Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus Conundrum

May Spirit of St. Patrick expel all the snakes of lies, hypocrisy and ignorance from Trumpian White House of corruption./ Freaky Nunes who says ‘go to bars and restaurants’ and accuses Press ‘Media freaks don’t have a clue what’s going out in the real world’ is in the same league with puppet-Pence with his ‘handshake advice’/ Eight days ago Trump tweeted ‘The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party is doing everything within its semi-considerable power to the Coronavirus situation, far beyond what the facts would warrant. /Surgeon General: The risk is low to average American.’/ At his rally he touted that coronavirus is a hoax. /Now ‘stable genius’ Trump says ‘I have seen that where people liked my Monday tone, but I didn’t feel different./ I have always known this is real, this is a pandemic. /I felt it was pandemic, I have always viewed it very serious.’/ In view of wisdom of Hazrat Inayat Khan:/ It is the power of truth that makes one stronger. /Apart from those who know truth, even those who do not know truth, if they think rightly will have some power, the power of sincerity./ Very few realize what power sincerity carries./ A false man, however physically strong he is or however great is his will power, is kept down by his falsehood; it never allows him to rise. /It eats into him because it is rust. /Those who have done great things in life, in whatever walk of life it be, have done them by the power of truth, the power of sincerity, of earnestness, of conviction; when that is lacking, power is lacking./ A regular life, pure diet, good sleep, a balance between activity and repose, and right breathing, all these help one to health./ But the best remedy for healing oneself of all illnesses and infirmities of mind is belief. /Many think that they believe, but there are very few who really believe./ The belief of many is as I heard someone say, 'I believe, may God strengthen my belief.' /It is an affirmation, which has no meaning. /If a person says, 'I believe', that does not mean that he believes, for belief in its perfection becomes faith./ And what does Christ say about faith? /He says, 'Faith removes mountains.'/ No doubt the priest speaks of faith in the Church, the clergyman of faith in the Book; but that is not the real meaning of faith./Faith is the culmination of belief, and when faith is attained to a certain degree it will grow as a plant. /When belief is complete it turns into faith./ Cure is brought about by faith in all cases, whether it be a sudden cure or whatever may be the nature and character of the case./ Faith speeds the condition; so great as the faith is, so quick the time of healing. /Without faith even medicine cannot help. /No treatment can give good results where faith is lacking. /Faith is the first remedy; everything else comes afterwards. /All our failures, sorrows, disappointments, difficulties in life are caused by our lack of belief. /Illness means lack of belief./ Beyond and above all other evidences illness is the sign of the lack of belief; if one believed, there would certainly be no place for illness./ But illness takes the place of belief. /One cannot disbelieve in what one believes./ Illness becomes one's belief. /That is where the difficulty comes in. /When a person says, 'I am fighting against my illness', that means, 'My imagination is fighting against my belief'. /He affirms, 'I am fighting against my illness', which means he establishes illness in himself./He fights against something, which he affirms to be existing./ In his belief he gives the first place to the illness; the second place in his belief he gives to the imagination of curing it./ Thus the power with which he wishes to remove his illness is much smaller than the power which is already established in him by illness./ He fights against something, which he affirms to be existing./ There are people who think that they will never fall into such an error as believing in something for which there is no evidence, and they think this is very clever./ And when we search in the world of evidence, we shall find one deluding cover under another./ And so one can go on, probing the depths of life, from one illusion to another, never arriving at the realization of truth./How can you rely upon evidences, which are subject to change? /Therefore if there is anything to rely upon it is belief./ It is not evidence, which gives one belief; and if evidence gives belief, that belief will not last, for evidences are not lasting./ It is that belief, which stands above evidence, which in the end will culminate in faith. /It is people like Bayazid, whom many would consider 'in the clouds', who prove in their lives what belief means. /Bayazid was going on pilgrimage to Mecca./ A dervish was sitting by the way on his journey./ Wanting to pay homage to a spiritual man, he went to that dervish and sat down to receive his blessing. /The dervish asked him, 'Where are you going?' /He said, 'I am going to Mecca.'/ 'On business'/ He was astonished. 'No, on a pilgrimage.'/ 'On a pilgrimage?/ What do they do on the pilgrimage?' /Bayazid replied, 'They walk around the holy stone of Kaba.'/ The dervish said, 'You do not need to go so far for that pilgrimage./ If you will make circles round me and go back your pilgrimage is done.' /Bayazid said, 'Yes, I believe this.' /He circled around the man and went back home; and when people asked, 'Did you make a pilgrimage to the Kaba?'/ he said, 'Yes, I made a pilgrimage to a living Kaba.'/ The purpose of life is to attain to mastery./ This is the motive of the spirit, and it is through this motive at the back of it that the whole universe is created. /The different stages from mineral to vegetable and from vegetable to the animal kingdom, and from animal to man, are the awakening of the spirit towards mastery. /By using the mineral and the vegetable kingdoms and controlling the animal kingdom for his service, man shows in the first place that in him is awakened that spirit by which the whole universe was created./ His power of knowing, of understanding, of utilizing to the best advantage, is the sign of mastery. /But at the same time there is one enemy that man has, and that enemy is limitation; and the spirit of limitation is always a hindrance to realizing the spirit of mastery and practicing it. /Those who at some time or other in their lives have realized this principal object, for which man is born, have then tried to develop that spirit of mastery in order to defend themselves./ The process of going from limitation to perfection is called mysticism./ Mysticism means developing from limitation to perfection. /All pain and failure belong to limitation. /All pleasure and success belong to perfection. /In one's own surroundings, one will find that those who are unhappy and dissatisfied with life and who make others unhappy, are those who are more limited./ Those who can help themselves and help others, who are happy and bring pleasure into the lives of others, are nearer to perfection./ ‘Tell whoso hath sorrow/ Grief shall never last/ Even as joy hath no morrow’ So woe shall go past/’ Arabian Nights/ Happy St. Patrick’s Day/Wishing whole world health, harmony and hope of joyful living.

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