Monday, November 4, 2019


Rogue Republicans much like Don Bongino on Fox are sightless and conscienceless, accusing Democrats as liars./’Adam Schiff’ says droopy Don ‘has become a joke and a laughing stock, documented liar.’ Of course, he must be thinking about egomaniacal Liar Trump while accusing Schiff./ ‘No whistle to blow, there is no deal’ continues deceitful Don, not aware of Trump tantrum tweet ‘Nothing wrong if there was a Quid Pro Quo’ /Here we go again, Trump insulter on his tweeting binge ‘House Republicans must have nothing to do with shifty rendition of those interviews./Adam Schiff is a liar, leaker and freak who should be impeached’?/Talking of ‘freak’ expletive-mouth ‘pathetic’ president of Divided States calling Beto ‘poor, pathetic, Ba***rd, quitting race like a dog’/America stands in utter disgrace when its foul-mouthed leader corrupts the American air with stinking insults worthy of street hoodlums./ ‘Pathetic’ populist president speaks the language of his Base to win their applause and support, barking ‘like a dog’ insults is like adopting the characteristics of an animal./ Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of Divided States, barking ‘poor, pathetic, ba***rd, like a dog’ epithets at Beto who is not even in the race anymore./Republican rascals have become such whimpering fools by the very virtue of their hypocrisy and cowardice that they are dragging their country into the marshland of chaos, violence, lawlessness./Lindsey Graham is leader of those cowards who says he wouldn’t find evidence of Quid Pro Quo ‘disturbing’/ True, since his duty is to serve disastrous Trump, not America, such servitude is not only conscienceless, but shameless./ AG Barr is one of those shameless ones too, doing his dirty duty of defending Trump’s lies, yet he has no time to dig truth or save his Country from utter ignominy./ Another shameless one is braying, betraying Bannon pushing ‘weaponized tweets’, still barking conspiracy theories to defend expletive-laced Trump tainted all over with his own tincture of ‘perfecto’ lies./ Many more Republican rogues following tyrant Trump down the dark, narrow path paved with ‘perfecto’ lies./ They stay blind to truth and sightless to the mutilation of American values, and to the blatant ripping of US Constitution by Trump./ All president’s ‘good guys’ who were bullied into telling lies for him ended up in jail and craven Republicans who are still defending the Liar King should look forward to the same fate./ To top it all Paula White Evangelist, much like Trump, married three times and living in a mansion to advise Trump’s faith?/ Trump’s only faith is in his ‘fantastic’ belief in insults and obscenities./ And her faith is in her God of wealth and health who doesn’t care for poor and elderly, ailing, and dying miserably without medical help./Her God is angry, uncaring God if ‘you don’t support her Ministry/ Talk of bigotry and the mockery of the very sanctity of Christian love, charity and compassion?/ ‘Morning haze/As in a painting of a dream/Men go their ways’ Busson/ To be continued… /

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