Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Islamic Pillars

Deep condolences to the parents of Kayla Mueller, the recent victim of brutality of extremists. Five pillars of Islam are crumbling into the dust of ignorance.—why?—Because in Islam so many lies have been told by so many, so often, for so long, with such persistence and conviction that they have been passed as truth since centuries.—Even now amidst the hurricanes of hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, violence, extremism, Muslim Imams inside the closed walls of mosques are pounding into the heads of the young Muslims manmade doctrines of enmity, intolerance.—justifying rape, killing, burning, stoning, beheading as sanctioned by the Quran, glossing their distorted version of Islam with interpretations designed for the zealous and the ignorant.—In order to save our children from the hatemongering pincers of jihadists we need to decide which school they go to, what they are learning, who are their teachers, are their peers exposed to some other knowledge which should not be a part of their learning?—Some sort of malefic disease has been penetrating the fabric of Islam since centuries, devouring its purity, slicing it into chunks of harsh sects as dead meat to be exposed to the vultures with insatiable appetite for human suffering.—Prophet’s Islam was one, he lived it by the example of his life, loving, caring, forgiving.—Something went fundamentally wrong in Islam after his death.—Especially now, rape is common, stoning has become a norm, beheading is applauded, molesting of children and training them to be suicide bombers is the duty of every extremist. Sanctioned are massacres, Muslims killing Muslims and non-Muslims, abducting women and selling them into slavery, oppressing women in all facets of life, from work, to education, to dress code, to freedom of expression.—All in stark defiance to the edicts of the Prophet who raised them on the pedestal of reverence, saying heaven lies under the feet of mother, granting them the right to work, to own property, to pursue education, to practice free expression in rapport with the Quranic injunctions where men and women have equal rights.—Major reforms are needed (if pillars of Islam are to stay intact) by Islamic kings, leaders, Prime Ministers to slough off the burden of distortions heaped upon them by authors of zeal who are reluctant to loosen their grip over false interpretations practiced throughout the centuries for power, control, oppression of women.—How many Muslim scholars have voiced their pious disgust against the murder of Kayla Mueller, against the massacre of the school children in Peshawar by Taliban, the abduction of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram sold into slavery, the murder of Paris cartoonists by Al Qaeda, the beheading of journalists by ISIS, the stoning of countless women by fanatics, the flogging of blogger in Saudi Arabia, the burning alive of Jordanian pilot by IS, just to name a few of the recent atrocities amidst too many to digest or recount.—The world stands aghast, not interested in knowing why Muslims fast, pray, go to pilgrimage, which pool their alms-giving corrupts.—The world wants to know why there is so much hate in Islam, cruelty, violence, only the authors of zeal can answer by peeling one layer at a time from the giant onion of lies grand and mountainous.— Hope is on the way with this giant coalition, yet this is half the task, the other precious half lies in the intent and resolve of the Muslim world to sweep clean the debris of lies and distortion.—Prophet Muhammad said: Faith is a restraint against all violence, let no Muslim commit violence.—Islam literally means, peace, not really, does it?—Prove it, Muslims, by following Prophet Muhammad’s injunction, hurt not even the heart of a living being for each heart is a shrine of God—If one corrupts this shrine with malice, hatred, intolerance one defiles the very holiness of this sacred shrine in one’s heart.

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