Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Ballooned with egos Republicans conspire_ _Battling on the field of Obamacare_ _Today, could this shutdown magically expire_ _Even then damage by IT would need major repair_ _It is height of absurdity that the greatest nation on earth can be manipulated by a few high officials of weak reason and strong ego who are proud of their power to shut down the government of United States of America. _Republicans have the audacity to talk about the interests of people when they don’t give a hoot about the plight of average American but of their own Tea Party, its coffers bulging with wealth and greedy for evermore. _Their actions validate this fact as they continue to throw hurdles on the path of the President, still claiming to help the people whom President Barack Obama is trying to lift out of the dungeons of poverty so that they could have easy access to healthcare, can have the opportunity to afford good education and to be proud citizens of America by improving economy while able to find work and contribute healthfully toward the wellbeing of the whole world. _If people wanted a Republican president to hurl them further down the marshland of poverty, of no healthcare, of no opportunities for jobs or of no inexpensive education they would have voted for a Republican candidate. _Instead they chose a democratic president and he is struggling very hard not to let down his supporters.______ _A humble request to House Speaker (my hometown) John Boehner to end this drama of shutdown, and to let the President do his job, for which he was elected—chosen by People of America. _May the gifts of peace and reason be shared and nurtured in the world!

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