Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Taj Mahal Resurrected

All Things That Matter Press with its spirit of spirituality, mind of intellect, heart of generosity and soul of serendipity are to host Taj Mahal in print and in cyberspace globally./Taj Mahal depicts the historical, biographical account of Shah Jahan’s life as the fifth Moghul emperor of India. / He is the architect of Taj Mahal, creating this monument of love in the likeness of Throne of God. Or—as believed by many, the replica of the Garden of Irem, the mythical garden of Muslim Paradise. / Shah Jahan’s love for his empress, Mumtaz Mahal, unfolds in this book at the inception of his coronation. / Three years after this joyful occasion, Mumtaz Mahal as his beloved Taj dies after giving birth to her fourteenth child, Princess Gauhara./ One week after this tragedy, Shah Jahan emerges from his chamber of grief and seclusion as a statue of ice, his hair all turned gray and his eyes lit by the fires of loss and agony./Against the burden of torments supreme within his heart and soul, the emperor begins chiseling his grief in the shape of flower wounds on the pure marble of Taj Mahal with the hope of being near his beloved unforgotten and unforgettable. /For the next twenty years of his reign are devoted to breathing life to the loss of his love in this wonder of sublime beauty dear to his heart as his beloved Taj. / The emperor is also the patron of the Sufis and the saints since his most beloved of sons and daughters, Prince Dara Shikoh and Princess Jahanara indulge in literary and spiritual pursuits of love, unity and harmony. / Shah Jahan’s other children with frivolous tastes are almost obscured against the zeal and ambition of Prince Aurangzeb who consumes all with the steel of his hatred and wickedness. / The last seven years of the emperor’s life are more tragic than the tragedy of his loss irretrievable—his beloved Taj. / Aurangzeb dethrones Shah Jahan, murders all his brothers, including the saints and Sufis most endeared by Prince Dara Shikoh—the Crown Prince. / Shah Jahan is imprisoned inside his own palace of Red Fort at Agra, all his jewels including the famous Peacock Throne—also designed by Shah Jahan, usurped by Prince Aurangzeb. / From the Shah Burj balcony of his palace, the emperor breathes his last, while gazing at Taj Mahal, Princess Jahanara his loving and faithful companion. / Excerpt One/ Shah Jahan's heart was gathering tears of blood, which could flower into fresh wounds in the likeness of jewel-flowers on his beloved Taj. / No need for fresh wounds, they were already there, bleeding now, willing their sorrow never to die, and longing for the purity of love from his lost beloved. / White peace was torn out of his soul, and given to the world with the edict of love, unity, sanctity. / He was kneeling at the altar of his beloved white and silent. / Not even knowing that his hands were clutching the shroud strewn with pearls, his lips lowering a banner of truce inside the bouquet of kisses./ "Death itself not deadly be/ As to soulless life compare/ Sightless my eyes shudder to see/ If marble tombs to blind seem fair."/ Excerpt Two/ Aurangzeb, protected by his royal guards and attended by his grandees, looked pale and distraught./ He wanted to make sure that the evil tongue of Sarmad was silenced forever, his words dead along with his body not ever to haunt him, before he could return to the comforts of his palace./ The sky had turned pewter, as Sarmad was hauled to the white platform, the guards behind him standing ramrod like the mighty pillars of stone and granite. /All laments of grief and despair from the lips of the well-wishers were silenced, replaced with awe and bewilderment. / Aurangzeb had chosen his own guillotine of vengeance under the shade of domes, the large amethyst in his turban with the glint of a jeweled sword, brandishing its own pride and hatred. / If no one had seen Judgment Day before, this was it! / The river of silence so insufferably profound that even a whisper in the wind could be heard on the other side of the continents far and wide./ An abrupt clap of thunder was gathering clouds, all young and tearful. / Thunder and lightning were making the guards shudder inwardly, floating toward the platform in daze and silence. /The naked sword was still poised before Abhu Chand, and his eyes were shooting bolts of lightning. / Sarmad’s lips and heart, both were bruised and bleeding. / But before he could lay them at the feet of his beloved God, his thoughts were uttering one last cry of joy and pain. "I recognize Thee my Friend/ Thou hast come/ In the form of a naked sword/ To embrace me."/ Sarmad lowered his head on the block most humbly and fearlessly. / His whole body was quivering with joy and anticipation of the unknown. /Since the blow didn't descend, another couplet escaped his ecstatic lips./ "Love's path was blocked by this naked body a bit/ But now the sword has cut my head from it."/ This was Sarmad's command to awaken Abhu Chand out of his own swoon and ecstasy./ Abhu Chand was quick to heed the command of his Lover, striking one violent blow, swift and unerring./ Sarmad's head was bounced off the block, falling at the feet of Abhu Chand./ The Moghul Empire crumbled after the tyranny of Aurangzeb when he became the sixth Moghul Emperor of India, The Moghul Saint of Insanity./This is one more history lesson to add to Putin’s fascism with grand ambition of subjugation./ Slaughtering Ukrainians as Aurangzeb slaughtered Hindus and Sikhs and his end was more tragic than the shattering of the entire Moghul Empire./ Wishing peace between Ukraine and Russia./ Wishing peace in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan./ World has plenty of food and may famines in Yemen and Afghanistan be quelled./ May Taliban relinquish their guns of bigotry, brutality, hypocrisy, grant women their Islamic rights of education, freedom, and all brave, loving Afghanis the freedom to enjoy their talents of sports, drama, music, literature./ With profound prayers for health, harmony, wisdom for entire world./ “Tell whoso hath sorrow/Grief shall never last/Even as joy has no morrow/So woe shall go past”/ Arabian Nights

