Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pilgrims of Peace in Pakistan

Many thanks for lending me the opportunity/privilege, Dear Students, for praising your good actions. How profoundly you have grasped the spirit of Islam--marching for peace to counter the ravages of violence. Jihad, besides being an inner struggle to purify one's heart of all evils, as the Prophet said, is also a part of good actions in many small ways, like removing hurdles from the streets so that people don't get hurt. Prophet Muhammad emphasized that Jihad is helping the poor, the orphans, the widows. Being kind to strangers, gladdening the hearts of the sorrowful. Being compassionate and generous. Being loving to God's creatures, including the animals, just to name a few. Your resolve to go out on the streets with the message of goodwill, Young Students, have scattered the seeds of love and peace which would grow and muliply. May the ocean of love in your hearts find channels to flow freely into hte hearts of others so that there is no room left in there for hatred, bigotry and violence. Violence makes big news and we neglect to praise the ones who work toward peace. May Your efforts of peace flourish and find fulfillment in dissolving the fogs of ignorance. Your actions are noble and commendable. If a great majority of us thought about peace, worked toward peace, cultivated the kernels of peace, hopefully there would be peace on earth. Divine Guidance comes from God alone and you, Dear Children of Peace, be assured, are guided by the Hand of God, as Prophet told his followers; adding, and if you are the instrument of evil, then doubt not that you are guided by the devil. Dreaming Peace/Peace on earth Humbly and gratefully I cherish and acknowledge the purity of love in your hearts, Beloved Students, hoping that other Muslims would learn from your example. Islam is not taught by preaching, but by leading a life of good actions, as our beloved Prophet did by the example of his noble character. Two large pearls of wisdom from the lips of our beloved Prophet: A man cannot be a Muslim till his heart and tongue are so. The creation is God's family; for its sustencance is for Him. Therefore the most beloved unto God is the person who doth good to God's family. You have received the gift of Power of Love, dear ones, share it with the world and see the wonder of transformation in its entirety. Contemplating love and peace

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