Friday, August 19, 2011


Unholy warriors
And holy month of Ramadan
Muslims in name alone
Drunk by the soma of hatred
Fasting most probably
And praying five time a day
Praying to the devil
Inside their corrupt hearts
Fasting most pugnaciously
To whet their appetite
For blood, cruelty, hypocrisy
Liars, lunatics, murderers all
Driven by the oars of whaling absurdity
To kill and maim
Innocent men, women and children
Muslims and non-Muslims
Behind these scenes of horror
Sit pious Taliban--the child molesters
Yes, the child-molesters
Molesting and forcing young Muslims
To blow themselves up
Aiming straight for the heavens
Where houris dwell
Those young victims
Dying in ignorance
Swirling headlong into
The waters of damnation
Ignorant of the fact
That suicide is forbidden in Islam
While Taliban sit and pray
Feasting on wickedness
Intoxicated by their own litany of
Holy, holy, holy
Teaching hatred
Preaching hatred
Igonring the holy edict
Fighting is not permitted
In the holy month of Ramadan

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