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my Sufi Teacher Amat-un-Nur

"The last of the Roman calendar months is December. /The name December may be divided into Dec for decreasing and Ember as the burning ember./ December thus means the decreasing heat of the last burning ember of the year./ Like a dying flame, the year is coming to its close./ The embers of the solar dispensation of one year are cooling off./ The new year will begin with January which is named after the Roman god Janus who is guardian of gates and doorways./ He is two headed for one face of his looks ruefully to the past and the other eagerly to the future./ He is the herald of endings and beginnings. / What is the relevance of all this for us?/ We know that the two faces emerge from one body and in our case the two are the aspects of our will and desire linked to the past and future./ We regret what has past and know that it cannot be changed and neither will it return, and we are hopeful that what is to come may be the bringer of fulfillment to us./ It is not a surprise that December also hosts Christmas./ This is the birth of Christ consciousness in us, bringing the meaningful discernment of lessons learnt for future prudence. /The past must teach us something of value which then shapes our will into serving the future more sincerely and with truth- orientation./ To say Happy New Year is to re-affirm the happiness that would result from our shedding the ignorance of the past, for acquiring the benevolence that a higher born consciousness would bring./ The New Year will be happy depending on the effectiveness of our learning from past errors./Only then can we enter a fresh chance of living better and happier./ So this is my message to you dear ones..../ Be the servants of a new will to breakthrough into your best Self. /Happy is the one who is born from the measure of his suffering into joy. /Be the measure of this joy by dispelling the sorrows that the lesser ego piled upon you in the year gone by. / May Allah grant you all abundance of joy, mirth, good health, vigour, vitality, youthfulness of body, heart and soul and ripe maturity of mind and spirit./ Live to the fullest, laught to the fullest and be fearless in the trust that God is with you wheresoever you may be."/ Taking the liberty of adding a little poem I wrote/ May this Christmas be a golden shower/On newly found hopes in the heart of New Year/May global health be our gift of frageant flower/To gather light of understanding without dark fear/ Wishing whole world a happy, healthy, harmonious New Year

Monday, August 2, 2021

Taliban Legacy of Terror

Jihadis from Arabian Peninsula and Mujahedeen—the warlords of Afghanistan who resisted the invasion of Soviet Union in Year 1979, regrouped as Taliban in Year 1989 after the Soviets were defeated, to fight the pro-Soviet Government. The invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union sent ripples of shock in West and in Saudi Arabia. Both America and Saudi Arabia were anxious to supply arms to this poor nation to fight the Russians. The Muslims envisioned this fight as strengthening Islam and the West saw it as a battle to bring down communism. Money poured into Afghanistan from America in arms and armaments to strengthen the Mujahedeen, while Saudi Arabia opened its coffers of wealth along with their Jihadis to fight the infidel. Amongst those Jihadis, the most active was the citizen of Saudi Arabia by the name of Osama Bin Laden. For several years during the war between Russians and Mujahedeen, Osama was an armchair warrior, traveling to Peshawar to bring money and supplies. There was a huge weapons souk outside Peshawar, the guns hanging in there, hundreds of them. Anyone could buy any weapon they liked, the most popular amongst Jihadis, the Kalashnikov. The war still raging between the Soviets and the Afghanis, Osama in Year 1986 started building a military base to camp and to house several dozen of Arab fighters, near the Afghan village of Jaji about ten miles from Pakistani border. The following summer Soviet jets bombarded Osama’s camp with missiles that landed inside the camp, but didn’t explode. That day Mujahedeen canon brought down four Soviet planes, Osama gloated, cheering over the deaths of Russian pilots. The story was picked up by Saudi press, praising Jihadis, who were lauded as holy warriors. The Saudis had given lavishly as well as America to support this war, but for Saudis some of the payment was in blood. The bodies of the Arab dead were dispatched in cold storage, embalmed in sweet smelling scents to console the grieving parents that their sons had died as martyrs. After a decade of warfare, Russians acknowledged defeat in Year 1989 and left Afghanistan into the hands of the pro-Soviet leader Najibullah. Osama Bin Laden was ecstatic, returning to Jeddah as a war hero. He was received into the homes of the wealthy Saudis to be kissed and embraced, presiding over grand feasts with grand stories to share and exaggerate. King Fahad praised him and applauded his efforts to defeat the Russians. Back in Afghanistan civil war had broken out, Americans satisfied with Russian defeat had withdrawn their support, not concerned with the internal warfare in Afghanistan. After a decade of armed struggle, fighting had become a way of life for Afghani Mujahedeen and ethnic factions as well as well as regional lords engaged in internecine warfare and against the puppet government of Najibullah. The young students calling themselves Talibs, meaning pupils in Pashtu language styled themselves as Taliban—a group of pupils and fashioned their own laws to govern and subjugate. Most of them were orphans or belonging to poor families, the victims of Soviet aggression and taught in madrassas funded by Saudi Arabia. They were schooled to fight the infidel and brainwashed into believing the distorted version of Islam which had nothing to do with Islam. Trained to have long beards and turbaned at all times, they went from village to village, carrying a copy of Quran in one hand and Kalashnikov in the other, demanding that the chieftains