Friday, March 26, 2010

Tea Party

Republican extravaganza
Of hate and violence
Sour-dough cookies
Kneaded with anger
Baked with bitterness
Rising higher and higher
Much like the gall of the self-righteous
Hurling stones of anarchy
Not only corrupting the virtue of healthy endeavors
But rendering the health of America cankerous
The aim of the tea-party-goers
To main and to disfigure
The fabric of justice and equality

The glitter of lies
And the dust-gold of immaturity
Sparkling and kindling
Bonfires of hate-mongering
Veiled and perfumed
Sits the bride of wisdom
Laughing at the invidious malevolence
Of the bridegrooms of zeal, greed, ignorance
A grand festival
Of March madness of the Republicans
Thinking only of maligning the President
Ignoring the needs of the Americans
Swaddling their rags of false piety
Inside the silken shrouds of revolt
Glorifying dissension
Parading the pennants of perfidy
Celebrating ever-vernal ritual of Tea Party

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