Friday, November 1, 2019

Quid Pro Quo

Why should anyone be talking about Quid Pro Quo since Trump released his own memo, professing his call to Ukrainian president 'perfect' meaning, begging for dirt on Biden, going as far as asking China to do the same./ He did that same thing with Hillary emails too befriending Putin as lifelong Friend, and it turned out to be beautiful, meaning he won 2016 election by Russia's overt and covert interference, surprise!!!/ Gangster-style Republicans with 0 credibility voted 0 for impeachment, Again no surprise!!!/ Is America so weak that it can't fight its own corruption inside America and must seek help of foreign leaders to fight pseudo-corruption, while real corruption in White House continues to swell with the helium of lies on land, in air, into cyberspace./Renegade Republicans grown deaf, dumb and blind to truth, are also afflicted with fear of big bully Trump who would trample over their lives with the power of a bulldozer./ Tragedy of tragedies is greed, hypocrisy, ignorance of Trumpian goondas in White House, making America weak and vulnerable./ All wrong that Trump does is 'perfect', all his 'good guys' in jail and others on the road to incarceration./ Giuliani, Pompeo, even Pence, just to name a few?/ In Trump's little dictionary of words 'perfect' means terribly tragic./ 'Beautiful' means ugliness of lies, his tool of self-preservation./ Honest, truthful, patriotic Americans who love their country, are trying their best not to be ruled by Putin and by all the Republican sycophants poised to destroy the very foundations of American Democracy and Constitution./ 'Before the phantom of false morning died/Methought a voice within the tavern cried/When all the temple is prepared within/Why nods the drowsy worshipper outside' Omar Khayyam/ To be continued... /

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