put down their weapons for the sake of Quran. If anyone resisted the armed bandits styled as Taliban, those were considered as rebels and shot dead on the spot by Taliban ruthlessly. Back in Saudi Arabia, Osama was expanding his own operation of Jihadists in Yemen and Jeddah. When news of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait reached Saudi Arabia in Year 1990, Osama was concerned for the safety of the House of Al Saud. He suggested that King Fahd should move out of his palace in Jeddah, because it was too close to the sea and could be easily attacked. Further he offered his own army of Jihadis to liberate Kuwait from the clutches of Saddam. King Fahad declined Osama’s offer, instead seeking the aid of godless Americans, as Osama put it, feeling outraged and offended. Instantly he became a sworn enemy of Al Saud, starting an armed organization called Al Qaeeda in Yemen without the permission of the government. Soon he was making incendiary speeches and barbed wires appeared along the top of the high wall surrounding his Macarona street house in Jeddah. He was ordered by the government to take down the barbed wires and to stop making speeches against the house of Al Saud. He didn’t comply, so his passport was confiscated. In Year 1991, he was able to retrieve his passport and left for Afghanistan, and then to Sudan as a base for his Al Qaeeda operations. Meanwhile Taliban kept fighting the government, but they didn’t succeed until Year 1992 when they toppled the government of Najibullah. It was not until Year 1996 that Taliban kidnapped Najibullah the president of Afghanistan and his brother. They beat both Najibullah and his brother and castrated them publically, dragged their bodies behind a jeep, then hanged them by wire nooses from lampposts. After these brutal acts, the Taliban began issuing their man-made edicts of prohibitions outside the pale of Islam. No music, no pool tables, no kite flying. No nail polish, no toothpaste, no television. No beard shaving or adopting the hairstyles of the British or Americans. The women were to wear burqa, covered from head to toe and banned from working. The girl schools and colleges were closed. Back in Sudan, Osama’s business ventures as well as his Al Qaeeda camp was flourishing. He had set up a nine room office in Sudanese capital, from which he ran a trucking company, a leather tanning factory and a furniture making venture. He also owned a bakery and a sweets-producing company. His rhetoric against the House of Al Saud was getting offensive to King Fahad, so the King ordered in Year 1994 that Osama be stripped of Saudi citizenship. His Saudi assets and bank accounts were frozen. Despite all precautions against violence, Saudi Arabia became the victim of terrorist attack in Year 1995 when a bomb tore apart the National Guard training center, killing five Americans and two Indian officials. Though not privy to these bombings, Osama was under suspicion of aiding the terrorists. A year later his attempt to assassinate Egyptian president Mubarak resulted in his expulsion from Sudan. No choice was left to Osama, but to choose Afghanistan as his permanent exile in Year 1996 with the intention of launching attacks against Saudi Arabia and America, the later in his estimation for abandoning Afghanis to their own throes of conflict and warfare. Leaving Sudan and arriving in Jalalabad, Osama sought the protection of Mullah Omar, the one-eyed leader of Taliban. Mullah Omar welcomed him, taking an oath that he would protect him and would never give him up to anyone against any threat, reward or pressure. Being an ex-citizenship of Saudi Arabia, Osama was not shocked to witness the execution of a convicted murderer murdered by the member of his victim’s family in a football stadium, packed with men and children. He was impressed by the orthodoxy of the Taliban, feeling close at home, when he encountered a Taliban beating a taxi driver who was playing music in his cab. A year earlier, Mullah Omar told Osama, he had received Saudi envoy and had told him that Taliban would fight until there would be no blood left to be shed in Afghanistan and Islam would become the way of life for Afghanis. The Saudi envoy was pleased, that’s why new trucks and machine guns were flooding the streets of Kabul for the propagation of Islam. Mullah Omar was ready to lead the faithful to the gates of heaven. When Taliban took control of Kabul in Year 1996, Mullah Omar summoned in Kandahar more than thousand religious leaders from his newly conquered domains to proclaim himself Amir-al-Muminin—Commander of the Faithful. To invest himself with more power, he ordered the Prophet’s Cloak to be brought out from the most sacred shrine in Kandahar, to the top floor of a mosque in the center of the city. Staging a grand show for the possession of the Prophet’s cloak, he stuck his hands into the sleeves of the holy garment and proceeded to parade around the roof, wrapping and unwrapping the Cloak for half an hour as the mullahs in the courtyard threw their turbans in the air, pledging their homage to the Commander of the Faithful. By the end of the year Taliban had extended their rule to the twenty-two of the country’s thirty-one provinces. Taliban announced that their godly government would be known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Only three countries recognized this entity, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. By Year 1998 Osama had trained around eight thousand non-Afghanis in his Jihadi camps as potential fighters to wreak vengeance against all who had done wrong to Muslims around the world. He organized an International Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Christians. An official manifesto was written and signed by militant leaders from Egypt, Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh and Taliban were given the first privilege to declare war on America to civilians. His threat, indirectly, was against Al Saud, who even after the end of Gulf War were permitting US Air Force bases in the Land of the Two Holy Places. Taliban were organizing their own jihad against Shias in Afghanistan. In the middle