Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heart of God Bleeding

Yes, God's heart is bleeding afresh in the city of Lahore by the violence of the suicide bombers.

Hadith Qudsi
God said: The earth and the heavens could not encompass Me, only the heart of a faithful servant of Mine can contain Me.

Suicide-bombers-to-be, please take a moment to contemplate, by killing the innocent victims, you are not only destroying the precious lives, but the heart of mankind within hearts where God dwells. Each heart dead or alive, carving blood-red wounds inside the heart of God which is bleeding silently, magnificently.

God how you endure
The zealous horde of humanity
Bigots and the hypocrites
The snivelling fools
Gluttons to hatred
Grovelling in the mire
Of their own sins and lusts
Vile and arrogant
Blood-thirsty and demented
Coveting peace in paradise
While creating hell on earth
Defiling Your Name
In the blood-bath of atrocities
Dying with hatred in their hearts
Their minds cankerous
With the desire-sickness
Of paradise
Greedy of just rewards
For what
For hatred, murder, insanity
If they only knew
How they would find
Hell in Paradise
Since they remained blind
To the beauty of paradise
This God's creation on earth
Love, laughter, sunshine

Hadith Qudsi
Prophet said: O Lord, guide my people, for they do not know.
The heart of the believer is between the two fingers of the Infinitely Merciful.

Hoping for peace and sanity...

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