Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Violent Ramadan

Now that it is almost the end of Ramadan, here are a few points of interest for Muslims to ponder and disseminate. _RAMADAN DURING THE LIFETIME OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD_ Prophet Muhammad observed the fast from sunrise to sunset as clearly stated in Quran and then in Hadith. _The times of sunset are pretty obvious, so never controversial, but scholars of Islam—to be precise the Mullahs throughout the ages, slowly and gradually have changed the times of Fajr (the light of morning) two and a half or three hours before sunrise, dictating new standards of fasting not practiced by Prophet Muhammad. _Could the Muslims heeding the dictates of the Mullahs by strictly observing fasts two or three hours before sunrise snatch a moment of contemplation by truly understanding the message of the Quran where fighting is forbidden during the Holy Month of Ramadan. _ Are the Mullahs willing to convince Muslims as they have succeeded in convincing them in the mundane rituals of when to eat and what to eat, that they should avoid the curse of hating, fighting, and taking vengeance. _Could they spare some time from reciting the Quran and urge their violent brood to follow in the footsteps of their beloved Prophet who abhorred fighting, and nurtured the kernels of love, peace and forgiveness. _Hoping and requesting if Mullahs would kindly consider next Ramadan adding one line above the Ramadan schedule, stating: KILLING IS FORBIDDEN IN THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN. _May peace of the Prophet purify the hearts of all Muslims so that they can walk in his footsteps, learning from the example of his life of love, compassion, unity and harmony. _‘War is a great transgression in the sacred month of Ramadan.’ 2:217 Quran _‘And eat and drink until the white thread becometh distinct to you from the black thread of the dawn. These are the bounds set by God. Do not then offend against them. It is thus that God makes clear His messages unto mankind, so that they might remain conscious of Him.’ 2:187 Quran _‘Eat and drink and do not be misled by the ascending white light. Eat and drink until the redness of dawn appears.’ Prophet Muhammad _‘During fasting a person should not behave foolishly or impudently. Or if somebody fights with him or abuses him, he should just say to him twice, I am observing fast.’ Prophet Muhammad Al Bukhari [3:118-O.B] _‘It can happen that a man will seem to have the behavior of the elect while instead he would be amongst the damned. It can happen that man will seem to be among the damned while instead he will be one of the elect.’ Prophet Muhammad Al Bukhari LV1:77 _‘War is a deceptive error.’ Prophet Muhammad Al Bukhari LV1:157(3) _‘The energetic man is not one who uses force, but one who keeps control of himself in a moment of anger.’ Prophet Muhammad Al Bukhari LXV111:76(1) _‘Aisha narrated: Prophet said the most hated person to Allah is the most quarrelsome person of the opponents.’ Al Bukhari [3:637-O.B] _‘I heard Allah’s Messenger saying. Allah has divided mercy into one hundred parts. He kept ninety-nine parts with Him and sent down one part on the earth. And because of that, one single part, His creatures are merciful to each other, so that even the mare lifts up its hoof away from its baby animal lest it should trample on it.’ Al Bukhari [8:29-O.B] Free Download from Amazon, Son of God by farzana moon, August 9 All Day/No Limit on the number of downloads. One Act Play/Son of God

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