of Year 1998, Taliban using their new trucks and machine guns supplied by Saudi Arabia were able to capture the northern town of Mazar-e-Sharif. On a spree of blood-thirsty rampage, they slaughtered about six to eight thousands of Shia men, women and children. Not satisfied with mass murder, they ploughed their way into people’s homes, raping, murdering and slitting the throats of all they could find, regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity. Pressed by the fever of madness, they packed hundreds of victims into shipping containers without water to be baked alive in the desert sun. Movie theatres were closed and music was banned. Taliban stopped all women from working in schools or hospitals, and if they deviated from their edict of complete covering from head to toe, they were publicly beaten. Local festivities of New Year celebrations were banned, as well as festivities of two Eids, and Ashura—Shia’s Islamic month of mourning. Portraits and photography too were banned. At the end of the same year Al Qaeeda’s suicide bombers had launched assaults against America’s embassies in Kenya, Nairobi, Tanzania and Dar es Salaam. Their coordinated attacks within eight minutes of each other resulted in deaths of two hundred and twenty-four people and forty-five hundred were injured. In retaliation America’s Operation Infinite Reach launched Tomahawk missiles against a suspected chemical weapons factory in Sudan which turned out to be a pharmaceutical plant. Seventy-five cruise missiles were also fired from US warships in the Indian Ocean in the direction of the recently built terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. The missiles didn’t reach their intended target and the next day Osama exulted. By the grace of God, I am alive. Osama was rewarded by Taliban with a code name Taqwa, meaning reverence for God. In Year 1999 UN imposed an air embargo and froze Taliban assets in an attempt to force them to hand over Osama for trial. A year later UN also imposed an arms embargo against the Taliban. In March of Year 2001, Taliban blew up two thousand-year old statues of two Buddhas in the cliffs above Bamiyan. Taliban began enforcing more of their man-made laws on the populace of Afghanistan. Religious minorities were ordered to wear tags beginning May in Year 2001, identifying them as non-Muslims. Hindu women were required to veil themselves in the manner of Afghani women. More edicts were enforced in July 2001, banning the game of playing cards. The use of TV, movies, satellite, computers disks, chessboards and musical instruments were prohibited, labeled as unIslamic. In August of the same year eight Christian foreign aid workers were arrested by Taliban on the charges of preaching, two of them were Americans. A month later Northern Alliance Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud was wounded in a suicide attack, dying of wounds a few days later. The most vicious of attacks landed on American soil on September 11 Year 2001 by Osama, Taliban, Al Qaeeda? The World Trade Center’s twin towers were hit by hijacked planes, killing thousands of Americans in New York. Also Pentagon in Washington was attacked. US and British forces attacked Taliban’s air defense installations and air based command centers in Afghanistan in October of Year 2001 and in November the same year Taliban forces abandoned the capital Kabul and Northern Alliance forces took control of the city. In December of the same year an Afghan tribal leader in exile by the name of Hamid Karzai was chosen to head the interim government in Afghanistan by the delegates in Bonn, Germany. In January Year 2002 Taliban capitulated and two years later Afghanistan’s Loya Jirga—decision making assembly adopted a new constitution, granting equality to men and women and proclaiming Afghanistan as an Islamic Republic. In November 2004 Hamid Karzai was elected president of Afghanistan. Taliban began regrouping to fight back and a year later started a string of suicide bombings. Despite unrest in Afghanistan and terrorist attacks by Taliban, Hamid Karzai was reelected in Year 2009 the president of Afghanistan. Two years later on May 1, 2011 US President Barack Obama announced that Osama was killed by US Navy seals in a covert operation in Abbottabad. Taliban in stark contrast to Islam’s message of peace and reconciliation promoted conflict and warfare, committing the most inexpiable of atrocities and they continue to do so ruthlessly and shamelessly. No man, but only a madman would preach hatred, violence and destruction in the name of religion, turning a blind eye to the evil of bloodshed and suffering. By training orphans and poor students in becoming murderers and hatemonger, Taliban are not worthy of the name Islam, and in utter ignorance of the true precepts of Islam they have no claim in being called Muslims. Only the godless, heartless and conscienceless men could devise such brutal means to oppress women in a manner so savagely barbaric that while raping, beating and torturing women, they would justify their actions as Islamic. Taliban are not Muslims, but bigots, zealots and blasphemers as is obvious from their vile acts during their course of occupation in Afghanistan and even in this new millennium they desist not from their vices of suicide bombing and aggression. Taliban’s network of human trafficking, in addition to raping the women, abducted them from all walks of life and sold them into sex slavery in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their harsh edicts forbade women from getting educated. Girl schools and colleges were closed. Women were not allowed to leave home without a male chaperon. They were required to wear a burqa—covering from head to toe and if any part of their body was revealed, they were publicly beaten. One young woman by the name of Sohaila was convicted of walking with a man who was not her relative and charged with adultery. Her body was lacerated by hundred lashes as she was flogged publicly in Ghazi Stadium. More than six hundred Somali women were abducted, the desirable ones selected for the leaders of Taliban and the rest carted away in trucks to