islam--The religion of peace and reconciliation/ Jihad--To conquer the forces of evil within one's own self/ Muslim--The one who surrenders to the will of God/ Surrender--Striving after righteousness as an act of total submission to the power of goodness in one's own mind and heart./ 'If you love God, love God's creatures first.' Prophet Muhammad/ The Prophet said that on the day of resurrection, God will manifest Himself to the creatures in the forms that they themselves refuted, announcing ‘I am your Lord’. /In the face of this unfamiliar apparition, they will seek refuge in their own representation of God. /Then God will appear in that representation, and then they will believe that indeed it is Him. Hadith/Salman Pak Farsi/ God sent to the world since its creation 200,000 prophets, twenty-five of them are referred in the Quran. /The greatest of those are Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. /Prophets are to be regarded as free from sin, the most sinless of all being Jesus. /Muhammad speaks of him as the Word of God, the Spirit of God, born of the Virgin Mary, and Worker of Miracles. Hadith/Bodley/ Islamic Prophecy/Profound Contemplations /Al Bukhari/Mishkatul Masabih Kitabul Ilm Prophecy of the Prophet ‘The time will come in which nothing will remain of Islam but its name, and of the Quran but its mere appearance, and the mosques of the Muslims would be destitute of knowledge.’ Prophet Muhammad ¬_‘The learned men will be the worst people under the heavens and strife and contention would issue from them and it will return upon themselves.’ Prophet Muhammad _‘O followers of Islam, I swear by Lord, if ye did but know what I know of the future state, verily you would laugh little and cry much.’ Prophet Muhammad __‘Announce O Muhammad, unto My slaves that verily I am Forgiving, the Merciful.’ 15:49 Quran ¬_And lo, there is a party of them who distort the Scripture with their tongues, that ye may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture. And they say: it is from Allah, when it is not from Allah, and they speak a lie concerning Allah knowingly. 3:78 Quran/ Shalom, Asalaam Alaykum, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal/Are just greetings of peace to god within every human being/Wisdom is unity, not inside the trap of ignorance to fall/Prophet said God dwells in human heart, don’t hurt anyone’s heart by hurting their feeling/ ‘O Lord, guide my people, for they do not know.’ Prophet Muhammad/ 'God said: I was a hidden treasure and I wished to be known, so I created mankind./Then made myself known to them, and they recognized me./ Hadith Qudsi/ In relevance to this quote from Hadith God exists in the heart of mankind, in the heart of each and every one of us./

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine American Queen

Hazrat Inayat Khan’s love for his beloved wife Ora Ray Baker is still alive in poems they both shared while he traveled extensively giving music concerts and Sufi lectures./These poems are quoted from books by Omega Publications and from writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan by the courtesy of his grandson Pir Zia Khan./ Ora Ray Baker became the queen of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s heart even before they got married./After their marriage, Ora Ray Baker was titled as Amina Begum, then given highest honor in Sufi terminology, Pirani, meaning the queen of Pir, in this case queen of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the spiritual guide and teacher./In his correspondence wherever he went he addressed her as Sharda, meaning goddess, and she addressed him as Daya, meaning perfect love in all essence./Below are a few of the poems by Hazrat Inayat Khan followed by Ora Ray Baker’s to catch the spirit of their true love./ Hazrat Inayat Khan:/1—p/ The reward of my good deeds/My soul and my life/The forgiveness of my sins/My Sharda, my wife./2—p /A heart full of love/A soul full of life/I dedicate to my Sharda/My soul and my wife./3—p / Be not anxious my Sharda/On His service I must go/Though parting is hard to bear/But it’s God who meant it so/I will carry you in my heart/Wherever in the world I roam/His protection is over us/Rest in peace, soon I shall come./4—P/To my Sharda/As pure as the water/Of a gentle stream/As near and as dear/As milk and cream/As sweet as the honeycomb/As sacred as the church of Rome/As pretty as the flower/Of Lover’s dream./5—P /In all my busy hours in life/Everything I do/You are my only consolation/And I think of you/My work keeps me away from home/But I leave my heart/At home, to be ever with you/Our souls can never part/Happiness be with our little ones/Right guidance from above/I wish good luck in this house/And my deepest love/Prosperity and success/Long life and