Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trayvon Martin The Victim of Injustice by Justice

'And if you must be damned at least be damned by pleasant sins.' Voltaire _Actions speak louder than words. How could American ideology which proclaims to work toward peace and justice all over the world endure the sting of deep-rooted malice, prejudice and hypocrisy is beyond imagination in this twenty-first century. _Trayvon Martin has been murdered this second time around by the arbiters of justice without shame, guilt or regret. _Courts, judges and lawgivers are the Conscience of nations, and if they fail to protect their citizens they certainly have joined hands with global advocates of injustice, who, even now as I write, keep fighting with a sense of self righteousness in the name of honor, religion and/or ethnic and political affiliations, disregarding most blatantly the Quranic injunctions of 'no fighting' in the Holy month of Ramadan. _If Reason fails to distinguish between right and wrong and Ignorance strikes people blind, then human dignity crumbles into the hands of this universe robbed clean of virtue, conscience, compassion. _After all these centuries we as human beings have failed the moral obligation of protecting and defending innocent victims. -Alas, such is the state of our so-called civilized societies, struggling constantly to become worthy of the name, human being! _Hoping that peace and justice would prevail in America and in the whole wide world. Amen!

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