Peshawar where they were kept in private homes as slaves or sold into brothels. Women were not allowed to work except in medical profession since no male doctor was allowed to examine a woman. Malala Yousufzai a teenage girl in the district of Swat in Pakistan was shot in the head by Taliban October 2012 for her courage to speak against Taliban and to promote education for girls worldwide. In the town of Bamiyan alone hundreds of men, women and children were executed. Most of the houses were razed to the ground and some used as bases for forced labor. The religious police of Taliban scouted everywhere to tyrannize women if they dared go out of their homes to work secretly in schools or operate their beauty parlors, and if caught they were flogged mercilessly. To raise funds for their hateful enterprises, the religious police began charging tolls from the trucking companies, including the heroin merchants who were transporting their share of opium to foreign markets. The war on Afghanistan and on Iraq had compelled Taliban to leave their safe haven and infiltrate the entire world. Nothing is sacred to Taliban, but their ideology to create disorder on earth in violent contrast to the teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammad. The blood of the so-called infidels—who don’t conform to their own man-made laws, is holy to Taliban, which they can’t stop spilling to appease the hate-fire at the altar of their soul burning with the fever of zeal and ignorance.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Tokyo Olympics, Vaccinations, Mask Mandates

“It is a shame to let ignorance and complacency be stronger than wisdom.” Marcus Aurelius/ Major health risk is not the fear or rejection of vaccine, but the barrage of misinformation. /Tokyo Olympics, vaccinations, mask mandates are keeping social media abuzz with analysis and anticipation./ Though insurrection-in-chief tries to steal into mainstream media with his usual insulting comments./ “Wokeism makes you lose./ You become warped, you become demented./ The US soccer team is a good example of what’s going on.”/ Wokeism is not the reason US women soccer team loss in Olympics, Big Loser. /This is the dynamics of sports, one team wins and the other loses, that’s natural./ What’s the reason behind your Big Lie loss, Mr. Loser, of becoming “warped, demented?” /Blame-game is on, anyone, or anything. Sarah Sanders is another sample of stupidity aligned to the clownish circle of GOPQ./ Coming out of the shadows of her past lies and lying again. /She emerges from her stinking vault of silliness, saying. /“If President Biden, Vice President Harris and others on the Left truly care about increasing the vaccination rate and saving lives, they should admit they were wrong to cast doubt on Operation Warp Speed and give Trump and his team the credit they are due for the development of safe and effective vaccine in record time.”/ Yes, silly Sarah, denier-in-chief surely should get credit for COVID hoax, for his quackeries in ingesting bleach, for killing thousands of American for promoting anti-mask, anti-vaccine rallies. /For unleashing reek of misinformation. /“Just like a flue, will disappear, we will have raring church services on Easter.”/ Since Delta variant is threatening US health, Nancy Pelosi is suggesting mask mandates on Capitol Hill to prevent lawmakers from getting infections./ Mean McCarthy in response chirps. “Make no mistake./ The threat of bringing masks back is not a decision based on science, but a decision conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue in a perpetual pandemic state.”/ Staunch denier of science, McCarthy is not only ignorant, but deliberately carving health risks for his unvaccinated Trumplicans./ He should realize that unlike radicalized GOPQ who want to live under the umbrella of perpetual Big Lie and let Americans die, liberals want to save American lives by trusting science and taking precautions./ McCarthy Moron continues. /“It will be hard not to hit Pelosi with speaker’s gavel if Republicans take control of Chamber 2022./ I want you to watch Nancy Pelosi hand me that gavel./ It will be hard not to hit her with it.”/ Dream on Mendacious McCarthy, GOPQ would be hit with tsunami of defeat so “hard” that they won’t have strength to wake up from that trauma for decades./ Craven, avaricious, radicalized GOPQ know only how to hit and fight, not ever think of helping the suffered and suffering Americans./ It’s in their DNA to win by deceit, voter suppression laws are their tickets to steal election from Democrats./ As to Delta variant, another major health risk is rude and rowdy Rand Paul accusing Fauci of lying about COVID. “Do you know it’s a crime to lie to Congress?”/ Fauci responded calmly. /“If anyone is lying here, Senator, it is you./ You don’t know what you are talking about.” /Lying is the legacy of the Trumplicans, radicalized Rand should know, still carrying Big Lie on his shoulders./ Lying Lauren Boebert tweets after Biden urges all Americans to get vaccinated./ “Don’t come knocking on my door with Fauci ouchi./ You leave us the hell alone.”/ Hell is already allotted to the unvaccinated ones victimized by misinformation by GOPQ and QAnon queens./Delta variant would be the only one invading your privacy if you leave the door open with anti-vaxxer welcome flag./ It would make you squirm in agony if you don’t take precautions. /You, Ouchi queen of ignorance, are hurling your base to the door of death with your lunacy and falsehood./ Boebert also deriding Biden’s effort to vaccinate as “Needle Nazis”./ QAnon queen Greene equating vaccine mandates to “Holocaust” just short of labelling Biden, Hitler./ Tragedy of our times is that intellect is missing in our modern day struggles for sanity, serenity, serendipity./ Instead what we get is showers of stupidity, obscenity, ignorance. /The acid-rain of levity and nonsense from the radio-mouths of GOPQ, trying to block government efforts of vaccination by saying, /“It’s none of your damn business.”