Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Tragedy

'The good deed and evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better. Then lo, between whom and thee there was enmity, would become as though he was a bosom friend.' Quran 41:34 Ignorance by any other name is still spelled violence. It has many faces, but the ugliest of all faces is violence. And yet violence has become synonymous with Islam since Muslims from all parts of the world continue to carve the name of Islam with the pen of violence. Every time, pronouncing 'Peace Be Upon Him' when taking the name of Prophet Muhammad and yet killing in the name of peace and Islam. How could the kind, loving, forgiving Prophet have peace (he must be turning in his grave) when Muslims have become murderers and cutthroats. There are no answers and no one can stop this string of violence. With the exception if clerics, sharia-mongers and Islamic jurists who incite riots when Prophet's name is unjustly maligned with words/caricatures, could afford to take some time out of their acts of piety to denounce every violent criminal as often as necessary to pound peace into the minds and hearts of every false claimant of Islam training or influencing young Muslims to become murderers and hate-mongers. 'O mankind Lo. We have created you male and female and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. Lo, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the best in conduct. Lo, Allah is knower, aware.' Quran 49:13 Our love and prayers are with the bereaved and the bereaving.

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