Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Taliban No Islam

The Talib in Pashto, meaning student, and plural ,students, as in Taliban are Jihadis from the Arabian Peninsula and Mujahedeen—the warlords of Afghanistan who resisted the invasion of Soviet Union in Year 1979, regrouped as Taliban in Year 1989 after the Soviets were defeated, to fight the pro-Soviet Government. The time period is the same as the emergence of Al-Qaeda. They fashioned their own laws to govern and subjugate. Most of them were orphans or belonging to poor families, the victims of Soviet aggression and taught in madrassas funded by the Saudi Arabia. They were schooled to fight the 'infidel' and brainwashed into believing the distorted version of Islam which had nothing to do with Islam. Trained to have long beards and turbaned at all times, they went from village to village, carrying a copy of the Quran in one hand and Kalashnikov in the other, demanding that the chieftains put down their weapons for the sake of the Quran. If anyone resisted the armed bandits styled as Taliban, they were shot dead on the spot by the Taliban ruthlessly. The militant Taliban kept fighting the puppet government set by the soviets, but they didn’t succeed until Year 1992 when they toppled the government of Najibullah. Yet it was not until Year 1996 that the Taliban kidnapped Najibullah, the president of the Afghanistan, and his brother. They beat both Najibullah and his brother and castrated them publically, dragged their bodies behind a jeep, then hanged them by the wire nooses from the lampposts. After these brutal acts, the Taliban began issuing their man-made edicts of prohibitions outside the pale of Islam. No music, no pool tables, no kite flying,. No nail polish, no toothpaste, no television. No beard shaving or adopting the hairstyles of the British or the Americans. The women were to wear burqa, covered from head to toe, and banned from working. The girl schools and colleges were closed. In early 1998, the Taliban succeeded in capturing the northern town of Mazar-e-Sharif. On a spree of blood-thirsty rampage, they slaughtered about six to eight thousands of Shia men, women, and children. Not satisfied with mass murder, they ploughed their way into people’s homes, raping, murdering, and slitting the throats of all they could find, regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity. Pressed by the fever of madness, they packed hundreds of victims into shipping containers without water to be baked alive in the desert sun. Movie theatres were closed and music was banned. The Taliban stopped all women from working in schools or hospitals, and if they deviated from the Taliban’s edict of complete covering from head to toe, they were publicly beaten. Local festivities of New Year celebrations were banned, as well as festivities of the two Eids, and Ashura—Shia’s Islamic month of mourning. The taking of portraits and the photography too were banned. In essence, all extremists, tied to the naval of same lies, zeal, ignorance are not worthy of even the name 'human' save alone 'Islam'.

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