Thursday, September 13, 2012

Appeal to Muslims

Muslims Go back into the pages of history And find out what the Prophet did WHEN Reviled, maligned, insulted Almost choked to death Feces of camel dumped over his shoulders Lampooned by poets on the walls of Kaaba Mocked by friends turned foes Just to name a few Learn from his ocean of love, compassion and forgivness. 'He is not strong who kills when in a position to do so.' Prophet said. 'Strong is he who can swallow the draught of anger and desist from killing even when at a great advantage.' This is only a trickle of his great love out of the ocean of his mass forgivness. No insults or personal injuries tarnished the noble character of the Prophet, and nothing can ever tarnish it,staying pure and fragrant much like the lily in a pond, its muddied waters soiling not the essence of its beauty. Again and again Prophet said: 'if you love God, love his creatures first.' Global appeal to universal message of love, peace and harmony in Islam and in all religions to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Please stop this cycle of hatred, bitterness and vengeance and jump-start the battery of love, then watch the domino-affect of bliss supreme and freedom inexpressible. If you love your beloved Prophet, dear Muslims, learn to love and forgive even the bitterest of your (so-called) enemies.

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