/It will be everyone’s “damn” business if you get infected to infect others. /Suffering tortures of the damned in the hospital, for sure, if there are any beds left there for unvaccinated victims of COVID./ The curse of stupidity is high in the ranks of GOPQ as Wendy Rogers tweets. /“I like Indians and I like Redskins. I like Aunt Jemima and I like Uncle Ben./ I like Robert Lee and I like Stonewall Jackson./ I don’t like traitors who hate America. /Stand up for our culture.” /She only likes traitors like Lee and Jackson. /Does that mean she hates insurrection-in-chief the Big Lie traitor of nascent America?/ Mind can never get the answers it seeks./ To stop its gymnastics of madness, I wave my broom of silence with as much energy as witch’s spell, and then let it go whirling like a dervish./ Reaching out to the heavens and grounded to earth, no desire to ask for anything, but to luxuriate in absolute stillness./ “But that shadow has been serving you/ What hurts you, blesses you/ Darkness is your candle/ Your boundaries are your quest/ You must have shadow and light source both/ Listen and lay your head under the tree of awe” / Rumi/ “To look for the impossible is folly and it is impossible that bad man should not do bad deeds.”/ Marcus Aurelius/ Wishing whole world wisdom, health, harmony

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

QAnon King Trump

QAnon King Trump today has handed over his last gift of victory to Putin./By proclaiming Americans his 'enemy', which he has done during his four years of idiocy of presidency many times over arleady, but now highlighting his insanity 'election is stolen' maintaining his lie while trying to steal election from Biden./Inviting the world to look at America how he has shaped it, to vie with the extremists of the world in violence, bomb threats, suicide bombing./Trump tantrum tirade against fair elections/Is scrouge of GOPP, enabling him to trash Democracy/Defying courts, defending Donald's lies and pretensions/Afflicted with the virus of servility and hypocrisy./Updates of the last few days below jotted down hatily:/Mark Meadows boasts ‘we are now at well over hundred house members and a dozen senators, ready to stand up for election integrity and object to certification./ It’s time to fight back.’/ One hundred and dirty dozen craven, unpatriotic hypocrites to stand for the integrity of their own falsehood and conspiracy theories./ They have been fighting to overturn fair elections for two months now, rejecting verdict of courts and voice of Americans, their time for fighting must end on Jan 6th now./ Trump now bullying Pence not to validate electoral votes./ Trump traitor’s gun wielding terrorists are gathering in D.C. while he is granting Medal of Freedom to Devin Nunes his night errand boy to dupe Americans into believing falsehood, calling impeachment Russia Hoax./ No wonder, Trump now doesn’t even talk about recent Russia hack or suicide bombing in Nashville. /The same Medal of Freedom he is bestowing on Jim Jordan the sex abuse criminal, condoning abuse of athletes by a doctor at Ohio State./ On the day of Biden’s formal confirmation of college electoral votes as him being the 46th President of the United States, Trump holds a rally on stage Ellipse in Washington D.C./Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley objecting to electoral votes in essence might as well be saying, Black votes don’t matter./ Rattling their rattlers of lies they openly and blatantly support KKK, QAnon, Proud Boys./ During swearing-in-ceremony, Pennsylvania GOP State Senators refuse to seat Democratic Senator Jim Brewster whose narrow win in November is being challenged by his GOP opponent, thus displaying their bullying in affinity with mobsterTrump./ Trump on twitter talking to his terrorists, ‘I will be speaking at the Save America Rally tomorrow on the Ellipse in D.C. come early, big crowds!’/ Tweeting again. ‘Washington is being inundated with people who don’t want to see an election victory stolen by emboldened Radical Left Democrats. /Our country has had enough, they won’t take it anymore./ We hear you and love you from the Oval Office./ Make America Great Again.’ While Trump tangent of stupidity continues, democratic senators Ossoff and Warnock have won election in Georgia./Trump Taliban terrorists with bomb threats/Besiege Capiton Hill, projecting America the nation most violent/'Don't tread on me'flags of Trump's beloved extremists/Peddling anarchy, on insurgence bent/An hour long tantrum Trump tirade of a phone call, bullying Brad Raffensperger to find him thousands of votes so that he can win Georgia, ended up in media, causing a yuge embarrassment to GO Putin Party, but they still defend Trump traitor./ Trump’s method to madness for begging votes is to seduce his Proud Boys, making sure they actually believe that he won the elections./ Also expert in creating chaos and violence, the mendicant-distraction-king-Trump is grieving his loss by raising bootless cries ‘we won.’/Liar, Lawless Trump rpepeating his insnity/'Election stolen' Making America Grieve Again/'We love you' Trump applauds, more like an insufferable profanity/'We won' Trump child's terroble refrain/ A note of hope as we begin New Year with Biden Harris Team: Happy New Year/ America is still the land of love and opportunity/A beacon of Biden Harris harmony/Promise of hope and serendipity/New beginning, an era of epiphany/A time to heal and espouse healing/New Year of renewal, burial of COVID/Rise of intellect, birth of rejoicing/God bless America and whole world./ wishing health, harmony, healing to whole world

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Trump Pandemic Paramilitary