good health/May be yours always, Sharda/My treasure, my wealth/With a world of love./ 6—p /A most loving mother/And a wife so true/Most dearly Beloved/My Sharda are you/It’s only your pleasure I try to do/If I have a treasure/My Sharda it’s you/All my success in life/To who is the credit due/Who is my inspirer/My Sharda, it’s you/Many friends I have known/But faithful are few/And my only best friend/My Sharda are you/And when life is blue/Who is always near me/My Sharda, it’s you/Health, wealth and happiness/To my Sharda give/God always protect her/And may she long live./ 7—p /On your Birthday/You will cherish my love/And long you will live/My many shortcomings, you will always forgive/Have we not much suffered/And did we not play/Let us then continue/Being happy and gay/Stand with strength and courage/With me in my strife/Be forever my Sharda/My pretty little wife/Our little children/Always we shall love/Raising our hands we will ask/Blessings from above./ Ora Ray Baker, Amina Begum, Pirani./These poems down below are quoted from the book, Rosary of a Hundred Beads by Sharda to Daya, published by Petama Project./1—p /I pray all errors in this book/You will forgive and overlook/For I most humbly do confess/I was not born a poetess/But since this heart was crucified/My hand doth my Beloved guide/That on his children is bedewed/Teardrops of thoughts in solitude/2—p /O Beloved, is my love so weak/That it bringeth me not to thee/Then let me weep more and more each day/Till by weeping it strengthened be/3—p /What care I for these things/These gardens and palaces for kings/’Tis true it was a rare and pleasant dream/For thou to share with me a life supreme./4—p /The honor of my virtues/My heart and my soul/The tolerance of my faults/My Daya, my God/5—p /Day by day and night by night/Everything I see/I feel thy presence in it/And I think of thee/In everything I may do/Thy love guideth me/When thy gentle voice I hear/I am in ecstasy/While the holy deity/Watcheth over all/Eagerly I wait to hear/Thy whispering call/6—p /The highest inspiration/Beloved so true/The only consolation/My Daya, are you/If ever there is a pleasure/Searched the world through/If ever there is a treasure/My Daya, ‘tis you/And now that life be over/No care I to do/But fly from earthly cover/My Daya, to you./7—p /As brilliant as the sun/With its rays of gold/As kind as thy name/Buddha hath foretold/As sacred as the mosque/With incense divine/As beautiful as stars/In the heavens shine/As holy as the shrine/Given thou in pride/Pure as the chosen one/Rasul prophesied./8—p /O love human and divine/Thou, inspirer of my soul/Thy tales of love unite me/With the object of my goal./9—p /And whenever is reached the eternal goal/Closed are the lips from explaining/The pure upliftment of the heart and soul/Merged into love all pervading./10—p /O Bowl of Saki, blest thou art/A treasure from the divine/Each day thou bringest to my heart/A token of love’s pure wine./ American Queen is scheduled to be released this year by All Things That Matter Press.

Friday, November 16, 2018

American Queen Happy Thanksgiving

All Things That Matter Press once again true to its mission of supporting Literature has accepted to publish another book, the American Queen./ This book delineates the true life story of a young girl, Ora Ray Baker, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. /She fell in love with an Indian mystic by the name of Hazrat Inayat Khan./ He was not only a mystic from India, but a Sufi Master and a great Musician./ He came to US with the intention of uniting the East with the West in God Realization./ Against the wishes of her stepbrother who was Ora Ray Baker’s ward, she decided to elope to Europe to marry Hazrat Inayat Khan who was traveling there to give lectures and concerts. /She met him in Belgium and they were married in London. /God was the king in Hazrat Inayat Khan’s soul and Ora Ray Baker became the Queen of his Heart. /They lived in London and France for a while, and then went to Russia where their first daughter was born in Kremlin./ Soon the First World War started, so they had to leave Russia and came to London. /During the war two more children were born, both boys, and one girl after a year later. /After the WW1 they moved to France and settled there in a suburb called Suresnes. /When the children were little, Hazrat Inayat Khan traveled alone all over Europe and even returned to America for a few months to spread his Sufi Message of love, unity and harmony./ Ora Ray Baker lost her Love of Life in India when Hazrat Inayat Khan went there on a tour to give lectures on Sufism, their eldest daughter was barely thirteen year old at the death of her father. /Then began the lone journey for Ora Ray Baker with all the agony of loss and grief. /She