Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pakistan Paralysed by Hatred

No more the land of the pure
But the land of the oppressed
Where murderers are lauded as heroes
And mullahs
Wield the weapons of bigotry
Man-made laws
The tools of tyranny
Into the hands of the zealots
Clerics and lawyers too
Thousands of them
Blaspheming against Quran
And the Prophet
Forgetting that the Prophet
Forgave all
During his entire life
And after the conquest of Mecca
Not only the blasphemers
But the hate-mongering cut-throats
Who had injured him and his family
Physically and verbally
Prophet of Islam
Teaching love
By the example of his life
Love is wisdom, Ali
Love your fellow beings first
Before you can say
That you love Allah

A humble appeal to the piously motivated. Please for the love of your beloved Prophet whom you hold in reverence, reciting peace be upon him every time you invoke his name, practice the virtues of love, peace and harmony as dictated by the precepts of Islam.

O Mighty, O All Forgiving, O Lord of all creatures, O God! Thou art peace, and to Thee returneth peace. O God, open the doors of Thy mercy and forgiveness, and let us enter through the portals of Thy Paradise. Prophet Muhammad

Another appeal, yes, O Pillars of Piety, please, kill not in the name of Islam, for killing is forbidden in Islam with the exception of self-defense, and oppress not women.

Seek refuge from the curses of the oppressed for whatever community they belong, for portals of God are always open for the oppressed. Prophet Muhammad.

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