Trump schooled in stupidity, ignorance, banality, brutality wants to open schools while pandemic rages on and peaceful protests are hijacked by Trump’s Neo Nazi gun militia dubbed as federal agents./ DeVos Demolition Derby too joins Trump in opening schools, not only flushing education down the drain, but hurling kids into the pit of pain and suffering, along with teachers, parents, entire school staff./ ‘Kids are stoppers of virus.’ Says diabolical demon of disinformation, DeVos, even emulating tangent Trump in his terrible lies, distorting facts./‘Trump got bored with virus, so he is gone AWOL’ says Republican lawmaker Carney. /He is right of course since Czarist Trump keeps telling lies even in the face of resurgence of COVID deaths in most Republican States./ 'They will do fine.’ Says Tea Party Trump, his gatekeeper governors following his guidelines and ignoring Fauci facts. /Condoning COVID deaths, Trump is focused on undermining the migrants, threatening to defund the schools if they don’t open, these are a couple of Trump’s appetizing appetizers working as tablets of indigestion for his own total, absolute and ignominious defeat./Though he is begging Putin for crumbs of help to win election 2020 as he did in 2016. Trump’s seven calls to Putin since March tell volumes. Trump is NOT the leader of ‘Law and Order’ as he avers, but totem-pole of lies and lawsuits and bigotry, brutality and lawlessness./He is above the Law./ America is looking more like Russia and Saudi Arabia where nameless, mindless government thugs blatantly beat people, arrest them in unmarked vehicles and disappear with their victims. /That’s what’s happening in Oregon, Portland, Trump boogaloos dubbed as federal agents torturing protesters with tear gas, pepper spray, projectiles, arresting them and carting them away in private vans to prisons, even beating a US Navy veteran, Chris David who just wanted to talk to them, asking them why they are violating their sacred oath to protect Americans./ Trump has gone AWOL and America needs foreign Human Rights Group intervention to save Americans from the tyranny of tangled Trump. /Incumbent, impeached, insufferable Trump along with his Republican governors should be held accountable for killing Americans./ Donald Dystopian rule must end soon before he decimates the American population, bulldozes science entirely, torpedoes technology, mutilates the rights of average American and replaces Democracy with the iron-clad fangs of autocracy. /‘We are United in our effort to defeat the invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distant. / There is nobody more patriotic than me, your favorite president.’ Says the unpatriotic president pretending to be patriotic by wearing a mask just once while visiting the hospital, now that the Americans are dying in numbers great by the very ‘genius’ of his stupidity and ignorance concerning COVID. /Who are Trump’s ‘many people’ anyway, he often talks about and is there anyone who can remind him that no one calls COVID ‘China Virus.’ America is suffering global embarrassment mentally, physically, intellectually via Trump Administration. /Trump is not only letting US troops to be killed by Taliban in Afghanistan, but ordering his boogaloo gun militia to beat and kidnap Americans, abduct them in unmarked vans and disappear, leaving behind the clouds of smoke from tear gas, pepper spray./ Trump’s Taliban-style federal agents are terrifying Americans, teargassing, pepper spraying, shooting projectiles, abducting and incarcerating while dictator Trump threatens to loosen more Taliban-like terrorists on US streets and in other States. /President of the Confederates, Trump, and Barr boogaloo have made America epicenter of crime, violence, dispatching their paramilitary soldiers, so-called federal agents to hurt Americans. /Trump’s personal ISIS-clad-ideology of a paramilitary, in fact, posing as federal agents are impinging on the rights of Americans, teargassing mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler and even mothers, fathers, veterans, nurses, doctors, lawmakers who are there to protect American kids from Trump hooligans./ Mothers as a wall of defense and fathers equipped with leaf blowers to ward off the toxic fumes from tear gas and pepper spray./ If virus of lies which afflicts Trump and his Trumpian associates could be cured, COVID would be controlled in America./ COVID is here to stay in US as long as Trump is in White House, as soon as he leaves, COVID will take its leave. /Why is so much crime and violence during Trump’s idiocy of a presidency? Answer is simple, his anger, treason, betrayal and hypocrisy and blatant Abuse of Power by sending Neo Nazi gun militia into streets of America to harass and traumatize the Americans make him the lord of anarchy and violence. /His avarice is boundless too, ordering the ambassador to UK to have his golf club open, ‘Get the British open for me.’/ Now he is focusing on voter suppression, already ordering the slowing down of postal service and repeatedly accusing the Democrats falsely and vehemently, ‘election will be rigged’./ Economy is dear to Trump’s heart, simple again, just avoid the topic of procuring face masks, ventilators or helping America’s poor and vulnerable. /Facts fade before Trump’s ignorance of everything ‘fantastic, doing great, light at the end of tunnel?’ /Trump stands at the mouth of the tunnel of insanity, where there is no light but darkness./ Without healthy Americans, there will be no healthy economy./ White House is a walking, talking House of Corruption and Kaleigh is its newest silly sentry serving feast of lies, cooked by Trump and renegade Republicans, even Fox & Friends cut her off from her press briefings which are a potpourri of lies, shifting blame on protesters while federal fiends feast on the fire of their own savagery./ Trump again and again shifts blame of COVID on Obama, how and why, no one knows. /Trump forgets that Obama is not the president anymore and he doesn’t have the authority to mastermind and abate the ravages of this deadly virus. /Trump is living in his past hoaxes and present ones, ignorant and incompetent and powerless against his own ocean of lies, unwilling to heed CDC guidelines. /‘Just sniffles./ It will disappear. /When young people get it, they are cured in a day. / Even the states where there is resurgence, they will be fine./ I will be right eventually.’/ World has known many idiots before/ But not as stupid as Trump/ Invested with armor of lie-galore/ Transforming America into pandemic-riddled slum/ PS: Ted Yoho is another of GOPP idiots, trashcan of vulgarity, unlidding his offal of obscenities against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, still inhaling the reek of his half apology with impertinence and impenitence. / He is forced to resign from Board of Christian Organization, but he needs to resign as representative of GOP, Period. /GOPP above meaning metaphorically: Garrulous Outcast Party of Putin

