Sunday, November 13, 2016

Russia Winner

Russia is the only big winner in this carnival of 2016 US elections—Russians celebrating in taverns, Hindus garlanding TrumpGod in temples.— The same privilege of democracy which allowed Trump to protest for years that Obama was not born in America has made him--Trump the President of USA.—Now the very same privilege grants others the right to protest against Trump becoming president, rightly so in fact by the intervention of Russian deceptive means as meddling Mastermind.—Again the same privilege of democracy gives Press the ‘freedom of speech’ to report presidential proceedings, and not to be barred from following the protocol, as is becoming obvious president-elect making new rules by banning or rebuking the Press and Media.—May God help America in its downhill journey to lowest rungs of idiotic somnambulism.—Already half the Americans have succeeded in validating the worldwide perception that not only Americans are racists, but bigots who cringe even at the idea of a woman President, including women at large who are still stuck in the puddles of immaturity.—Fogs of hate and ignorance have enveloped America in a thick mantle of chaos, presage, violence.—Decline of intellect and the rise of ignorance awaits Americans and the most brutally hurt on this chessboard of power would be the poor, the elderly, the ailing and the minorities including the ones in those categories above who had the misfortune of voting for Trump in utter ignorance.—No matter how small their percentage against countless well-to-do in the scheme of future misfortunes, it’s still an ocean of vast tragedy, American dream corrupted by greed, ambition and hypocrisy.— Right Wing liars, zealots, sycophants, hypocrites, not to mention the family of emperor Trump (young and old), are being offered high posts to plough down USA under the ruts of zeal, injustice, tyranny.— Think about how ISIS rose to power by blaspheming against Islam and by parading their odious acts of rape, torture, slaughter?— How Hitler succeeded beguiling millions to commit murder and incinerate?—How Nero let Rome burn under a caprice of carefree abandon or in a fit of madness?—How Crusaders went defiling the name of Christianity in a spree of massacres?—Extremism by any name or form or ideology is mirror-reflection of pernicious zeal which reduces civilizations to cinders by its own conflagration of hate, deceit chicanery.—Brexit happened, not that UK youth were unintelligent, but hopelessly naïve in neglecting their moral duty to cast votes.—Trump won because Bernie Berns and Millennials heedless, most woefully opted out of voting.—By abstaining from their moral and ethical duty to vote they ignorantly made a tragic choice of lending free-ticket to their non-choice candidate to gain victory.— They have become the architect of this blind folly and now if they are the ones protesting, they have no right to do so, for they have forfeited that right by neglecting their sacred duty and failing most wretchedly in not saving their country from falling into a pit of darkness and anarchy against the shadow of pious fools as Evangelicals.—Yet the most insufferable of fools amongst them are a handful of Muslim bigots, Black hypocrites, Hindu ignoramus’ chanting ‘no choice, no choice.’—Paradoxically they did make a choice, pilfering American dream of free America in its continual march toward success to spurn hate, zeal, injustice.— Folly of few too many has made America regress into Dark Age, no one allowed to hold high the torch of enlightenment.—America The Great is now under siege of warring, hatemongering missiles of doom and destruction.— On a lighter note— ‘Tell whoso hath sorrow— Grief shall never last— Even as joy hath no morrow— So woe shall go past’— Arabian Nights— God Bless America And The Whole World— WikiLeaks Any?

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