Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sharia for Ramadan

‘All that is left to us by tradition is more words. It is up to us to find out what they mean.’ Ibn al Arabi— Ramadan— In pre-Islamic times, the tribe of Quraysh observed Ramadan and Jews would fast on the day of Ashura, marking two historical events: the day when Noah left the Ark and the day when Moses was saved from the Egyptians by God. –During the downpour of his revelations, God proclaimed to Prophet Muhammad that fasting for His sake was not a new innovation, but rather an obligation practiced by those truly devoted to the oneness of God.— During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are called upon to re-evaluate their lives in conformity with Islamic traditions, making peace with those who have wronged them, strengthening ties with their family and friends, avoiding harmful thoughts and acting nobly and courteously toward mankind.—Visiting the poor and the sick, comforting them with kind words, fulfilling their needs.—Striving toward uniting families together as a mark of faith and charity.-- During this month every part of the body must be purged of every evil impulse or inclination. –The tongue must be restrained from gossip and backbiting. –The eyes must not covet that which is unlawful.— The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or angry expressions. –The feet must refrain from approaching dens of vice and violence.-- That way, every part of the body can participate in fasting, rejecting the corruption of sin, hatred and malice, and purifying one’s body and soul to seek God’s grace and guidance.— War is not permitted during the month of Ramadan. – War is a great transgression in the sacred month of Ramadan. (2:217 Quran) -- Fasting is not only abstaining from food, but purging oneself by shunning the forces of evil, draining out hatred, malice, enmity and the lust to kill and abstaining from defiling the sanctity of any woman’s body or soul. – Allah is not in need of leaving his food and drink, and He will not accept the fast of the one who tells lies, acts on lies and refrains not from evil actions. - Prophet Muhammad/Al Bukhari [3:127-O.B] – Shall I inform you of a better act than alms, prayer and fasting? Making peace between one another. Enmity and malice tear up heavenly rewards by the roots. - Prophet Muhammad— Times of Fasting— A fast begins before sunrise and ends immediately after sunset. Muslims fast from fajr— dawn, until dusk. Fajr means the light of the morning, and Prophet Muhammad said: “God has ordained for you to eat and drink until you can discern the white streak of dawn against the blackness of the night, then resume fasting until sunset.”— These are the bounds set by God. Do not then offend against them. It is thus that God makes clear His messages unto mankind, so that they might remain conscious of Him. (2:187 Quran)— Eat and drink and do not be misled by the ascending white light. Eat and drink until the redness of dawn appears. - Prophet Muhammad— Laila-tul-Qadr— Also known as the Night of Power or Night of Decree, Laila-tul-Qadr is the night during the month of Ramadan when the Quran first began to be revealed.— Lo! We revealed it on the Night of Power. Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Night of Power is! The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. The angels and the spirit descend therein by the permission of their Lord with all decrees. That night is peace until the rising of the dawn. (97:1-5 Quran)— Look for the Night of Decree among the odd nights of the last ten days of the month of Ramadan. - Prophet Muhammad— The whole month of Ramadan is a period of spiritual training during which Muslims devote much of their time to prayer, recitation of the Quran and remembrance of Allah. They practice charity and goodwill, doing good deeds and striving toward feeling the presence of God in their own hearts and in the hearts of God’s creations.— Muslims believe that during the Night of Power, God accepts all the prayers of believers.— Once Aisha asked the Prophet Muhammad what her prayer should be if she had the privilege of being awake on the Night of Power. –The Prophet Muhammad said, you should say: Allah, Thou art most forgiving and does love forgiveness, then do Thou forgive me.— Itikaf— Itikaf means staying in one place and a vow of silence.— During the last ten days of Ramadan, some Muslims choose to stay in the mosque for itikaf while fasting. –The mosque becomes a silent retreat for them, where they occupy themselves with mindfulness of Allah, performing voluntary prayers in addition to the obligatory ones and reciting the Quran. –Food and all the necessities of life are provided for them during their vow of silence so that they do not have to leave their retreat.— Announce O Muhammad unto my slaves that verily I am Forgiving, Merciful. (15:49 Quran)— And He is the Forgiving, the Loving (85:14 Quran)— And O Muhammad say: My Lord forgive and have mercy for thou art best of all who show mercy. (23:118 Quran)— Kindness is a mark of faith. And whoever does not kindness hath no faith. –Prophet Hoping and praying for release of Raif Badawi/royal pardon from King Salman in the month of Ramadan?— Publication of new book for pre-order The Moghul Saint of Insanity/Amazon—The Moghul Saint of Insanity depicts the life of Aurangzeb, the sixth emperor of India. – His reign of tyranny tore the fabric of the Moghul Empire into shreds. – Learning too late of his follies of hatred and bigotry he prayed fervently for forgiveness on his deathbed. – The gist of this book can be summed up in his last letter to one of his sons:-- Soul of my soul!-- Now I am going alone. – I grieve for your helplessness. –But what is the use? -- Every torment I have inflicted, every sin I have committed, every wrong I have done, I carry the consequence with me. –Strange that I came with nothing into this world, and now am going away with this stupendous caravan of sins. – Wherever I look I see only God. I have greatly sinned and I know not what torment awaits me? -- With fundamentalism on the rise, this book would serve as a gong of warning for the would-be-suicide-bombers that zeal and violence would be the annihilation of their own factions if they continued the practice of hate, brutality and intolerance. –It would also be a learning tool for the young victims—educated by hateful mullahs, and hypocrites, to glean truth out of lies and to dispel ignorance. –Hoping that this book would set the tone of contemplation, touching the hearts of the clerics, religious leaders and leaders of the Islamic nations to raise their voices in unison against the ones involved in crimes of torturing and murdering innocent men, women and children! – May this book promote and nurture the gifts of compassion, learning and understanding.— Peace to the World!

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