Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Muslim Teens in US

Since decades zealots have wreaked havoc worldwide/ Killing God’s creatures in name of Islam/ Wandering in daze without a divine guide/ Tilling earth with swords of hate causing much harm/ Blaspheming against Allah and His Prophet/ Murdering Muslims and non-Muslims by feverish resolve/ Inciting anger against Muslims in whole world/ Rosary of evil in their hearts Around their bloody thoughts revolve/ Yet never in history of America before/ Muslim girl killed by zealot of another kind/ Till Trump’s rhetoric of hate left open wide door/ To volcanic anger for his supporters to easily find/ Their victims close to the precincts of a mosque/ Brutal murder most craven/ Will US injustice let them in glory bask/ For beating to death of NABRA HASSANEN/ Yet one might ask why one life more lamented than millions more/ While daily countless are massacred/ Yet again if US is caught in storm of lies galore/ Each life most precious with hate slaughtered/ Again and again harsh reminder for Muslims to contemplate/ Truth in their hearts where what went wrong/ Still opportunity for Muslim parents to educate/ Their teens to sing life’s song/ God dwells in loving hearts/ Not in mosques of marble coldness/ When zeal in favor of wisdom departs/ Ignorance melts against light of goodness/ Untimely death of teens is saddest of all/ When tragedy hits home with knife of hate/ Zeal rises to witness truth’s fall/ Balm to grief if we can blame all on fate/ Tragedy of all tragedies/ When mother loses young daughter/ To ravages of hate maladies/ Heart weeps eyes only see blood and slaughter/ Zeal of one Faith or Other Faith is no less brutal/ To kill God’s creatures is to malign Creator/ Anger stems from hate to acts cruel/ Murder becomes game as well as Creed of hater/ TO GRIEVING WORLD A BRIEF NOTE OF HOPE/ In tides of highs and lows/ Life coasts along/ River of love in hearts smoothly flows/ To this knowledge of universal truth we all belong/ AND A QUOTE FROM ELEANOR ROOSEVELT/ ‘It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself’ MAY ALL SUFFERED AND SUFFERING FIND LOVE AND PEACE

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