lived through the ravages of WW11. / Her eldest daughter Noorunissa became a British Spy, was arrested by Gestapo and killed in German Concentration Camps./ Finally four years after WW11 of much grief and sorrow, Ora Ray Baker died in France./ Her love, courage and perseverance still lives on in Fazal Manzil in France, her home and shrine of Love, now a Sufi Retreat./ Her grandson Pir Zia lives in Richmond, Virginia USA, carrying on the tradition of Inayati Order. /A movie was made about the life of Noorunissa titled Spy Princess, still available in video and online./ Child of Light/ First chapter explores the childhood and youth of Ora Ray Baker born in Albuquerque New Mexico./ As a young lady she is drawn to poetry and mysticism. /Her fond memories of her teen years are with her father since her parents divorced and her mother remarried. /Especially her memorable trip with her father to Manhattan illumined by electric lights invented by Thomas Edison./ Royal Musicians of India 1911/ Ora Ray Baker meets her love of life while attending a concert in San Francisco. /Hazrat Inayat Khan from India is the young musician and Sufi Master who steals her heart at first meeting. /He in return hopelessly falls in love with Ora Ray. /During this brief meeting both pledge their love to each other, Ora Ray becoming his Sharda and he her Daya./ He also becomes her teacher to give her music lessons./ Music of Love 1912/ Utterly and profoundly in love Inayat Khan proposes marriage to Ora Ray before returning to New York for a performance in Carnegie Hall. /With many joyous dreams the lovers part, while Inayat Khan promises to write to Ora Ray’s brother asking formally for her hand in marriage./ Agony Supreme 1912 (continued)/ Unfortunately, Ora Ray and Inayat Khan are separated by cruel hands of fate as she confesses her love for Inayat Khan to her brother who is her ward. /He becomes furious and forbids her ever to see Inayat Khan./ He also intercepts all Inayat Khan’s letters mailed to his sister. /Meanwhile Ora Ray falls ill and after her recovery starts sending letters to Inayat Khan. /Not knowing that he is already on a tour to Europe to give musical performances. /Despondent with grief in not getting any responses, by some lucky chance, she stumbles upon his old address in Baroda India./ Glorious Wedlock 1913/ Ora Ray writes to Inayat Khan at his address in India. /His relatives forward her letter to Inayat Khan in France where he is scheduled to give concerts. /Finally after exchange of many letters on both sides, Ora Ray elopes, landing at Antwerp in Belgium./ Two days later Ora Ray is married to Inayat Khan at the Civil Register Office at St. Giles in London, registered as Amina Begum, her new title of high rank in Sufi terminology. /They travel extensively, then make France their future home./ City of Lights Paris 1913 (continued)/ Paris becomes Amina Begum’s dreamland of love and romance with Sufism and Literature as her dear companions. / She also gets pregnant and before the birth of the baby they are invited to Moscow to meet Great Russian poets, artists and musicians./ To Russia with Love 1913-1914/ On New Year Day in Kremlin Amina Begum gives birth to a daughter. /This baby girl is named Noorunissa, but she is only five month old when the family has to leave Russia due to threat of Great War./ From Paris to London 1914-1920/ Amina Begum with Inayat Khan and baby Noor return to Paris, but soon the threat of WW1 compels them to move to London./ During the war they suffer hardships since Inayat Khan’s lectures and concerts are cancelled./ Yet joy visits them when they are blessed with a son whom they name Vilayat. /Also blessed twice again during and after the war, one boy named Hidayat and one girl Khair-un-Nissa. Again they return to France./ Heart of Europe 1920-1922/ Amina Begum and children stay in France while Inayat Khan goes on trips to Belgium, Holland and Switzerland giving lectures and concerts. /A little pamphlet of his sayings called Bowl of Saki is published in Switzerland. /Upon his return to France one of his wealthy disciples a widow by the name of Fazal Mai purchases a home large enough for his whole family. /Inayat Khan names this house Fazal Manzil./ America The Land of Destiny 1923/ Inayat Khan returns to America to give lectures and to enlarge Sufi Circle which he has had established before going to Europe. /He travels extensively in America, visiting Boston, Detroit, Chicago, New York and his beloved city San Francisco where he had met his Beloved./ Christmas at Fazal Manzil 1923-1925/ Fazal Manzil is Amina Begum and Inayat Khan’s heaven on earth./ One year they surprise their children by secretly buying a Christmas tree. /After they decorate it and light it with candles they are rewarded with joy inexpressible by watching the reaction of their children speechless with awe and wonder. /Happy times and happy travels for Inayat Khan, back in America once again./ Vilayat’s Ceremonial Initiation 1925-1926/ In America besides giving lectures Inayat Khan visits the Rockefeller Institute./ In one of his letter to Amina Begum he describes how he meets Henry Ford in Detroit who presents him with a model T Ford as a gift. /Newspaper caption: A Mystic and a Magnate Meet!