Sunday, November 3, 2019


Nincompoop Nunes accusing Democrats as a cult and quoting child son of child Trump ‘Republicans, if it’s a cult, it’s like because what good my father is doing’/ Of course, white supremacists making America hateful, unjust and violent./ All renegade Republicans claiming ‘Trump is doing a good job’, not ever pointing out what good?/ With the exception of economy and jobs which were good and steady during Obama Administration, so Trump inherited good legacy./ Even Robert Little croaks ‘Democrats will not let Republicans do their job./ Trump has done a lot of good things for United States, but Democrats only agenda is to get rid of Trump’/ For sure, Democrats keep piling up bills for benefit of Americans and handing those over to Republicans for approval, but they end up in Republican Senate morgue where Democrats have no access to resurrect those to life Again and Again./ There is no United States, but Divided States created by Republicans ‘do nothing’, their only agenda is to defend Trump’s lies, crimes and insults and to let their country sink deeper into deficit without ever mentioning the damage derelict Trump is doing to America and American values./ Now Paula White with liaison of pious fools as Evangelists is hired by White House/ Allowing Trump puppet of Putin to make mockery of Christianity./ Making Christian Loving God a hateful tyrant, begging support for her ministry, ‘otherwise God would kill their dreams’ says the Evangelical Queen. /Trump is making sport of even all-time favorite sports of all Americans, denigrating Players and America./ Shameful rally at Mississippi,(Why does Trump need rallies when all his unpaid bills at rallies are piling high much like the mountainous deficit he was supposed to reduce) where Trump seems to be hallucinating ‘light, where, how?’ insulting CNN and seducing his supporters into believing more lies. /There is no bill to protect Medicare, Trump of course knows that after killing Obamacare, and there is no plan for supporting pre-existing medical conditions. /When will America get out of this deluge of lies and when will Republican goondas stop defending King Liar, and when will Trump’s base awaken to realization that they are being betrayed over and over again by his trade wars, health scare, betrayal of his country? /They might realize soon since Trump Tsunami is on a mission to destroy America and Americans and they will be trampled under his ego-maniacal need for greed and self-preservation./ If Americans have not heard the groans of the immigrants and the caged kids torn apart from their families, then they might brace themselves against the bootless cries of the American farmers hurting tragically, and old and ailing dying in America miserably without medical care./ ‘They blossom and then/We gaze, and then the blooms/Scatter and then—‘ Onitsura/ To be continued… /

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