Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bridegrooms of Death

Please look deep into your souls, Taliban, and pluck out that lamp of ugly threats, replacing it with the light of beauty in friendship. Woo not death for yourself and for others, and embrace the miracle of life as enjoined by God. This earth is the gift of Grace from Almighty to be cultivated with love and peace, not to be riddled with the bullets of hate and violence. Look again, deeper and profounder, into the souls of your soul, look for that star of virtue which guides toward wisdom and goodness, search for peace within and without...

Nay but the chosen of Allah is he who fulfilleth his pledge and wardeth off evil. For, lo, Allah loveth those who ward off evil. Quran 3:76

Kabul, the bride of the Moghuls
Ravished and desecrated
By the breath of the bigots
Stripped naked of her silks and jewels
Wandering desolate
Into the heart of the pine-valleys
The gardens blasted and scarred
Nurturing black soot
From the seeds of raids and bullets
The flowers buried with the dead
The lost bride wailing alone
Kneeling beside the tomb of Babur
Stricken and bereft of hope
Come back, Padishah
The song and feasting in your palaces
And the dance of color in your gardens
Awaits your return
Reclaim your Jerusalem, King-Kalendar
Console your bride of youth
Scorched and abandoned
By the lamps of zeal and tyranny
Reviled by Taliban
Console her heart with couplets divine
From the gold-dust of memories
Yes, come back
Heed the pleas of your bride