/ Back in France Inayat Khan initiates his son Vilayat as his successor. /The same evening he bestows the title of Pirani on Amina Begum. /Pirani meaning literally the Queen of Pir./ Pirani Without Pir-O-Murshid 1926-1927/ Inayat Khan is invited to give lectures in Venice and from there he is to visit his homeland India./Enroute from Venice to India Pirani receives one telegram from Inayat Khan: ‘Safe in Karachi, will write.’ /Unfortunately that is his last communication since he falls ill in India. /Later, Pirani receives two consecutive telegrams, one saying he is ill and the other announcing his death at Tilak Lodge in India./ India welcomes Pirani 1928-1929/ Pirani and children travel to India to visit the grave of Inayat Khan. /After visiting the grave, Inayat Khan’s brothers and cousin take Pirani and children on a tour in India. /They visit famous sites, including Taj Mahal and Red Fort. /Extending their visits to palaces and tombs of Sufi Saints in Ajmer before returning to France./ Sufi Movement Alive at Suresnes 1929-1930/ Life at Fazal Manzil is sad for Pirani, though Inayat Khan’s disciples keep Sufi Movement alive and try their best to keep their Master’s family comfortable and entertained. /At the death anniversary of Inayat Khan, Pirani casts away her mantle of sadness and celebrates this occasion with flowers and feast for friends and disciples./ Burial of Grief before Big Storm 1931-1939/ Finally, Pirani succeeds in burying her grief and starts taking interest in her children’s education while encouraging them in their music aptitude for learning. /Time seems to move swiftly as Pirani experiences some semblance of joy in watching her children excel in music and studies. /But then the reek of war again shatters her peace./ Germany invades Czechoslovakia, forging alliance with Italy, dread of war hovering all over Europe./ Exodus to England 1939-1943/ Pirani’s world is shattering once again after gaining a semblance of peace for only a few years. /The King of Belgium abdicates and Belgium capitulates to Germany. /Now that Germany has declared war on Paris, Parisians are fleeing to south of France and Spain./ Pirani and children, with the exception of Hidayat, decide to move to England./ WW11 is in full swing while they try to settle in London./ Rubies Four Scattered 1941-1943/ Europe is smarting under the assault of Germany and uniting hands to defeat armies of Hitler./ Pirani trained as Red Cross nurse volunteers in the hospitals. /Her youngest daughter nicknamed Claire studies pathology while also helping in the hospitals./ Vilayat joins British Navy. /Noor is trained as a British spy, though none of her family know about her secret mission as she returns to France to decode messages of German spies and transmit them back to London./ Great Tragedies of WW11 1944-1946/ Pirani has become the victim of her own fatigue and loneliness while Germany keeps gaining victories. /Since months she has not received any letter from Noor, only a brief note from War Office that her daughter is in good health and sends love./Vilayat is docked on the beaches of Normandy to deliver men and weapons to the allied forces while US General Eisenhower comes to London. /Finally WW11 comes to an end May 8, 1945. /After several anguished months of hope and wait, Pirani learns about the tragic death of her daughter Noor who had died July 6, 1944 at the Natzweiler Concentration Camp./ Liberated from Life 1947-1949/ Pirani has lost interest in life, finding consolation in her poetry and solitude. /Almost a year after the war Pirani and Claire return to France. /Vilayat stays in London since he is still working. /Pirani and Claire lived in Fazal Manzil till the American Queen died May 1, 1949 in a hospital in France./ Fazal Manzil is still open to visitors in Suresnes, France, holding dear memories of Beloved Family with roots in India and America. /1947 also marks the partition of Hindustan from British Rule, into India and Pakistan/

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Quran/Hazrat Alive