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Happy Easter from Joseph Campbell

‘The chick from the egg is the symbol of the spirit of Easter./The image of the cosmic egg is known in many mythologies./It appears in the Greek Orphic, Egyptian, Finnish, Buddhist, Japanese./In the beginning this world was merely awakening, we read in the sacred work of the Hindus./It was existent./It developed./It turned into an egg./It lay for the period of a year./It was split asunder./One of the two parts became silver, one gold./That which was silver is the earth./That which is of gold is the sky./What was the outer membrane is the mountains./What was the inner membrane is cloud and mist./What were the veins are the rivers./What was the fluid within is the ocean./Now what was born therefrom is yonder sun./The shell of the cosmic egg is the world frame of space, while the fertile power within typifies the inexhaustible life of dynamism of nature./The eggshell is cast off the chick, as the skin is sloughed off by the serpent, as the shadow of the moon is shed by the moon reborn./ Snake and moon both die to the old/ Shedding their shadows to be reborn/ Birds in flight and Christ on the Cross, both symbolize the spirit released from the bondage of earth./The moon, like Christ, dies and is resurrected./The moon is three nights dark: Jesus was three nights in the grave with a stone covering the cave entrance—the dark disk over the moon./The dating of Easter according to both lunar and solar calendars suggests that life, like the light reborn in the moon and eternal in the Sun, finally is one./The whole mystery is right there in Christian Symbology./ The moon, furthermore, and the spectacle of night sky, the stars and the Milky Way, have constituted, certainly, from the beginning, a source of wonder and profound impression./But there is actually a physical influence of the moon upon the earth and its creatures, its tides and our own interior tides, which has long been consciously recognized as well as subliminally experienced./The coincidence of the menstrual cycle with that of the moon is a physical actuality structuring human life and a curiosity that has been observed with wonder./It is in fact likely that fundamental notion of a life-structuring relationship between the heavenly world and that of man was derived from the realization, both in experience and in thought, of the force of the lunar cycle./The mystery also, of death and resurrection of moon, as well as of its influence on dogs, wolves and foxes, jackals and coyotes, which try to sing to it: this immortal silver dish of wonder, cruising among the beautiful stars and racing through the clouds, turning waking life itself into a sort of dream, had been a force of presence even more powerful in the shaping of mythology than the sun, by which its light and its world of stars, night sounds, erotic modes, and the magic of dream, are daily quenched./ Dew is an ambrosia/ Fallen from the moon/ This lunar Symbology is ancient: the moon god in Mesopotamia was named Sin; the mountain that Moses ascended was Mount Sinai./It may have been the moon goddess mountain./When Moses came down from that Mountain, he was so luminous from his reception of God’s energy that he wore a veil in front of his face, and emanating from his forehead were horns of light: the horns of lunar mystery./ Live from your center./ The key to understanding the problem that’s solved with the symbolic idea of the Trinity is the tantric saying:/ To worship God, one must become a God./That is to say you must hit that level of consciousness within yourself that is equivalent to the deity to whom you are addressing your attention./ In the Trinity, the Father is the deity your attention is addressed to; you are the Son, the Knower of the Father, and the Holy Spirit represents the relationship between the two./ It seems to me you cannot have the notion of a god without having implicit the notion of a Trinity, a god the knower of the god, and the relationship between the two, a progressive knowing that brings you closer and closer to the divine. / The divine lives within you.’/ Joseph Campbell/ ‘O Sufi, did you know/That brotherhood and sisterhood/Is the ship in which we are sailing/On the great waters of/Love, harmony and beauty/Guided by the compass/Of the spirit of Guidance/And driven by the energy/Of spiritual liberty/Heading toward the goal/Of the annihilation of ego/Where one may begin/At last to realize/That the sailor is verily/The Divine Presence sailing/In the past, present, future/On the waves of our illusion’/ Pir Vilayat Khan/ Stay home, wash your hands/Inhale the scent of solitude/Look deep into your heart which understands/If we nurture seeds of fortitude/Practice caution, not to be depressed by reprimands/From mind grown dull, empty of gratitude/Why fear this virus of corona/When we can kill it with insulin of love/Welcome this free time to improve your persona/Faith can move mountains, Guidance comes from Above/ And The People Stayed Home/ By Kitty O’Meara/ ‘And the people stayed home/ And read books, and listened, and rested/ And exercised, and made art, and played games/ And learned new ways of being, and were still/ And listened more deeply/ Some meditated, some prayed, some danced/ Some met their shadows/ And the people began to think differently/ And the people healed/ And, in the absence of people living in ignorant/ Dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways/ The earth began to heal/ And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again/ They grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images/ And created new ways to live and heal the earth fully/ As they had been healed’/ Kitty O’ Meara/ With great respect and love/ This poem was shared by Yvonne & Yvette/ Wishing whole world Hope, Health, Harmony, renewal of love, empathy, compassion, generosity./ Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Easter