Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Friends Incarnate

Friends Incarnate, to be published by All Things That Matter Press, captures the mood of Baby Boom generation, exploring the dimensions of change and freedom.— This book contains ‘Stuff’ made for movies.— Gable, the protagonist, is a young writer, driven by his own moods and ideas, wading through a hurricane of passions to reach the shore of his destiny.— His journey in quest of love and peace is marked by agony and bewilderment.— In an act of euthanasia, he kills his grandmother.— Branded as a murderer and incarcerated for a few years, he becomes the victim of his own guilt and ideation.— His true love, Ethel, gets married to his best friend, Fabian, and his younger sister Maryana finds consolation inside the walls of a nunnery.— The hurricanes of events following his release from the prison, hurl him straight into the waters of perdition.— An inveterate stoic, if not a masochist; carrying the burden of a loveless marriage resulting in divorce, and nursing the wounds of his love for Ethel inside him, he succumbs to the noble strain of a heart attack.— His sister Maryana commits suicide, leaving behind a diary, the testament of her own sinful passion for Reverend Valenty.— Grief and death have become Gable’s companions, unfurling more deaths, none other than of his own parents.— His youngest brother Davie—a victim of polio, yet a great pianist, marries a beautiful girl by the name of Phoebe.— Phoebe becomes Gable’s Queen of Adultery, his nemesis and torment Supreme.— Amidst this ocean of guilt and madness, Fabian dies of cancer, and Davie breathes his last, afflicted with lung fever.— The curtain of Destiny has effaced all, leaving behind the friends incarnate, Ethel and Gable, the eternal Bride and Bridegroom.— This canvas of baby-boomers is a collage of sinful passions and glorious madness.— ‘I have heard that illustrious Jamshed— Inscribed those words on a stone beside a fountain— And disappeared in the twinkling of an eye— Should we conquer the whole world by our valor and manhood— Yet what part of it we carry with us to the grave’— Saadi— Charles Dickens might say this if he were alive?—This is the best of times and the worst of times to pray for the health and safety of America and for the whole wide world. May God grant the Gift of wisdom and understanding to all His creatures.— Happy Thanksgiving

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