Phil Harris, the publisher of All Things That Matter Press—true to its name and mission, has published Quran and Wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan./He is amazing, honest and affable and generous with his time, lending good advice and support./ This book is a journey into the spiritual realms of Islam and Sufism. /Endowed with the gifts of music, spirituality and mysticism, Hazrat Inayat Khan guided by the poetry of the Quran and by the Grace of God came to America more than a century ago to unite East with the West in God Realization. /His message still resonates fresh in this century twenty-one. /The wealth of esoteric and exoteric knowledge in this book can serve as the contemporary books of Quran, Bible and Torah for the People of the Book. /Love, peace and harmony is the only message in this exquisite journey into the valleys of truth from sharing to caring, to living to the fullness of one’s own divine-self within. /May every reader discover the kernels of spirituality to the fulfilment of their own faith and fealty./ ‘Many seek protection from all hurting influences by building some wall around themselves./But the canopy over the earth is so high that a wall cannot be built enough. /The only thing one can do is to live in the midst of all inharmonious influences, to strengthen his willpower and to bear all things. /Yet keeping the fineness of character and a nobleness of manner with an ever-living heart. / The need of the world today is not learning, but how to become considerate toward one another. /To try and find out in what way happiness can be brought about. /And in this way to realize that peace which is the longing of every soul and to impart it to others, thereby attaining our life’s goal, the sublimity of life. / The soul is the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God lives within the shrine of the heart; this shrine can be closed or it can be open. /There are some things in life that open it and some that close it. /The things that close the heart are those which are contrary to love, tolerance and forgiveness, such as coldness, bitterness and ill-will, and a strong element of duality. /The world is more upset today than ever before; in many ways man seems to go from bad to worse, and yet he thinks that he is progressing./It is not lack of organization or of civilization; both these things he has. /What he lacks is the expression of the soul. /He closes his door to his fellow man, he closes the shrine of the heart and by doing so he is keeping God away from himself and others./ Nation is set against nation, race against race, religion against religion. /Therefore today more than ever before there is a need for the realization of this philosophy. /What we need is not that all religions should become one nor all races; that can never be. /But what is needed is undivided progress, and making ourselves examples of love and tolerance./ By talking about it, by discussing and arguing it will not come, but by self-realization, by making ourselves the examples of what should be, by giving love, taking love, and showing in our action gentleness, consideration and the desire for service for the sake of God in whom we can all unite beyond the narrow barriers of race and creed.’ Hazrat Inayat Khan/ Hazrat Inayat Khan Bio:/ Hazrat Inayat Khan was born July 5, 1882 in Baroda, India./ He died February 5, 1927 in Tilak Lodge north of Delhi’s Red fort in India. /His ancestry can be traced back to King Tipu Sultan. /His family was both spiritual and musical, and growing up as a young man he was interested in studying and exploring all religions. /Mentored by great musicians and saints and sages of India, finally he met his Sufi teacher, to whose teaching his whole life was indebted. /The name of that Sufi teacher was Madani, who instructed him to leave his hometown and venture abroad./ ‘Fare forth into the world, my child, and harmonize the East and the West with the harmony of thy music. /Spread the wisdom of Sufism abroad, for to this end thou art gifted by Allah, the most Merciful and Compassionate.’/ In obedience to his teacher, Hazrat Inayat Khan came to America Year 1910 to promote the message of God realization. /While giving lectures and concerts, he fell in love with an American girl by the name of Ora Ray Baker. /They were married in London March 20, 1913. /Their first daughter Nurunnisa was born in Russia, 1914, and they returned to London at the inception of WW1. /They had three more children, two boys and another girl. /They settled in Suresness, Paris, but after his death and much later at the inception of WW11, the family moved to London. /Nurunnisa became a British spy against Nazi Germany invasion of Paris. /She was captured by Gestapo, then killed in Nazi concentration camps. /Hazrat Inayat Khan’s legacy still lives in Fazal Manzil in Suresness, Paris, where he lived with his family and where his wife Ora Ray Baker, titled as Pirani, died, but their daughter Nurunnisa embalmed as Spy Princess in a movie is alive on world stage.